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Xerosnake90's blog

9:34 PM on 03.30.2008

Since we're on the subject of Madden 09, why don't I unveil the idea that has been in my mind...

So most people hate the superstar mode in Madden, nearly everyone buys the games every year to just play their favorite teams as a whole. Well no, that's not what I really want. I'm one of those people who like superstar mode, the whole thought of just controlling one person on the team and controlling everything he does. So why not this.... CREATE A FOOTBALL MMO! Ok, so that sounds a bit weird and wtf like? But think about it, you chose a position, there could be quick games where you are put into a random game with random people, or you can create your own team/join existing teams. There could even be a real tournament league going on every month where there could be a certain number of teams playing off, the winners get some special crap, extra points for their character, more showey catches or some crap.

I think it'd be interesting to have everyone do 1 thing and 1 thing only. It would feel more like a real football game if it was made well enough. The superstar in Madden of course was cool, though retarded teammates made it feel less realistic. I can't say how many times I've burned a CB just to have my team QB throw it behind me instead of in front ~.~;

Imagine chosing a position, and you being able to build on general skills (speed, strength), elusive skills (Juke, spin), power skills (truck, break tackle), and than position specific skills. Like RB could have quick step (lets you recover speed faster after juke), or gap burst (player receives extra initial speed boost when going through gap in OLine). WR could have drop back (Receiver is able to stop when ball is underthrown, catch, and recover quickly to run) or dive catch (If ball is thrown too far or low, receiver will make a diving catch). You know, crap like that. And every level you gain for those certain technuiqes, the faster your guy will do it and have a higher chance of doing it succesfully.

That's my idea, I would love for this to happen. Imagine a team that's crazy superior like the Pats and just rapes everyone, or a team so bad the Dolphins would laugh at them.   read

8:45 PM on 10.28.2007

Xerosnake90's 360 GH3 review!

Having played GH3 for a good 4 hours or so, I will give my impressions. And they'll be ordered, not a mess.

Graphics: Out of all the Guitar hero games, this game obviously has the best. The character models are nice, not edgy in anyway, and just overall nice. The downfall to the graphics are the effects/stages/ and crowd. The crowd is usually bland and doesn't move past the same animation, the arenas usually look cartoony when viewed up close and it really is just odd. The characters are now full 3D, the stages should as well. Besides that graphics are wonderfull and shouldn't dissapoint.

Gameplay: Much like all other guitar heroes, the main gameplay is the same. There are 2 big changes, the layout and the HOPO system. The layout we've all seen, and the HOPO system we've all spoken about but let me put it in my words. It definetely is much much easier. I found myself not even struggling to try to beat the solo for Cult of Personality, or Number of the beast. It just all feels so easy. But whilest I'm there, I will go out on a limb and say something else. In previous GH games when you saw a continuation of HOPO notes, it'd all go in one straight line or whatever. In this game, they like to have a few notes that are HOPO and than interrupt it with a normal note out of no where, and than continue the HOPO. Is this more realistic? I don't know, but it is somewhat of a nuisance.

The guitar: The guitar is awesome, I have to say. Just because it's wireless doesn't make it worse, it corresponds just like a wired guitar. I only complain that it can't use the rechargable pack instead of HAVING TO USE BATTERIES. It sucks, good thing I have rechargable ones. The buttons don't feel as slick as the SG ones, maybe I gotta oil 'em up or something, and occasionally the guitar won't register the notes being pressed. Not a huge deal on my guitar, but it happens.

The songs: I'll put it this way, the line-up definetely won't dissapoint. THe last 10 songs are all amazing, all the ones before that have 1 or 2 good songs in each tier. Now, here is a complaint I have about the songs. The 7th tier, 3 of the songs are almost completely chords. It's the worst case of mapping I have ever seen, because it's just ridicolous. I failed that stupid first song because it decides to have retarted notes everywhere. And than I failed the next 2 at least 2 or 3 times before beating them. Not fun, after those 3 the game goes back to goodness. I haven't beaten the damn devil yet, because it's unfair. He gets a powerup and you don't have the chance to get one as well, so it gives you a huge disadvantage. The songs are amazing though, and there ya go.

Online: Don't let anyone tell you it sucks, it's awesome. There are 2 problems I have with it though. Finding matches takes a good few seconds to even get a list of them. Most of the connections are shit, but you can still join. Now, ALOT of the matches you try to join will give you a 'game is no longer available' problem. That wouldn't bug me as much if it wouldn't have to load for the songs all over again. STUPID. And number 2, responsiveness. I was playing a battle, first to 3. I was easily taken out with a lefty flip on My name is Jonas. I returned the favor by using Lefty on Cliffs of Dover. The final song was Paint it black. Now this is what pissed me off, we were playing for a while throwing shit all around and we were both almost done. I used double notes, and an overload. I also got a whammy at that moment and knew he would be done. Now here we go, I tilted my guitar like a madman to use that whammy but it fucking wouldn't! And now he unleashes whoopass on me and I lose because the fucking whammy didn't work. That shit BETTER get fixed....

Overall: The game is awesome. Don't bitch about it, just buy it, it's fuckin sweet.   read

4:05 AM on 08.19.2007

The Xbox360, love it, or hate it?

I have been one of the many who have not been graced with next generation gaming. All my friends laugh and point only to humiliate me with the fact that I still play my playstation 2. I believed the Playstation 3 would be the only system for me once I could have the job to pay for it, and so it may have. The summer before Ps3 release, I decided I needed a job. So like an idiot I went out to find one only to come short and get NOTHING, ever. Not the entire summer. Over the next year of school and playing next gen at my friends homes, my love for the ps3 faded as it was released and grew for the 360. I started enjoying the games that made the console so great, and hating the ps3 for the console that had no great games.

Fate be told, I was graced with a 360 1 month after finding a cheap and easy job. I have heart for the console, no, for the games. Gears of war, Rainbow six Vegas, and many many more games are what make the system great. But as I experienced problems with the system, I realized, I still hate it with all my heart. The games are amazing, yet the console is full of failure and misfunctions. Yet the layout of live and such is so genious and wonderfull.... Hmmmm...

Xbox360, I love to hate you =]   read

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