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Video Games Live Review.. Tommrow!

Hey all, tommrow I will be posting a review of the video games live show I recently went to. Until then enjoy this clip from the show... I feel like i should add more to this post, but I don't know what. So enjoy these use...


Oh Noes!

My 360 is brokeadid! Sad times, sad times. I guess I shall tell you the story. Well it started a few days ago, my 360 would freeze while playing GTA. Then it became more and more frequent, so much so that i couldn't even pl...


Happy Motharrasss Day

Happy mother's too all mothers here and mothers of people here at Dtoid! What time to tell you about my mother and her expirences in video games. Well, to start off I've always tried to get my parents to play games and I hav...


lol wut... i dun get it.

Well i was on gamefaq to see the various cheats and stuff. Something caught my eye on the side. It was an ad for GTA IV from Best Buy, it was a gif consisting for 5 diffrent pictures, i don't know what to think of it. I'm so ...


A little experiment I have going.

Heeeeeeeelllllllllllooooo there. I love playing games with choices. More spicifically, I like games where you can chose whether your character will play the role of good or evil, hero or villian, paragon or renegade, hell ev...


Shhh, you must keep this quiet.

Well continuing on from this story...... So on my birthday, my brothers and sister pitched in together to get me the Covenant Brute special edition controller because i already have the Spartan one. Well my birthday was ...


Wii at the Oscars

Who just saw that, Jon Stewart and some girl playing Wii tennis at the Oscars, man o man, what has the world come to where we have to fill in one of the most watched t.v. programs, with virtuial tennis. man o man.. (video will be posted when i find one)


I don't see the appeal

I don't understand it. I have many friends that i know in real life that i have on XBL. But the extent of the games they play are: Halo 3, Guitar Hero III and sometimes Rock Band and Guitar Hero II. I'm being dead serious, th...



Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers receives a skate to the neck in a game vs. the Sabres on February 10th 2008. Here's another one but with a goalie. Really makes you think eh? Btw, Zednik is in stable condtion and apparently doing well.


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