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8:06 PM on 02.15.2011

A Rebuttle: Actually EA, My Mom loves Dead Space 2

My first memory of video games is of my own mother schooling me on my SEGA Mega Drive (that's SEGA Genesis in the USA by the way). In my defense it was 1994 and I was still figuring out the particulars of how to walk, so she had an unfair advantage.

My first memory of zombie movies is from some years later. I was off school sick, and my mom walked in to the room, started up the vcr and stuck on a movie. One of my all time favorites, George A. Romero's 1978 classic, Dawn of the Dead. It was awesome, and now, whenever I'm sick I invariably end up watching a movie about the shambling dead.

So, taking both these events into account, why it never to me to sit my mom down in front of a copy of Resident Evil 2 is beyond me. All this changed when I was last at home, surfing this site on my laptop in the kitchen. My mom spotted the "Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2" trailer running on the site, and asked me the hike up the volume. Naturally, she took the tag line as a challenge, and was dismembering Necromorphs as our favorite space engineer Isaac Clarke in no time. And she was loving it. Don't get me wrong, on the simplest difficulty setting she was being torn apart, times have moved on since those days in the early '90s on the Mega Drive. But still, you don't have to be a deft hand with a plasma cutter to be a Dead Space 2 fan, and my mom is well and truly converted. So when Dead Space 3 rolls around, before EA start telling us what our mom's hate, they might wanna remind themselves that Romero fangirls can have kids too.

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