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XfxRising avatar 1:42 PM on 11.25.2012  (server time)
What I Want To See From A PS Vita 'Slim/2000'

So yesterday i made a post on what Sony has done wrong with the Vita and to continue the trend of vita blogs i wanted to make another one but instead im writing what i would like from a new console revision.

1) Internal Storage
So if Sony decides to make a new revision 2 years from now, the manufacturing cost should have fallen drastically so the first thing they should add is internal memory since they try to push digital downloads and all, you would think this would be the logical thing to do.

It doesn't have to be much but i think they should aim for 16gb like the psp go which would be more than enough for most people and should retain the ability to add external memory such as the ps vita memory cards we have now. If 16gb is asking to much (which it probably is) then 8gb would suffice.

2) Better thumb sticks

I don't know about you guys but to me the current ones are horrendous! To me they feel too loose and don't seam to have the same level of grip that the psp had (Not sure about other psp's since I've only had 1000's) tho that might just be me, leave your thoughts below.

3) Video Output -

As beautiful as the OLED screen is, i wouldnt mind using my hd tv instead +
If you've ever made a video of the Vita you know how much of a hassle it is! its rather uncomfortable and if you don't have the right camera you don't always have optimal quality (Examples of this below) Its less pleasing to watch compared to a direct output to a tv then using a capture card to record like how reviews used it on psp (Tho people like me had CFWed psp and just used remote joy xD) Can anyone tell me why they didnt add this in the first place? I always thought it would make it too competitive to the ps3 which they make more money on, tho i could be wrong.

Needless to say, this would be welcomed addition, tho HD composite cables are preferred over component or maybe HDMI out! Tho unlikely because then they have to pay royalties :/

4) New pricing
$200 without internal memory
$230 with 8GB internal Memory
$250/$260 with 16gb internal
What do you think? Seems reasonable to me! However could you not rip off us Europeans again next time Sony? Much love.

5) Lighter/Slimmer (Bet You Didn't Expect that ;)

I don't know how there gonna do this but they manged it with the psp so surely they can do it again! (To be fair, most of the weight was from the full metal UMD Drive xD)


Can't think of many other faults with the vita to be honest but if you think i've missed something, tell me in the comments and i might add it in! :P One last thing tho, i would prefer it if they went back to 4.3/4.5" screen? I dont know but 5" just makes the system a tad to big to comfortably fit in pockets and shouldn't really make to much difference to gaming specially if they include video out for when im home =) Probably the only one that thinks that tho xD

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