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11:52 PM on 05.01.2008

The next chapter of Touhou Project by Doujin circle Team Shanghai Alice was announced yesterday. Touhou Chireiten ~Subterranean Animism~ will be the 11th game in the series, even if technically there is three other official games.(7.5, 9.5 and 10.5) Zun will sell a demo at Reitaisai(Touhou convention, May 25th) for 300yen. I seriously can't wait to try it but it seems the bomb/power system from MoF is back, meh.

Tasofro will also release Touhou Hisouten 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody at Reitaisai, this game being the sequel to TH7.5 Immaterial and Missing Power(those titles are so long haha). So May 25 is a date to watch for touhou fans.

I don't normally do news post but didn't see anything regarding this awesome news so I decided to do it myself. For those that have no idea what these games are go to:Touhou Wiki.

I'll now leave with the screens Zun released so far.

ps: *hint* if you want to not try the games you can not search for "doujin" and "style" on google *hint*

Somewhat related video:

(If you want to see the whole run click the video you'll get links to the first parts)
This is the Phantasm level from Perfect Cherry Blossom, it's one of the most difficult level in the game so don't freak out if you want to play, the normal levels aren't as hard as that if you set it on easy or normal.

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