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Xeo avatar 1:40 AM on 07.01.2013  (server time)
Taking a breath.

Life has been a whirlwind since I had my son back in January. He means the world to me, but to say life had to be adjusted around him would be an understatement. Gaming, a mainstay in my life for well over twenty years now had to be adjusted too.

I still find time to game, but it's lessened now, and much more precious. I rarely beat games anymore, though the ones that really grip me I do, like The Last of Us. But it's tough when so much awesome stuff is coming out and ready to be played.

Having just finished The Last of Us I felt kinda numb. And by that I mean, I didn't honestly want to play too much else because as lame as it sounds, everything else felt...well inferior. Of course that didn't last too long.

Deadpool came out, and it was something I knew I'd eventually have to pick up. But I was struggling between choosing between that and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. An odd choice to make, I know. On one hand I've always loved Deadpool, and especially love Nolan North's portrayal of him. Plus it looked like good, silly if shallow fun.

But on the other hand... I was absolutely obsessed with Animal Crossing when the original released. That carried on for literally YEARS. I played that thing all the time. So many great memories of it. Eventually I turns my then girlfriend, now wife onto the series and she too became completely absorbed in it.

BUT...that was the last time I got sucked into the series. I never owned the DS game, and only played it a few times. And completely passed over the Wii version. So I thought, maybe I'd just outgrown the series. That's not the case though as I found myself watching videos of New Leaf and really wanting to play it. Something about those games just really chill me out and just have a good vibe.

And that's kinda what I need right now. Life has been extremely busy and hectic, and I struggle to find time to just unwind. Well I think New Leaf will help there. So I found the means to get both it AND Deadpool. I'm waiting right now to get AC as it's sold out around me, but I can't wait to just sit down and chill out with it. To top this off, though she doesn't know it yet my daughter (11) is getting a 3DS and AC: NL too. I can't wait to surprise her not only with it, but also by giving her a gift in the game too. She's gonna be stoked.

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