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8:35 PM on 09.05.2007  


Becoming a "Gamer" is harder than I expected, I've never been one to stay up late (let alone 24hrs); however after going to PAX '07 (Lemon is a sore - did not attend PAX - misfit).
In all sanity though, I'm going INSANE with all of the new game feed going into my tiny fragile mind. I was never aware of what I was missing out on until I stole Lark's Mic on vent (that fateful eve).
I have always loved the "Legend of Zelda" games, but I am expanding my horizons with Neverwinter Nights 2, the Wii console, and so many new games that I cannot name them by title. Also, Lark's DS will be missing soon if he doesn't help me re-discover the whereabouts of my R4.
Lastly, I do have this much to say...
I miss talking to Nameless Ted, Atheistium, Puppet, Phist, Miguel, and others. I promise to get on Vent again soon!
Now I think I will go to bed.........zzzz.zzz...zzz.zzzzzzzzz   read

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