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11:35 PM on 10.22.2013

Man...what a year. It's flown by at light speed for me. And it doesn't just seem to be me either, most people I've talked to agree.

It makes some logical sense for me, it's been an eventful year and all with raising a newborn son. But seriously, about to be Halloween, and the fucking NEXT GENERATIONS of consoles is literally weeks away. Blows my mind.

Like several other Sony fans here, I watched that Playstation retrospective timeline video a day or two ago. And man the nostalgia came right up and sucker punched me. I'm quick to claim the SNES as my all-time favorite console ever. And honestly it probably is, but when I think back to the magic of the PS1 era it just makes me smile and lose myself in pleasant memories.

I think it might be because I was maturing a bit as the PS1 launched. The world was a little more real than those days laying on my stomach playing my SNES on my parents TV. My biggest concern in life was a spelling test and whether I could beat Gigas in Earthbound over the weekend without giving up in frustration.

As the PS1 came out I was midway through middle school, 7th grade I believe. I remember being fucking blown away playing Battle Arena Toshinden and Twisted Metal. Not so long after that I got my own PS1, right around the time Final Fantasy VII came out. I started my venture into Sony's video game world with that game along with Bloody Roar and The Legacy of Kain. All without a memory card...I restarted FF7 at least half a dozen times before finally getting a cheap, third party card.

As the years rolled by I found so many amazing games on the PS1. This carried into the PS2 as well, but something had just started to wear off. Some of that magic, hard to explain really.

Fast forward to now, I love my PS3, but so much has changed. Gaming is mainstream now, it's acceptable, and not a nerd hobby any longer. Most of the magic is gone, but maybe because I'm about to turn 30 and am pretty jaded after being in the hobby since 4. But the PS4...something about it, and I hope this carries into it's actual launch, but I feel a spark of that old magic. I REALLY felt it during that retrospective video.

Anyway though, enough rambling. It's just insane how fast this year has flown by. Hell, even this console generation seems so much shorter than previous ones to me. My PS4 is right around the corner, waiting to be cherished and loved. It's VERY exciting, and it's gonna be an absolute blast to show my son these games and let him see stuff like the PS1 and think it's an dinosaur, retrotastic video game machine.

It's so cool to say I'm about to experience the EIGHTH video game console generation! Some people claim that game consoles are slowly dying, and with some rotten ass policies being thrown around I can understand it, but to me, there's so much left to be done, so much more to be shown...so much more to be played.

Time truly does fly when you're having fun.

10:09 PM on 10.08.2013

Jesus H. Christ...there needs to be 24 more hours in every day.
It's a good feeling to have so much stuff to play that there is simply no way possible to play it all. But it's also a bad feeling when it just keeps stacking up and you wonder if you'll ever find a chance.

Well, hell. Here I am. Got a job, a loving wife and two kids. And somehow I'm still managing to stay up to my eyeballs in stuff to play. Through much wheeling and dealing I managed to just get my hands on a total of two new PS3 games and 2 new 3DS games to play, on top of still working on GTAV.

I picked up...
Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition.
This is a game I never gave a very fair shake, despite actually really enjoying the brief glimpse of what little I did get to play it when it first released. I picked this up when it first came out and played a very little bit, but was so preoccupied with other stuff at the time that it ended up falling to the wayside and getting traded in while it was still worth a decent chunk of change.

I've regretted that decision for a while now, as I really want to play it, the world and it's characters seemed pretty awesome. That and the latter two DLC pieces sounded excellent. It might take me a little bit this time to get around to it, but it's here to stay.

Beyond: Two Souls.
Say what you will about David Cage, but I've immensely enjoyed every game of his I've played. The ending half of Indigo Prophecy wasn't amazing, but the beginning half was. And Heavy Rain enthralled me from start to finish, simply put, I fucking loved it.

So yeah, I'm pretty ready for this. Looking forward to finding the time to get down deep into it.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl.
Big fan of this series in general, so when I say that the original was getting a remake complete with a full fledged story mode I was pretty stoked. Loving it very much so far. Personally like it a lot more than 4. Though not as much as 3, yet.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Big fan of this series too, and put off picking this up for far too long. But kind of waiting a little bit to start it up in hopes of being able to devote a little bit more time to it. I see absolutely no reason why I won't love this one.

So yeah...and not only have I not finished the single player mode in GTAV yet, but of course I'm working on my online character too...so busy, so busy. But it feels good!
The next generation hasn't even started yet and I'm already loaded to the gills.

1:40 AM on 07.01.2013

Life has been a whirlwind since I had my son back in January. He means the world to me, but to say life had to be adjusted around him would be an understatement. Gaming, a mainstay in my life for well over twenty years now had to be adjusted too.

I still find time to game, but it's lessened now, and much more precious. I rarely beat games anymore, though the ones that really grip me I do, like The Last of Us. But it's tough when so much awesome stuff is coming out and ready to be played.

Having just finished The Last of Us I felt kinda numb. And by that I mean, I didn't honestly want to play too much else because as lame as it sounds, everything else felt...well inferior. Of course that didn't last too long.

Deadpool came out, and it was something I knew I'd eventually have to pick up. But I was struggling between choosing between that and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. An odd choice to make, I know. On one hand I've always loved Deadpool, and especially love Nolan North's portrayal of him. Plus it looked like good, silly if shallow fun.

But on the other hand... I was absolutely obsessed with Animal Crossing when the original released. That carried on for literally YEARS. I played that thing all the time. So many great memories of it. Eventually I turns my then girlfriend, now wife onto the series and she too became completely absorbed in it.

BUT...that was the last time I got sucked into the series. I never owned the DS game, and only played it a few times. And completely passed over the Wii version. So I thought, maybe I'd just outgrown the series. That's not the case though as I found myself watching videos of New Leaf and really wanting to play it. Something about those games just really chill me out and just have a good vibe.

And that's kinda what I need right now. Life has been extremely busy and hectic, and I struggle to find time to just unwind. Well I think New Leaf will help there. So I found the means to get both it AND Deadpool. I'm waiting right now to get AC as it's sold out around me, but I can't wait to just sit down and chill out with it. To top this off, though she doesn't know it yet my daughter (11) is getting a 3DS and AC: NL too. I can't wait to surprise her not only with it, but also by giving her a gift in the game too. She's gonna be stoked.

It would seem most people share my opinion of the Xbox One press conference/console reveal. That being that is was pretty much one of the worst of it's ilk, ever. And that the chances of me ever owning this new piece of machinery is slim to none.

All the same, let's get back to business.
Despite the next generation quickly looming upon us, there are still some FANTASTIC games on the horizon for what's still sitting on our shelves. It's strange really, I can't think of another console generation that happened during my time while gaming (Since the NES, in the mid 80's.) that had games on my current gen console that still had me almost just as excited about, or even more so than the next gen stuff about to drop.

The Last Of Us is a big one for me. I've been drooling over this game since the original release trailer, before even realizing it was being developed by Naughty Dog, a favorite of mine. Since I've been practically foaming at the mouth in anticipation for the thing. Counting days as I see more and more small promotional materials for it and short videos, as well as articles. I think this one is truly going to deliver, and may be in the running for my game of the year. Time will tell of course. And it's already had stiff competition in the form of Bioshock Infinite.

But we've also got Batman: Arkham Origins, which is shaping up to be absolutely wonderful, and this isn't just bias on my part of being a supreme Batman fanboy.

I want to say GTAV as well, but despite Rockstar claiming differently, I'm still wondering if this one is going to see some sort of next gen release as well. All the same the game looks fantastic.

Of course there are several more on the burners, but you get the point. Take time to calm down from the explosion of next gen news coming recently and take a breath. Can you taste that? That's the taste of a great year of gaming ahead of you, regardless of your thoughts on the next wave of consoles and rather you're going to be slinging down bills for them.

4:21 PM on 12.07.2012

That sums it up for me, first world problem, I know.
I'm a busy man however, I'm a husband, father, etc. I work a steady job to pay the bills too, but I play a LOT of games.

So many in fact that I seriously almost never finish any of them. I PLAY them sure, so when it's brought up of if I played, the answer is usually yes. Beat it though? Usually, no. "Why don't you finish all these great games, Xeo?" You and many other may have asked.

Well, I just love to play games, plain and simple. I'm twenty-eight years old and have been playing since I was five, so it's a long history. It'll probably never stop. But yeah, I love playing all the cool, new games that come out. As a result to living a normal human life though and playing all of these games, I rarely get to finish any of them. There are some, yes, but not too many.

Let me give you an example of how this works for me...this is what I'm currently playing.

Persona 4: Golden
Virtue's Last Reward
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Farcry 3
Hitman: Absolution
Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?
Ragnarok Odyssey
Assassin's Creed 3

Oh, and I'm a serious League of Legends addict too. I put several hours a day into this alone.

Maybe now you'll see that with a workload this big why I don't finish too many games on average.