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Xeo avatar 8:07 PM on 05.22.2013  (server time)
Now that the dust is settling...

It would seem most people share my opinion of the Xbox One press conference/console reveal. That being that is was pretty much one of the worst of it's ilk, ever. And that the chances of me ever owning this new piece of machinery is slim to none.

All the same, let's get back to business.
Despite the next generation quickly looming upon us, there are still some FANTASTIC games on the horizon for what's still sitting on our shelves. It's strange really, I can't think of another console generation that happened during my time while gaming (Since the NES, in the mid 80's.) that had games on my current gen console that still had me almost just as excited about, or even more so than the next gen stuff about to drop.

The Last Of Us is a big one for me. I've been drooling over this game since the original release trailer, before even realizing it was being developed by Naughty Dog, a favorite of mine. Since I've been practically foaming at the mouth in anticipation for the thing. Counting days as I see more and more small promotional materials for it and short videos, as well as articles. I think this one is truly going to deliver, and may be in the running for my game of the year. Time will tell of course. And it's already had stiff competition in the form of Bioshock Infinite.

But we've also got Batman: Arkham Origins, which is shaping up to be absolutely wonderful, and this isn't just bias on my part of being a supreme Batman fanboy.

I want to say GTAV as well, but despite Rockstar claiming differently, I'm still wondering if this one is going to see some sort of next gen release as well. All the same the game looks fantastic.

Of course there are several more on the burners, but you get the point. Take time to calm down from the explosion of next gen news coming recently and take a breath. Can you taste that? That's the taste of a great year of gaming ahead of you, regardless of your thoughts on the next wave of consoles and rather you're going to be slinging down bills for them.

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