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9:34 PM on 02.06.2010

Games that need to be made

If your anything like me then your sick of killing Nazis and aliens, and the more novel ideas like Bayonetta or Fear are falling a bit short of your expectations in term of story. Now we are getting more and more sequels because publishers don't want to invest into games that are not guaranteed to make them x amount of profit.Part of the problem is there's more time and money invested into the game mechanics then in making a compelling story. which isn't a bad thing but for 60 bucks a pop why can't we have both.There are plenty of examples of games with great stories or mediocre stories that are told really well that inspire and keep the player interested.

I'm positive that at one point all of us have thought "that would make a great premise for a game". Some of us hang onto that thought, for whatever reason, until the moment when they are able to share that awesome idea with someone else. I encourage you to share your Ideas If you can remember them or comment on how an existing one could be better.

I was kicking around some ideas and came up with a few that I thought were interesting enough to mention and might give you an idea of how low my thresh hold for "good" is.

1. Big Trouble in Little China the game
-Common.... why not?
I know that a sequel to the movie would kinda take away from the strangeness of that ending (that allusion to a sequel everyone knows isn't going to come) but if you were to put a lot of thought and planning into the game I feel that you could make an awesome game that picks right up where the movie left off. Think about it, you use your insanely fast reflexes to defend yourself against throwing knives, it would include all the weird potions weapons and powers from the movie, and the Asian dude and the chick would follow you around and help out.
The only problem is Jack Burton doesn't do anything in the movie.

2. zoms in ancient japan
realistically zombies wouldn't stand up to modern weaponry, but to samurai... thats a different story. Its a zombie game so by zombie law it would have to be open world to some extent

3. Buddy cops
nuf said. I just want a co-operative game where you can pal around 80's style and answer calls on your cb radio and listen to cool 80's music. It would be like if starsky and hutch met GTA and their baby hooked up with magnum PI's baby.

Not great by any stretch of the imagination but I would like to see that a group of people could make based on these ideas   read

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