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Since it's a gimmick nowaday...(I mean today) and I need some attention. I'm doing a list that is pretty useless to anybody who don't know me, since you won't know me better after this.

1- I have been studying for nealy 3 year now, studying stuff with computers and electricity. The kind of thing that run the world, so I heard, these days.

2- I love ninja.

3- I may, or not, create my own game. Since I worked so many hours on a designing a game I can't find the time to actually develop it. So this may be one of the enormous waste of time that seem to run my life, or not.

4- Destructoid kinda became a religious cult to me and since i'm an atheist I am going to preach the good word ! But I am a lazy bastard who don't like to be the center of the attention. So i'm just gonna shut up.

5 - I hate sunday, isn't it the shittiest day of the week? So freaking sad and always to short. That day is just there to let you know that the day that is comming after is the day you gotta go to work again.

6 - I am living in a room whose the size of a closet and since I can't live without all my console i'm actually having the smallest bed in all history of bed. It's smaller than a couch but bigger than a chair. Making me the biggest guy to sleep on the smallest bed on earth.

7 - I love cats.

8 - Like many of you out there, I am a video game addict. I'm also addicted to movies, music(Metal especially), books, programmation, anime, tv, food, hockey.

9 - For the past two years I have been reviewing shitty games for a french canadian website and since i'm addicted, I can't leave that "job". I'm always whinning about it but I'm still doing it.

10 - I am one of the happiest optimistic person to live. From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed/couch/chair/thing I'm getting an absolute mental boner. I can't say that I don't like that, but it's kinda getting on the nerves of the people around me... since i'm always happy, i really don't care that they hate it =)

I tough it be easier than it was to do this first useless blog post... but in the end. It was hard.

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