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12:16 AM on 02.13.2008

More Ikaruga, less money

So, it's been a while since I posted, but this one will be short anyway. Last week while searching for awesome overpriced stuff on ebay I saw it, Ikaruga for the Dreamcast, New and Still sealed. I bid on it but I lost the bid anyway. But I got an email from the seller telling me he had another one and he would sell it to me at the same price I bid the first time, and I bought it. I already own Ikaruga for the DC but it's only the cd so I won't open it. Ikaruga is awesome and just posting this makes me wanna play it, and I will. Thanks for reading a totally useless post of me being happy paying money for something I already have and won't use anyway, haha.

Time for the random video:
(It seems I can't display the youtube vid and only the link show up?)
Just how over the top can soccer/football get? It's from Touhou soccer and if you like it click on the video there is a lot more from different characters on youtube. As for the game itself, it's semi playable without Japanese knowledge but it's a lot of guess work/ memorization. I managed to play it but my game stopped to work. I guess only touhou fans will want to play it anyway.   read

5:00 PM on 01.23.2008

Online gaming curse.

I don't know if some of you will relate to that. When I try to play games with my friends online on the PC nothing ever works. There is always one of us who have problems with the game. First we have TrackMania Nations, a while ago we played alot of it and it is so simple to juste connect to the servers and play that we never tought it would fail us. But it has, my friend gets kicked out of every server we try for no reason, like we can play for 10 minutes and then kicked.

So we try another game that never fails, CS 1.6. I host a game like I always did, my ports are routed and stuff, still won't work. And every other game we try like Age of Mythologie and Age of Empires 2 still denied us. The only game that works is Quake1, Quake World to be exact. It's cool but there isn't alot of servers and some players we encountered are godly since they played the damn game all their life. If SSBB betrays us I don't know what I'll do.

Anyways here is the VOTP:
This new mario paint music fad is so cool, and DKC music is the best so this combo of the two wins an Internets.   read

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