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3:08 PM on 03.31.2008

Decisions, Decisions!

I finally broke down and bought a PSP (Not -just- for Crisis Core, I swear). However, with my limited budget, and the fact I love instant gratification, I bought a used PSP, that was in excellent condition.

Except... For you know. The most important part, which I didn't think about until I got home.

A memory card. Silly me.

A friend said to get a 8 GB one, that it would be worth EVERY penny. Curious, I looked one up on amazon. The cheapest one I could find is 75 dollars.

I bought my PSP for 90. x.x; A memory card thats almost as expensive as the system? Blasphemy. However! One of that size -would- last me a very long time, but at the same time, it's so.... expensive. I could merely get maybe a 2 GB (Saw one for 3 bucks. Lucky me!!), and get a few of those, or get one 8 GB, and spend an assload?

Also, I haven't really paid attention to any games coming out for the PSP (minus Beautiful Katamari, and Crisis Core), and I'm not sure what all there is, concerning RPGs, and the random cult-type video games (Haha, Patapon).

Anyone have any suggestions about the memory cards, -and- ideas for video games?   read

11:10 AM on 02.26.2008

Unbeat games

I was thinking, a few days ago, about the immense amount of games that I've never beat. Sure. The number started small, and tiny, but slowly it grew. I still haven't beat:
A Single Final Fantasy- 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2
Neither of the Disgaea- Which I want to play the third one, but sadly don't own a ps3
[b]Morrowind- I got too distracted by side quests
Oblivion- Same with Morrowind
Orcarina of time- Yeah. I know. x.x;
Majora's mask- I didn't much enjoy the game as a whole, soooo never beat it.
Panzer Dragoon Orta- I actually got to the final boos, and couldn't figure out how to manuever out of his unblocked attack. My friend beat it, but forgot how. Asshole.
Guitar Hero- expert songs
DBZ budokai tenkaichi 2
Katamari Damacy- Played it, don't own it, haven't beat it
Beautiful Katamari- Rented it, got to last level and kept looooosing.
Pokemon Pearl- Lulz, I just stopped playing it

Theres plenty more, but I just can't think of 'em.

Im just wondering if anyone else has a backlog of games they haven't beat. I'm sure theres plenty, with some people owning multiple systems, thusly switching back and forth, getting distracted by -newer- games, and thusly the older ones are left in the dust.

Soooo..... I'm gonna go beat Morrowind now, heh.   read

12:11 AM on 02.23.2008


So.... When I went to go get my taxes filed, I had some time, stopped in at Gamestop. They're having a nifty little thing, where if I trade in my gameboySP, a new DS is only $99 (:o!), and if I trade in BOTH my SP, -and- my current DSlite (a pink one), plus the 10 dollars back, it'd only be around 15 dollars....

You see. I'm really picky, and I WANT WANT WANT that blue one. Or even the red one. I don't want pink now. However, should I waste all that time/effort/money on a new COLOR (granted, a brand new DS too....)

I'm undecided, I really am. Somehow, theres already dust under the screen on my current one, and so thats slightly bothersome. And my SP....? I just don't play anymore. I have it to play all the oldschool gameboy games. (the ORIGINAL TETRIS BITCH ><;), but... I suppose its time to retire it, if I don't use it. Especially if I can get something out of it.

What do you guys think? D: I need opinions.   read

11:35 AM on 02.22.2008

Internets serious business

Why is it people insist on starting fights over the internet? It makes absolutely no sense- especially when you're playing a game. Everythings nice and dandy, and all of a sudden, someone says something smart mouthed, bound to set -somebody- off, due to how close minded it is. It really unnerves me, when, on several games I'm a GM on, I have to constantly tell people to shut that shit up. Of course, when I mute said individuals, they just claim I'm stopping them from defending themselves. One even went so far as to state he was hitting a glass ceiling, because the owner wouldn't let him have Gm, and he blamed all of the admins.

Last time I checked, playing a video game isn't like being in the corporate world. There are no glass ceilings.   read

12:04 AM on 02.22.2008

It's female, lets commence harrasment

So, I was wearing this shirt. I go to community college, where, downstairs in the cyber cafe, we have an assortment of gamers. Ranging from the crackaddicted yugioh players, to the wow nerds, to the "lemme kick your ass, I love violent video games" types.... I'm a jack of all trades in this aspect. Now then. The population of said video game community (if you can call us that) is about 99.8% guys. I'm friends with -most- of these guys. Because, frankly, some of them........ Lets just say they give you guys a bad name.

So, I'm standing there, talking about..... Something. And this guy, that was in my math class my first semester, whom I had dubbed as "the creepy stalker guy", because he literally followed me around one day-- came up. He saw my AWESOME shirt (seriously-- its the shit), and preceeded to go up, and TOUCH my chest, saying, "Oh. I'll choose run."

I can take jokes. The guys always debate what action to select..... I dunno why. But this..... person, had the audacity, to... randomly come up to me, and do that? No. Absolutely not.

Needless to say, a friend, Gabriel, had to "hold" me back. I even got to use the line, "OH MY GOD HOLD MY EARRINGS THIS FUCKERS GOING DOWN!!! >=o" (Yes. I even did an angry face.)

Grr.   read

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