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Touhou Project #12 was announced today. Title is 'Undefined Fantastic Object' (yes, UFO), the game will be a standard bullet hell shmup like most Touhou games before it.

So far, three character are confirmed, Reimu, Marisa and newcomer Sanae, who was a boss character in both MoF and SA. The is nice since the last two game only feature two characters, I hope more will be included.

From what we know at the moment it seems that the bomb system will return to how it was before MoF and SA. However, the power system still remains the same.Sadly, it's hard to notice more details with those tiny screenshots.

The demo will be released at Reitaisai 6, a Touhou convention in japan. It's almost as big as Comiket, this shows how much popular Touhou Project is there. The actual release date of the game is unknown, we only know it's summer.

For more info on touhou in general: (go to the forums, the website is not finished) (all the info you can have on touhou)

I'll leave you with Reimu armpit and a video of SA's extra stage.

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