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Xerosnake90's blog

9:34 PM on 03.30.2008

Since we're on the subject of Madden 09, why don't I unveil the idea that has been in my mind...

So most people hate the superstar mode in Madden, nearly everyone buys the games every year to just play their favorite teams as a whole. Well no, that's not what I really want. I'm one of those people who like superstar mode...   read

8:45 PM on 10.28.2007

Xerosnake90's 360 GH3 review!

Having played GH3 for a good 4 hours or so, I will give my impressions. And they'll be ordered, not a mess. Graphics: Out of all the Guitar hero games, this game obviously has the best. The character models are nice, not edg...   read

4:05 AM on 08.19.2007

The Xbox360, love it, or hate it?

I have been one of the many who have not been graced with next generation gaming. All my friends laugh and point only to humiliate me with the fact that I still play my playstation 2. I believed the Playstation 3 would be the...   read

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