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Xenophilius's blog

10:32 PM on 06.12.2008

Video Games Live Review.. Tommrow!

Hey all, tommrow I will be posting a review of the video games live show I recently went to. Until then enjoy this clip from the show...


I feel like i should add more to this post, but I don't know what. So enjoy these useless facts!

The city of Slaughter, Texas (population: 11,284), has never had a homicide occur within its boundaries.
Moths are unable to fly during an earthquake
Ingesting small doses of ink over an extended period of time will change your eye color slightly.
If the current trend continues, by the year 2215 midgets will outnumber "normal-sized" people.
Until 1978, Camel cigarettes contained minute particles of real camels.
Among items left behind at Osama bin Laden's headquarters in Afghanistan were 27 issues of Mad Magazine. Al Qaeda members have admitted that bin Laden is reportedly an avid reader
Winston Churchill was born with a third nipple, which he removed himself with nail-clippers at the age of 14.

Until next time, enjoy this veggie tray!

8:57 PM on 05.15.2008

Oh Noes!

My 360 is brokeadid!

Sad times, sad times. I guess I shall tell you the story. Well it started a few days ago, my 360 would freeze while playing GTA. Then it became more and more frequent, so much so that i couldn't even play the game anymore because it was taking away from the expirence. So finally I got the red rings of death. Called up microsoft and the box to send it in is on its way.

Well this isn't all that bad. It's going to finally give me a chance to play my Wii. Play some games that I have totally neglected like Super Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, Okami, the list goes on and on. I've already started with Super Mario Galaxy. I like it, it's good, but not as good as what most people have been saying. But it's still really good.

Also, by the end of this summer I project that I will have enough coinage to buy a PS3 (80gb btw). But I'm not quite sure if I should do this, only time will tell though.

Anyone see the new episode of the Office? Pretttaaay funny. On the topic of comedy, SNL is really starting to suck....


Have a good May long weekend!   read

7:56 PM on 05.11.2008

Happy Motharrasss Day

Happy mother's too all mothers here and mothers of people here at Dtoid!

What time to tell you about my mother and her expirences in video games. Well, to start off I've always tried to get my parents to play games and I have had little to no success. But in the case of my mother she will always try whenever she can. Her favourite game by far is Mario Kart 64. Most likely for the reason that she beat one of my brothers in a race in Moo Moo Farm.

To this day she still brings it up and takes a moment to bask in her glory. She still likes me to hook up the ol' N64 for a game of Mario Kart, and I've considered buying Mario Kart 64 on the Wii but I've never gotten around to it. Mario Kart Wii might be a good birthday present for her....

She played various games throughout the next few years, nothing really standoutish. She tried hopelessly with GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas and VI. She loves to sing in rock band, very obnoxiously might I add. She's tried Guitar Hero, and she wasn't all that bad.

She has tried Halo, she has tried everything in between, nothing really worked for her other than Mario Kart. Then one day i got her to try Wario Ware: MegaMicrogame$! I tried to find the easiest mini game for her, i came up with one where you drop a strawberry on a piece of cake. She loved it, she played it for hours on end, just that one minigame. She eventually got the high score and ran with it. I refrain from playing that minigame now.

That also reminds me of a minigame with my dad on WarioWare: Twisted. It was one where you had to jump sheep over a fence to keep a kid alsleep of something. He also played that for hours on end, and got the high score and I also do not play that one anymore. (well that not exactly, I tried to beat his highscore once, I didn't even come close)

I've set up some tennis matches on Wii Sports with my parents, and they all end in hilarity.

Well until next time, keep on keeping on mothers!

I'm gay because I like Coldplay.
(bonus: my moms favourite song)   read

3:27 PM on 05.03.2008

lol wut... i dun get it.

Well i was on gamefaq to see the various cheats and stuff. Something caught my eye on the side. It was an ad for GTA IV from Best Buy, it was a gif consisting for 5 diffrent pictures, i don't know what to think of it. I'm so confused right now. You can make your own judgement...

(the pictures can be found at the bottom in order obvs.)

In other news, I'm quite enjoying GTA, I'm sure all of you have already read a thousand reviews and you're most likely sick of them. So I'll just tell you somethings that i really enjoy/enjoyed.

1. I was running on the freeway for no particular reason. And as i was running a piece of newspaper came swooping in and went right up to the screen and scared the shizzle out of me, but it looked so cool.
2. I was going around killing people, and i went in front of a taxi. I pulled out my pistol, and shot him in the head, his head fell forward slammed on the horn, and i guess his foot hit the acclerator. and his car went full blast into me and killed me (i had low health)
3. The shows at the theatres, i espically like the one where the magician was throwing knives at his assiasnt when she on one of those thingamagiggys and he missed and hit her, blood went everywhere. I lol'd, sorry for the bad explaination.
4. Brucie

that was a joke btw.
5. Online dating, werid, i didn't expect something like that.
6. The mini-games, I've spent so much time on them.
7. The whole game. Well maybe not the whole game, but from what i've played I like. Expect the controls, feel odd. maybe that's just me.

Until next time, keep on keeping on.

I love that song.   read

10:12 PM on 04.28.2008

A little experiment I have going.

Heeeeeeeelllllllllllooooo there.

I love playing games with choices. More spicifically, I like games where you can chose whether your character will play the role of good or evil, hero or villian, paragon or renegade, hell even, even.... even.... ummm, well I can't think of anymore, but that's not the point! The point is choices, and choices are everywhere, which leads me to this experiment I have been planning and will be doing over the next while.

When I play games with choices, I always have a hard time being bad, I always find myself being good, doing good deeds, doing what was asked of me. I have yet to figure out why, maybe it's because I get to attached to the character and I want them to be good, maybe it's because i name all my characters after me, make them look like my and because I'm not generally considered a bad person, I make good choices.

I think every game I've played I have made the good choices (expect for Bioshock, although I had to really think about what I was doing before I chose to harvest the little sisters, I always wanted to save them)

Now, here is where my experiment comes in.

I just recently downloaded Fable off XBL. I have heard good things about it, and I never got a chance to play it so I decided to give it a shot. I also wany to get a feel for the game before Fable 2.

I play to play though the game, being one bad mother--- Shut Your mouth!

Well then, like I said i plan to be basically, well bad. I want to see how I will enjoy the game, how I react, how I react in real life, if i get attached to the character, etc., etc.

I will be posting my result once I'm finished the game (althought that may be awhile because of GTAIV)

But I have already started this little experment without you guys! I started the game, i didn't get that far in, but the choices come flying at you right away. I didn't know how to be bad, so I saw a little girl looking for her doll, and what would a bad person do? That's right! Punch the shi*t out of her. And man did i laugh my ass off. I continued through the game, doing the opposite of what people asked of me, and I was having a ball! I was laughing having a great expirence.

Now, that's all for now, and let's hope I enjoy the game as much as I did at the beginning. =)

Enjoy your cookie and remember to share!


9:30 PM on 04.26.2008

Hackage(the easy way) of flash games, and whatever applications you want.

Well hello there.

It's fun to screw around with stuff on your PC. I'm guesing there's not many of us here in Destuctoid who know how to hack (and i'm with you on that) But from time to time I like screwing around with this program i found on the internetzzzz. It's called Cheat Engine (btw i only use it on flash games and applications)

Cheat Engine is a tool designed to give you the upper hand in games, but also contains other usefull tools to help debugging games and even normal applications.

It comes with a memory scanner to quickly scan for variables used within a game and allow you to change them, but it also comes with a debugger, disassembler, assembler, speedhack, trainer maker, direct 3D manipulation tools, system inspection tools and more.

For new users it is recommended to go through the tutorial(The one that comes with Cheat Engine, you can find it in your programs list after installing) and at least reach step 5 for basic understanding of the usage of Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine can be downloaded here... BAM

It easy to start off with pinball, i recommend doing the tutiorial first.

Here are some walkthroughs for diffrent programs...

(all those people in those videos are made by fruitcakes.)

This can be used with almost everything, it's pretty fun to screw around with.

Btw, please only use this in safe manners i can't think how you could use this in an unsafe manner, but just be warned. And have fun with it!


O and here some picture i made that i would like to share, feedback plz?


8:40 PM on 04.26.2008

Shhh, you must keep this quiet.

Well continuing on from this story......

So on my birthday, my brothers and sister pitched in together to get me the Covenant Brute special edition controller because i already have the Spartan one.

Well my birthday was in October and i still don't have my controller.

When i first opened it and began to play some halo, it didnt feel right, felt out of place, out of allignment. and the RB and LB buttons were unresponsive. Well when i compared it to the Spartan Edition, which was smooth in the area that connected the art, to the black bottom. but on the Covenant one, it was rough, not connected properly. It wasn't right, and let me tell you it doesnt help your gameplay. So i did what was nessicary, i return it to the store where they got it from, they said i could only return it once. So i open it. It has go the same problem.

I then resorted to calling M$. After awhile of going from manger to manger. They said they would call me back tommrow. They did and they said they were replacing it i just needed to send it in. And see if you are a big enough jerk you'll get what you want.

So i sent it in. I didn't hear anything for a few weeks and i called them back. They said they lost it. They called back a few days later, they found it. Another few days, they didnt have anymore of the controllers in stock. A few days later and they said they were sending me Project Gotham for my problems (which i still don't have). They call me a week later, the controller is on the way. It was here today, but i was at work and my sister didnt answer the door. So i have to wait until monday =(.

My only concern is that it has the same problem, and goddmanitt i want my free copy of Project Gotham for all this crap.

Ok so, i got the controller, it was still effed up. So i sent it back, had some spazzes with various calling people at the Microsoft telephone service. Then they decided they would give me the common courtesy of Viva Pinata (special edition i might add). So months came and went, i got another controller, i sent it back, there was controllers lost in the mail, yada, yada. Then last week. BAM! i get two packages. I open it up, and what do i find but two Covenant controllers (they were both effed up btw) So i said screw it, i'm going to keep these suckers, and you better believe that i did. Then a few days ago, i get another package, and BAM! i get another controller. And i'm going to keep that sucker too.

Now microsoft calls me yesterday, and BAM! they are sending me another controller! but this time it won't be a Covenant controller, it's will just be one normal plain white one. Hallelujah!

Sooooo, that would mean that my controller count will reach a grand total of....... 7! And you might ask yourself what one might do with 7 controllers..... I have no flippin' idea.

In other news, you may have noticed (you probaly haven't though, i bet you don't even know who i am) but anyways, you may have noticed that I have not been on Dtoid in awhlile. Trust me, i have, I'm quite the lurker...

Well until next time, so long!

Man, do I wish I was that badass.   read

5:14 PM on 04.15.2008

Star Wars : Empire Strikes back in 60 seconds

This just made my day. Expect for the fact that blood comes out of Luke's arm, everyone knows that lightsabers cauterises wounds!

[embed]81753:10389[/embed]   read

8:22 PM on 02.25.2008

Wii at the Oscars (Reposted for you convience? Now with Video!)


Who just saw that, Jon Stewart and some girl playing Wii tennis at the Oscars, man o man, what has the world come to where we have to fill in one of the most watched t.v. programs, with virtuial tennis. man o man..   read

9:13 PM on 02.24.2008

Wii at the Oscars

Who just saw that, Jon Stewart and some girl playing Wii tennis at the Oscars, man o man, what has the world come to where we have to fill in one of the most watched t.v. programs, with virtuial tennis. man o man..

(video will be posted when i find one)   read

11:08 PM on 02.17.2008

I don't see the appeal

I don't understand it. I have many friends that i know in real life that i have on XBL. But the extent of the games they play are: Halo 3, Guitar Hero III and sometimes Rock Band and Guitar Hero II. I'm being dead serious, they don't even buy other games, they spend thier crap on shitty 'gaming chairs' that feel like wood.

Not to diss those games, they are alright in my opinion. Well sub par. But yea sure Halo is fun when you are playing with all you friends from time to time, but it's not the kind of thing i wanna play everything single second when i'm on my 360. And as for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, yea i like them, but my respect for them is slowly evaporating.

But they did play CoD 4, for about two weeks. They all got to Prestige, then quit. And started playing Halo again.

But serisouly, what is so good about Halo that you would need to play it all the time!?!

I'm not going to lie, i'm not the greatest at Halo, but my friends use that as an excuse to why i never play. Well i would be good if i played that and other shit like Metriod Prime: Hunters for 700 fuckin' hours. (Not even joking one of my friends had 700+ hours on that game)

But anywho, i can't believe i wasted all this time and energy on a topic like this... ahhh well.

Lemme rephrase something here, Halo sucks my big throbbing cock. It sucks, I fucking hate it. I'll play it from time to time, but it sucks.

I can't even put i picture in it just, no, i'm getting to angry here. I shall stop, sorry for my outburst. I'm just sharing my opinion.   read

6:30 PM on 02.11.2008


Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers receives a skate to the neck in a game vs. the Sabres on February 10th 2008.


Here's another one but with a goalie.


Really makes you think eh?

Btw, Zednik is in stable condtion and apparently doing well.   read

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