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XfxRising avatar 3:28 PM on 11.24.2012  (server time)
How Sony Is Killing the Vita And What They Need To Do To Improve Sales

Before I Start-
I'm not some 3ds fanboy, infact i had a 3ds and sold it for the vita and im actually a total PSP/PS Vita fanboy and have been since i was 9 years old (14 now) x) and sorry if some of this is poorly laid out and has missing punctuation, i'll try to improve in the future.
I Dont believe the vita's dead just yet and is unfair to say that when it hasn't had its chance to flourish but if things continue then it may end up like that way.

Anyway first reason- Low budget developers-

What the VIta needs is games and Sony owns quite a few large 1st party titles like Resistance (Thankfully they have brought most of them over or are coming next year but some of them arn't Vita exclusives tho, sigh) and thats what the vita needs and sony knew that so what did they do? they hire cheap devs. Hiring a company known for making 'meh' games to handle one of your biggest 1st party title is a bad idea. They could of found someone a bit better or yet have a small team from Insomniac working along side said hired developer would have been better so they could keep them up to the franchises high quality standards. Just because it has 'Resistance' in the title wont buy people straight away, they would be smart and check reviews and with poor reception from big names (IGN, Destructoid etc) potential buyers will be put off. it has to have the game title AND have a good game to go along with it! Like with Uncharted.

2nd reason- HD Collections

Why are they making so many PS2 game hd collections and not releasing them on the vita? Everyone knows that re-releases sell like hot cakes and i know a large sum of people would buy a portable if it means they get to play there favorite ps2 series on the go. And with the the PS Vita getting ports of the new Ratchet and Clank game + Sly Cooper, wouldn't it have made sense to have the prequels on vita? specially considering there's defiantly no hardware limitations and PSN PS1 titles have proven that the touch screen and rear touch pad are an amazing compromise for lack of L2/R2/L3/R3 buttons.

3rd Reason- Expensive proprietary memory cards

Why do this? We dont mind proprietary memory cards, but when there basically the same as micro SD cards yet cost 4x as much, problems start to arise. Most people dont care about the console price (In the UK PS Vita's cost $110 more so next time i see an american complaining about price im gonna have to choke a bitch xD) they care about memory card cost. You already spend $250 on the console why spend another $30+ just for a memory card? You end up spending over $300 for a game, memory card and console. Sony has there own factory's for making memory cards of all types so it isnt production costs that make em expensive its just a shameful excuse to make back money lost on console manufacturing.
An easy resolution is to include a 4gb as a standard.

4th- 1st party dev's making more PS3 exclusives - Why?

WHY SONY? You should be encouraging your 1st party devs to make vita games not ps3 games when the console will soon get replaced. For example, Santa Monica are making a new God of war game, this should be vita. Insomniac should have made the new ratchet and clank game vita exclusive (Specially if it is a tower defense game which work better on portables than home consoles imo) Naughty Dog should have made last of us vita exclusive or made a new Jak and Daxter game for it, after all we all know how much fans are desperate for a new J+D game to continue the story and be made by its creators. The vita needs games but 3rd party's wont make games for a bad selling console, thats why sony has to get there big names on there console to gain consumer interest which results in console sales which leads to 3rd party interest!

I know devs don't like to be forced to make games to certain requirements and i'm not saying should force them, just encourage them. The developers should get there normal pay even if it means sony losing money, it will be best in the long run. I mean whats better, Short term loss and long term profit or having a console that may never take off and result in permanent loss? they needa risk it for a biscuit ;)


So, Sony, Sort out your PlayStation managing team and marketing. The Vita is in a difficult times, being launched in a time were many countries are in a recession, strengthened yen, constant reports off losses and tough smartphone/tablet competition. So Step up your game! Vita needs some uniqueness and originality. It need's exclusives, original ip's like soul sacafice, price adjustments and needs its own identity and offer something nothing else can do instead of being overshadowed by its bigger brother, PS3.

Anyway these are my thoughts and opinions leave your's below. No hate please :)[url]

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