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Xai Xo's blog

3:48 PM on 11.28.2011

Tales from Skyrim: Twixt Ice & Fire

It was late at night, and after an evening of working on the Thieves Guild and Companion's questlines, I set out on finishing up a quest I'd had for ages - Without spoiling anything, I had to hunt mystical beasts. I began looking for the last-but-one one (and the last of this particular section of the quest).

I fast-travelled to an area nearby Winterhold, ready for a short trek to the location it was meant to be. Suddenly, I hear an all-too-familiar sound. The sound of dragon wings.

Knowing I could handle it I looked to the skies to get an eye on my foe, only to find a Frost Dragon swooping between the vast cliffs and crevasses below. I switched to my bow to attract the attention of my draconic adversary. After 3 or 4 direct hits, it appeared I was not high on his priorities. Instead, this mighty beast was constantly ignoring me in favour of attacking a herd of Horkers...

Here's the funny thing: The Horkers were having none of it. They appear to be practically (if not entirely) immune to frost, so he couldn't actually harm them without landing and biting! Suitably amused, I ran to the cliff edge wherein I began carving the beast a new one.

That's when I heard those damned wings above again.

Wait, what? The dragon is on the floor, getting slaughtered!

2 dragons. One big frosty fellow who was in combat, and another, weaker green one had just come over the cliff, possibly from a nearby Wall. I back off from the half-dead Frost Dragon to draw the attention of the newbie...And find my radar filling up quite quickly. Unwittingly, I had strayed within the radius of the quest spawnpoint, so the ethereal creature appeared with his pack!

Yes, I was in the middle of a Grade-A Premium clusterf*ck, consisting of a Ninja brandishing a Demonic Katana, 3 Walrus ripoffs, 2 dragons, 2 Sabrecats and a Spiritual Sabrecat.

Then it got exciting.

I slammed on my Histskin ability, giving me 10x health regeneration. Clutching The Ebony Blade (not AN Ebony Blade, THE Ebony Blade), I began absorbing the life of my enemies. I moved so that I could line up as many foes as possible, and let off a Marked for Death Thu'um, weakening my numerous foes. Blocking the Sabrecat strikes, I back up close to the Frost Dragon (still occupied with the Horkers and a little with me), and let a pass of fire from the green dragon do a bit of damage. Switching to my new ability (I won't spoil what it is or where it's from), instantly draining 100hp from an enemy and giving it to me.

I swung, blocked and power-attacked my way to an execution-filled massacre. First the Sabrecats, then the Frost Dragon, then the Horkers, and finally the green dragon above.

Naturally, I felt like a bit of a badass, especially seeing as I have the difficulty ramped up high.   read

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