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Xav's blog

11:22 PM on 02.04.2008

EA Double-Speak

During an earnings call EA boss, John Riccitello, said the company wasn't satisfied with its overall sales performance for 2007. Riccitello said that while 2008 looks promising, EA will continue to focus less on sequels and ...   read

12:30 PM on 01.27.2008

Humber College?

Quick show of hands. Do any of you C-Bloggers go to Humber College in Toronto (either North or Lakeshore campus)? There are a few events coming up you might want to look at. Deets Later.   read

2:54 PM on 01.25.2008

Dark Sector (PS3) Hands-on Preview

Way back when we still referred to the Xbox 360 as Xbox 2 and the new PlayStation as PS3 (we totally called it btw!) the development house behind Unreal Tournament 2003 showed off the first game for the next generation. Tha...   read

3:34 AM on 01.24.2008

Wanted: Fanboys/Girls

I'm working on a story right now on the current state of the consoles and what the hardcore gamers are looking forward to in 2008. I need any and all rabid Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony fanboys to come forward if they want to volu...   read

11:05 AM on 01.22.2008

Ferguson Fired, Maurice Might Go Too; Happiness Injected into Leaf Nation

I'm not saying this will solve any of the problems the Leafs have this season, but this will be a definite positive change for the future of the team. Hopefully interim general manager, Cliff Fletcher, will be able to make some moves at the deadline that can add a good sense of security for Leaf fans in the coming years. Via   read

8:37 PM on 01.21.2008

Too Many To Count... Mutha Ucka's!

Flight of the Conchords is one of the best shows left on television. Period.   read

11:55 AM on 01.20.2008

Avatar: The GamerScore Bender

I feel like a douche for caring but I love Achievement Points. There I said it, it's out there and now we have to deal with it. Last night this love came into play when I was walking through the aisles of my BlockBuster a...   read

2:15 AM on 01.19.2008

Gamecock Head Tears into Romero, Romero on Suicide Watch

After John (please still pay attention to me) Romero threw some harsh language at Gamecock CEO, and former business partner, Mike Wilson it seemed like the battle had ended. Romero called Wilson out for his jackass stunts to...   read

12:20 AM on 01.17.2008

I Caved or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Rock Band

After seeing, and covering, Rock Band at a few industry events and never being tempted to play the damn game I thought there would be no chance for the title to sneak its way into my collection. I was wrong. After watchin...   read

11:27 PM on 01.15.2008

The Leafs... won?

Hey look at that. The Toronto Maple Leafs won a game. Now all they need to do is fire John Ferguson Jr. and they can go from steaming-piles-of-shit to a nice neat pile-of-shit. It pains me to love this team to death. Eff you, I know they suck. [EA makes a hockey game... so I'm calling this gaming related.]   read

9:56 PM on 01.15.2008

The Fall of HD-DVD

Even though this format "war" is silly I thought this was funny and a good remake of the Xbox Live Banning video from a while back. Sorry if this is a repost. Thanks for the pro-tip on the embed.   read

6:18 PM on 01.15.2008

Pour One Out for Journeyman [Update]

The writers strike is still ongoing and I'm all for the writers getting their due... but I'm a little angry. Okay, not angry exactly. As a member of CPRS (Canadian Public Relations Society), IABC (International Association ...   read

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