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Foreward: Knocking is a short story (a creepypasta if you'd prefer) I wrote based solely on a dream, or rather a nightmare I had. One of the few I've had in any recent years that had me actually waking with a jumpin...


Heavy Metal Haymaker

I've talked much on here about my love for heavy metal, a love that's actually even greater for my love of video games. See, I've played video games since the late 80's nonstop, and I guess it IS my main hobby. However heavy ...


Xeo's Top 10 of 2015!

Wow, what a year for gamers 2015 was! Lots of great games. While far from the best year for me personally, I still enjoyed many awesome games. So enough of this, let's get right down to it. Now, unfortunately I'm not rich and...


Re: Clanging bells. Thick incense. Blood...so much blood. The sound of dogs, drunk on death, ring in my ears. Men sweat in their rags, clutching their heads, crying soundlessly. I stand on the rain-slick precipice of darkness and take a step into the abys


Borderlands: A Love/Hate Relationship

Allow me to start this by saying, that if you know me, you know I loathe Randy Pitchford. He's a scumbag, shirks blame for anything and more. I won't rant about him for an hour here, but I strongly dislike him. So his studio/...


Dust the Gloves Off

I watched the Capcom Cup finals with my wife and some good friends this past weekend through a stiff migraine. It was still a good time and pretty exciting. More so considering this was probably the last major event to be hea...


The entitled gamer.

The recent "controversy" of Square-Enix announcing that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to end up being multiple parts has sparked this blog entry. I won't get into why I'm ok with this announcement and just say I'll re...


Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Discussion

Gaming Discussion time. This time I'm gonna be covering the Star Wars: Battlefront beta I know it's actually a lot to ask for, but I was really hoping that EA/DICE would treat this more like the CoD Black Ops 3 beta and tri...


Metal Gear Online 3.0 is a Fucking Mess.

Game rant time. Feel free to start a roundtable discussion about this. Today's topic, Metal Gear Online 3.0. (This is long, bear that in mind.) Let me start this by saying I'm an MGO veteran starting with the original on P...


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