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"No winter lasts forever. The seasons pass and the sunlight will shine on my life again."

It's been a pretty rough month, but things are starting to look up and the household has a very needed ray of light shining back down on it. Everyone is happier for one reason or another.

My wife got a significant promotion at work, a huge leap in pay. My daughter got the role she wanted to in her Little Mermaid musical, Ursala. My son fell in love with Sesame Street and absolutely adores Elmo, and now packs around the talking Elmo doll his grandparents smartly got him for Christmas last year. And me? I'm just happy everyone else is happy...and I've been rocking hard on some games.

Destiny. I praised it ever since trying the beta, and I'll still praise it. I play it religiously at this point, any time game time comes up, I'm usually on it. Loving PVP, gambling my life for sweet gear. My character is shaping up quite nicely. If you're on PS4 and you ever run into an Exo Hunter wearing that sweet ass Venom of Ikaheka legendary cloak, it's probably me. (Witchhunter7 is my PSN, HMU!)

On Tuesday I have Persona 4 Arena Ultimax preordered and paid off and ready to roll. And then in October I have The Evil Within ready to start up. I'm a HUGE horror fan, have really high hopes for this one. In November I have CoD: Advanced Warfare, which I'm REALLY looking forward to. People can talk shit on CoD all they want, I think the game look amazingly fun.

Hoping to somehow find a way to grab Aliens: Isolation and maybe Middle Earth:Shadows of Mordor sometime in the near future too. Oh, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, that looks great.

New Pokemon on the horizon too and of course, Smash.

So hey...things aren't too bad right now. Things are finally looking up. Still writing short horror stories like I usually do too, and reading Game of Thrones for the first time too! (Purposefully haven't seen a single episode of the show, wanted to read it all first.)

And with some good luck gonna see some pretty kickass metal concerts early next year too. (Dark Tranquillity & Insomnium and then Kamelot & Dragonforce, if anyone is interested.)

Wasn't going to write about this, but it IS a blog afterall.
Things are tough in my household right now. Money is tight as hell, grocery shopping is a tight rope walk and my dogs may be dying.

See, I have a basset hound named Buddy. He's about seven years old and has had many health issues since we got him several years ago. This and it seems he may have been abused and beaten by a previous owner, unsure though. But we've always found a way to take care of him. The family loves him. But this time he seems pretty sick, he's losing weight and the past week he's constantly thrown up anything he's eaten or usually even drank. I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit if he's dehydrated as a result. But this time we can't take care of him.

We're struggling to keep food on the table and get the laundry washed, we can't afford a vet checkup, let alone dozens of tests and possibly surgery. No way in hell. My wife, thrirteen year old daughter and nineteen month old son, of course myself have to come first, we've gotta keep the bills up and food going. Can't do it.

So that's left one real option to hope Buddy can receive some sort of help. We have to give him to the local pet shelter. Hoping they can take him to a vet and get him straightened out...or at least peacefully put to sleep. One way or another, as things stand now tomorrow Buddy will no longer be our dog in our house. With hope he can recover from desperate vetenarian assistance we can't afford to give him and then end up being adopted by someone who'll love him.

It's a tough time, a black cloud hangs over the household. And my young son is going to wonder where that big silly doggie with the big, floppy ears went.

6:10 PM on 09.11.2014

The media opinions of Destiny absolutely baffle me. We all played the beta, well anyone already interested in it anyway. Didn't really see anyone complaining then, in fact I saw a whole lot of positive coverage.

But now the game is out and it's all negative. I don't get it? I mean, the impressions on this site seem to knock it for the story, as if they were expecting Mass Effect or something similar. This is a shooter MMO in all honesty. Why would someone be upset over that type of thing not being heavy on story? Does anyone honestly go into an MMO just to experience the story, like a single player experience? I'll use World of Warcraft as an example here. I LOVE the story and lore behind WoW. I've been a major fan since Warcraft 2 actually, to the point of even having read at least close to a dozen of the novels written within it. BUT, when I fire up WoW, I'm not playing it for the story. I'm playing it as what it is, an MMO. Grinding, adventuring with strangers and friends alike.

Then I see a few others that came in expecting this to JUST be an MMO or JUST a shooter. Ok, if you're not into one or the other, I can see you being a bit disappointed, especially if you'e the former. But why are these criticisms not applied regularly to Borderlands? I've played the hell out of both of those games, because I enjoy the gameplay, but they have absolutely TERRIBLE stories. The writing tries to come off witty to make me care about most of thier shitty characters, but it's not witty or funny, it's juvenile and corny. Even the gameplay is pretty barebones and bland, but the multiplayer quality of it combined with loot grinding is fun.

All that said...I absolutely love Destiny. The beta showed me that, as I was actually saddened as it ended. I've been playing as much as I possibly can with my busy schedule and I still love it just as much as I did then, even more so actually. The guys I'm playing with feel the exact same way. This game has hooked me since it's Beta more than any game in recent memory aside from The Last of Us. Perhaps that I just love building up and creating characters, because I most certainly DO. That thrill of possibly getting an awesome new gun, it drives me hard.

I also really enjoy the PVP in this game, and this is coming from someone who really never cared mch for Halo multiplayer. I honestly don't care much for Halo in general, truth be told, so you can't say I'm just a Bunjie fanboy. The PVP feel more like Halo meets Call of Duty/Battlefield. It's more twitch based than Halo, but less so than CoD.  It's a good balance to me. I also enjoy getting to show off my character that I worked hard to gear up.

In short though, I am thoroughly enjoying Destiny, and truly cannot comprehend the negative reactions after it's launch. This is legit Game of the Year material for me, no exaggeration. Any other guardians out there rocking Destiny hard? Any on PS4 hit me up sometime, PSN: Witchhunter7.

I was in 7th grade, heavily into JRPGs and had just began to try and follow my father's footsteps as an amateur author. A friend and I had rode our bikes to the local pawn shop to trade some games, as we did regularly. They'd trade any two games for one, regardless of title. Even two of the same one. We did this regularly for SNES, Genesis and later PS1 games.

This trip I stumbled upon Chrono Trigger, and feverishly snatched it up, not even caring what else was there. I'd read about it in Nintendo Power and Gamepro, where it was receiving universally positive praise. I also loved Squaresoft. My friend was jealous that he hadn't found it first, but I told him he could borrow it when I'd finished it anyway.

So began my journey. That bit I mentioned before about beginning to write? It came in full force after finishing Chrono Trigger. The game moved me in a way no previous game had. It's idea of time travel and how they were implemented were absolutely ingenious to me at the time and it inspired the first piece of fiction I ever completed. The summer following that school year I beat Chrono Trigger THREE times, getting different endings.

Looking back I actually think that not only has the game aged quite well, but as I'm older and more understanding of technology and it's limits for the time it impresses me even more now than it did then with what the game accomplished. Stellar story, awesome characters, fantastic music and a rich, engrossing world. It was the first game I'd ever played where your gameplay had such a large impact on the overall experience as well featuring a load of endings. It truly forever changed gaming for me, and completely opened up the act of recording the workings of my own imagination for me.

That's it, my humble story of my absolute favorite game. It's worth noting that it's a close call for me between Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Tactics. Another game that greatly inspired me. However Chrono Trigger was not only more innovative, but came at a time in my life that just makes it feel more important. I won't win any contests for this, but I just enjoyed sharing my story and love for this amazing gem.

11:35 PM on 10.22.2013

Man...what a year. It's flown by at light speed for me. And it doesn't just seem to be me either, most people I've talked to agree.

It makes some logical sense for me, it's been an eventful year and all with raising a newborn son. But seriously, about to be Halloween, and the fucking NEXT GENERATIONS of consoles is literally weeks away. Blows my mind.

Like several other Sony fans here, I watched that Playstation retrospective timeline video a day or two ago. And man the nostalgia came right up and sucker punched me. I'm quick to claim the SNES as my all-time favorite console ever. And honestly it probably is, but when I think back to the magic of the PS1 era it just makes me smile and lose myself in pleasant memories.

I think it might be because I was maturing a bit as the PS1 launched. The world was a little more real than those days laying on my stomach playing my SNES on my parents TV. My biggest concern in life was a spelling test and whether I could beat Gigas in Earthbound over the weekend without giving up in frustration.

As the PS1 came out I was midway through middle school, 7th grade I believe. I remember being fucking blown away playing Battle Arena Toshinden and Twisted Metal. Not so long after that I got my own PS1, right around the time Final Fantasy VII came out. I started my venture into Sony's video game world with that game along with Bloody Roar and The Legacy of Kain. All without a memory card...I restarted FF7 at least half a dozen times before finally getting a cheap, third party card.

As the years rolled by I found so many amazing games on the PS1. This carried into the PS2 as well, but something had just started to wear off. Some of that magic, hard to explain really.

Fast forward to now, I love my PS3, but so much has changed. Gaming is mainstream now, it's acceptable, and not a nerd hobby any longer. Most of the magic is gone, but maybe because I'm about to turn 30 and am pretty jaded after being in the hobby since 4. But the PS4...something about it, and I hope this carries into it's actual launch, but I feel a spark of that old magic. I REALLY felt it during that retrospective video.

Anyway though, enough rambling. It's just insane how fast this year has flown by. Hell, even this console generation seems so much shorter than previous ones to me. My PS4 is right around the corner, waiting to be cherished and loved. It's VERY exciting, and it's gonna be an absolute blast to show my son these games and let him see stuff like the PS1 and think it's an dinosaur, retrotastic video game machine.

It's so cool to say I'm about to experience the EIGHTH video game console generation! Some people claim that game consoles are slowly dying, and with some rotten ass policies being thrown around I can understand it, but to me, there's so much left to be done, so much more to be shown...so much more to be played.

Time truly does fly when you're having fun.

10:09 PM on 10.08.2013

Jesus H. Christ...there needs to be 24 more hours in every day.
It's a good feeling to have so much stuff to play that there is simply no way possible to play it all. But it's also a bad feeling when it just keeps stacking up and you wonder if you'll ever find a chance.

Well, hell. Here I am. Got a job, a loving wife and two kids. And somehow I'm still managing to stay up to my eyeballs in stuff to play. Through much wheeling and dealing I managed to just get my hands on a total of two new PS3 games and 2 new 3DS games to play, on top of still working on GTAV.

I picked up...
Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition.
This is a game I never gave a very fair shake, despite actually really enjoying the brief glimpse of what little I did get to play it when it first released. I picked this up when it first came out and played a very little bit, but was so preoccupied with other stuff at the time that it ended up falling to the wayside and getting traded in while it was still worth a decent chunk of change.

I've regretted that decision for a while now, as I really want to play it, the world and it's characters seemed pretty awesome. That and the latter two DLC pieces sounded excellent. It might take me a little bit this time to get around to it, but it's here to stay.

Beyond: Two Souls.
Say what you will about David Cage, but I've immensely enjoyed every game of his I've played. The ending half of Indigo Prophecy wasn't amazing, but the beginning half was. And Heavy Rain enthralled me from start to finish, simply put, I fucking loved it.

So yeah, I'm pretty ready for this. Looking forward to finding the time to get down deep into it.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl.
Big fan of this series in general, so when I say that the original was getting a remake complete with a full fledged story mode I was pretty stoked. Loving it very much so far. Personally like it a lot more than 4. Though not as much as 3, yet.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Big fan of this series too, and put off picking this up for far too long. But kind of waiting a little bit to start it up in hopes of being able to devote a little bit more time to it. I see absolutely no reason why I won't love this one.

So yeah...and not only have I not finished the single player mode in GTAV yet, but of course I'm working on my online character too...so busy, so busy. But it feels good!
The next generation hasn't even started yet and I'm already loaded to the gills.