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Xelviar's blog

6:10 AM on 02.11.2010

My Expertise: The Roll a hit or Die mechanic of RPGs - usually

Wow! A first monthly musing off me?! Well at least you know I've started, and depending on future musings, it might very well be not the last. Anyway: here is my first musing on a subject, which I hold hand on chest to. R...   read

8:44 AM on 02.08.2010

Steam and xfire users BEWARE

I just had a horrible realisation that people on Steam and now xfire, which could spread to other IMs have got a student virus. It's starting to spread like wildfire, so I need everyone just to be a little careful. I'll p...   read

8:21 AM on 01.20.2010

Love/Hate: Vagrant Story

In 1998 in Japan, eventually releasing in 2000 in Europe, Squaresoft (which is now Square-Enix) tried a completely brand new concept that would change some RPGs for some time, and that game is more or less known as Vagrant St...   read

11:21 AM on 01.18.2010

Unofficial Review: Darksiders

Before you go and spout off that it's a review which doesn't affilate with Dtoid, I've made it clear that I'm going to post reviews now and then which coincide with new releases, or games that have been out a while. I will a...   read

8:57 PM on 01.03.2010

Steam Sales: The best days of Game Shopping EVER!

Let me just admit this right now: I'm a sucker to games. I have been ever since I had Super Mario Bros./Duckhunt on the NES, I always have had enthusiasm to play computer games and get as far as possible without getting bor...   read

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