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XenoNova avatar 6:34 PM on 06.02.2013  (server time)
My Gaming Story: The Boy Game

My first ever game that i played was Pokemon Red on the Gameboy because well it rocked and kept me entertained and stopped my annoying my parents. 
Pokemon Red was the game that got me into gaming as it was portable and insanely fun collecting pokemon and passing out and dropping cash at the same time :/ but really thats what got the story rolling.

the second most influential game that got into console gaming was Knights of the Old Republic for the Xbox Original which if anyone has played it they will know how badass that game was as well as the most in my eyes the most dramatic plot twist in history because i mean come on finding out your the epic sith lord you've been learning about is really you is just getting your mind blown.

the third would have to be Starwars Battlefront 2 for the ps2 which really picked me up into the 3rd person game style which i loved at the time, being able to play as your favorite hero, villain of the Starwars franchise was a really big hit for me as i thought running around with a midget green goblin with a little green lightsaber was pretty damn epic, would you say no to that?

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