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1:33 PM on 10.31.2012

Huge Thank You to Destructoid and Roccat

I wish to thank the members of Destructoid, this wonderful community, and ROCCAT. (Shout out to Andy Dixon for keeping great contact with me). Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This means a lot to me after this last year and it means so much to me that I was honored and chosen as a winner.


In the picture is my Creative Sound Blaster Silencer headset. One of the earpieces have been broke for a very long time and sometimes still play sound. I kept it together with rubber cement and shoestrings to at least get some good gaming out of them. My mouse is a Razer Diamondback I've had for over 6+ years. The clear plastic on it isn't even clear anymore. It's a medium shade of green/yellow. The left click is even rubbed away to show how much gaming I do on my computer. My keyboard is a Saitek Eclipse FIRST generation and got it at the same time as my mouse. The WASD keys are faded. And my mousepad is the newest thing of them all from my WoW Collector's Edition that my Ex bought me.


I thought it would be great to share how much you guys are truthfully helping me out. I miss my ex-girlfriend and I will always love her. And as I rebuild my life, the one thing that keeps joy and happiness is my computer. I am a huge PC gamer and I play a lot of games on Steam. It's my lifeline to speaking to people, and it means a ton to me so much that you guys are helping me out. I cannot thank you guys enough for choosing me. It means a lot and knowing that I will use my new full ROCCAT set until they day they all die.   read

8:00 PM on 09.07.2012

Customer Service Hell In Guild Wars 2

So, here I was on the 25th of August. Pretty happy to know that Guild Wars 2 was having an early launch time for people who preordered. I was happy to give it a go. World vs World PVP had sparked my interest, in addition being able to play a Free to Play game that was graphically amazing in my eyes, I was drawn in. Sadly, my expierence in Guild Wars 2 has been nothing, but a customer service nightmare.

I happily had been playing for 6 days. They were an awesome time, I was blazing past most of my guild members in levels. The crashes were almost non-stop. I feared going to a different zone because I would get the dreaded memory error. But, I still chugged along. It felt great getting new abilities depending on the weapons I used. I was getting rewarded exploring. Also, I was having fun not having to party with people and doing world events and getting xp. I finished up my personal quest with the Hyleks in the Sea area south of Lion's Den on August 31st. Feeling proud, I was happy to know I was going through the gaming and having a blast.

Then September 1st happened....

I was dumbfounded, I couldn't log in. I jumped onto google and started seeing many people having the same issue. What was this? I had a unique password to the game?! My account was stolen and the email was changed in a blink of an eye. Then I started digging around my email and to my horror was something I didn't expect. I had been double charged twice for the game and I didn't even notice it.

Alright, may have been a mistake, they will return my money. Plus, my primary account was hacked. So, I will get it back right? Wrong... This is the response that I got from "Johnson" and "Lance". "Johnson" was the first to respond to my issue and this what he had to say to it.

Response Johnson via Email 09/05/2012 03:20 PM

Thank you for contacting NCsoft Account Support.

The provided Guild Wars 2 Serial Code has not been registered to an account yet.

You can register your Guild Wars 2 game account by visiting

If you run into any issues during registration, please provide any error message you receive, and we will try to be of further assistance.

Thank you,
NCsoft Account Support

So, basically from the response. My serial code was not in use anymore? That is when Guild Wars 2 staff stated on their facebook account for people to resent in tickets to get their problems prioritized. After a two day wait, I got a response back from "Lance".

Response Lance via Email 09/07/2012 04:43 PM

Thanks for contacting Guild Wars 2! After a quick review of your ticket, we feel that the information below could resolve your issue. Your ticket has not been closed and you will receive an additional reply as soon as we are able. However, if the information below does resolve your issue please close your ticket to confirm that you no longer need our assistance. Doing so will assist us in helping everyone in a timely manner.

Reset Password & E-mail Authentication************************************
If you were previously experiencing an issue resetting your password or authenticating your email address, please follow the directions below.

1. Go to
2. In the “Email / Account Name” field, enter the email address used for your Guild Wars 2 account.
3. In the “Serial Code” field, enter the serial code you registered to the account.
4. In the “Character Name” field, enter the name of an existing character on your account.
5. Click “Verify.”
Be sure to set your account password to a strong, unique password that you've never used anywhere else!
See this comic ( for advice on picking a strong, unique password.

Additional information regarding the Guild Wars Account E-mail Authentication System can be found here:

Spam / Phising Attempts************************************************
If you were notified of an email change request or confirmation, please try logging into the Guild Wars 2 forums ( to confirm that your account name has not been changed.

If you do not have a Guild Wars account, please disregard the email. We also suggest that you secure the email account by changing the password, in addition to, the passwords of any other accounts that may be associated to the email that received this message from our account system.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ*********************************************
Please do not create a new ticket for this issue as it will cause delays. However, replying to this email will allow us to assist you based on when you first contacted us regarding the issue. If your issue is resolved and you no longer need assistance, please do the following:

1. Log in to your support account here:
If you do not recall your login information, use the “Forgot your support login or password?” link.
3. Click the “Questions” button or link.
4. Find the 12-digit reference number matching the one on the support request you wish to close.
5. Click the subject line to the right of that reference number.
6. Under “Do you want a response?”, select “No, I don't need this question answered now”.
7. Click “Submit”.

Your support request will be moved to Closed status.

NOTE: Anything typed in the “Add additional information to your question” box will not be seen by our support staff if the “No, I don't need this question answered now option is selected”.

The Guild Wars 2 Team

Customer Daniel ******* via CSS Web 09/07/2012 05:33 PM
I'm done, I've been trying to get my primary account back and then I saw that I was double billed on the 25th and no one is helping me. I'm tired of the poor customer service. I've been hacked and blocked from the game since the Sept 1st. I was playing since Aug 25th. The second account's serial code was used on Sept 5th. I'm just done. I'm seriously just done and I want my money refunded. I'm tired of the hoops and ladders to just get my account back

I want a refund for both of these serial codes. Once again, I WAS DOUBLE CHARGED ON THE 25th. I used one of the serial codes and didn't notice the 2nd one in my junk mail folder. I send the junk mail one in because I thought that was the one in the primary account, I had deleted the account one's email.

Serial Code: ***63FB
Serial Code: ***38XP

It's almost September 8th... I have been unable to play on my account since September 1st. And from what I read on the forums, there are people who have been waiting longer then myself. If the characters are deleted, they are not returning characters. They are not returning gold from hacked accounts. They are not replacing anything, other then giving the account back to customers.

The 2nd serial code did work in creating a new account with nothing of my primary account on it. This is to much. An individual was ablt to change my email without verification to my primary email that I was using. A simple measure to make sure people could be protected, was easily skipped over. Arenanet should've had a system in place that would email their customer if someone was trying to brute force change their email and/or password. Instead, people are forced to sit in a limbo of very poor customer service, and still continue to wait. I honestly, just want the return of my money at this point. They blame a fansite for causing this issue. Yet, the password I used on my account was completely unique to the game. I'm down 160 dollars for a game I just wanted to pay 80 dollars for.

All I wanted to do was play with my friends that I've made over the years. Instead, hearing them hitting 80 and dominating makes me feel like crap. What's the point? Am I going to get rewarded by Arenanet for having to wait to get my account AND money back? I seriously doubt it. Here's your account, oops sorrying everything is missing on the account. We will not replace anything. That is what I'm expecting. Why not just refund my money and let me go spend 80 dollars on games on Steam. At least that way, I know I'm getting games on a secure account that hasn't been hacked or lost in over 5 years...

------=======UPDATE AS OF SEPT 8TH =======-----

Response Zach C. via Email 09/08/2012 04:40 PM
Hello Daniel,

I apologize for the delay in our response; we have an unusually high ticket volume which we are working through as quickly as possible. I have combined all information regarding your issue on this single support ticket. If you need to update your ticket, please do so using the link at the top of this e-mail. This will ensure that your ticket receives the timeliest response.

We have processed a refund for order numbers -----021, and ------126. A $79.99 credit has been applied to your card for each order number and should appear within the next 5 business days.

All serial codes associated with the transaction(s) that have been refunded will be disabled.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

NCsoft Account Support


Finally the ordeal is over... At least I'll be getting my money back!   read

10:35 PM on 06.26.2011

[SNES Translation] - Der Langrisser


Note: I am Lucius on This is a rewriting of my old work to expand on my ideas of the game.


Der Langrisser is the translation of a Super Nintendo Game that took 6 years to finish. To this date, it is one of the most grand translations to hit the video game translation community in years. The game faced two grueling failed attempts in translating it. However, the game was challenged and faced by Byuu and D-Boy and the current result was made. Thus, entering the world of Der Langrisser is a challenging and extremely rewarding adventure for the strategy RPG crowd.

To start off, some history needs to be created for Der Langrisser. Namely that it is not the first Langrisser game in the series. In the United States, we obtained the first Langrisser as Warsong on the Sega Genesis. We never obtained the rest of the series, up to Langrisser II-V, in the United States. However, Der Langrisser is a reworked version of Langrisser II on the Sega Genesis with branching storylines.

The game starts with the player able to choose answers to a number of questions. The total amount of questions is 18, but they have a strong effect on the start of the game. These questions decide what class, items, troops, and stats the character will obtain at the start of the game. With these choices made, the player develops control on how their character will be shaped in the game. Thus, a common theme in the game is choice.

The player at the start gets to choose a set of answers per questions. Up to 18 questions are total but depending on your answers different questions will be asked. These questions decide what class your character will be at the start of the game, items, and stats. However, these may affect later choices by the character in the game.

At the start, the player goes through 7 battles. Then, choices are made of what path the player wishes to follow. The Light Path, that is very straight through minus a choice of characters and the Imperial path. The Imperial path also can split into 2 further paths, the Dark path or the Independent Path. So, people can see, there is extremely strong replay value within the game. Yet, there are choices characters can make as well.

Characters have different paths that can take after hitting level 10. They are able to split down different paths to become more like fighters, horsemen, priests, casters, and other medieval classes an individual can think about within the game. The further the players level and change class, the stronger spells, stats, and troops they can use. Allowing for players to make characters to how they wish their characters to be. But, enough about how the game is played out by choices. What about the music?

The soundtrack to Der Langrisser is one of the best the Super Nintendo has ever obtained. In a period of time where Square was dominating the RPG market, games like Der Langrisser didn't get to grace our shores with it's sound. Here's a list of samples for the ears on the soundtrack:

I personally imported this game almost 6 years ago. I couldn't follow a dime of the story however, it brought up memories of Warsong (Langrisser I). Thus, this translation was one of the translations that I have long awaited for in my gaming library. Sadly, from what I hear about Last Story (Wii), Xenoblade (Wii), and Fatal Frame 4 (Wii),

Der Langrisser is one of those games that Nintendo passed over into bringing to the United States. It's a fun strategy RPG for the SNES that follows the previously spoken about games in the abyss that is Nintendo. Someday, I hope that Nintendo will wake up and see the ever filled library of great games that haven't graced our shores in the United States. Because, this is one of those games that people would've really enjoyed playing. And, now they can in English.   read

3:55 PM on 04.27.2011

Sony TV Parody

I was checking out Youtube. I gotta say... I laughed...

There is an on-going debate about who's at fault right now. Was it the hackers who hacked the PS Network? Was it Sony's failure of a security? Was it the consumer putting their trust into Sony?

All three questions I see posed are the issue. Sony, just like most of the Japanese developers, have fallen on hard times. No, I'm not talking about the earthquake. I'm talking about Sony's failure of listening to the people and their mistreatment of the current age of gamers.

First, the Hackers that hacked into the PSN. There's many questions that can be posed, however what they did is illegal. But, what did their illegal actives prove? Sony refused to do up-to-date security measures to protect the consumers. If a company was sending my information through simple HTML coding without any protection, I would be upset and lash out. Case and point, the whole Geohotz issue.   read

1:16 PM on 03.15.2011

First North American Commercial for 3DS


Looking like the first official US commercial of the 3DS has been shown, and I'm honestly disappointed. From the video, they highlight nothing of interest in my eyes. Yes, Street Fighter 4 is there... but it's nothing new. Where's the catch? Where's the draw? Come on Nintendo...   read

12:52 PM on 03.15.2011

New Batman Arkham City Trailer Appears On Youtube

Appearing over on Youtube, a new Batman Arkham City trailer has appeared showing off some of the gameplay. I think the gameplay looks promising, however something keeps checking my ears as I listen to the music. I could swear that the music could be apart of Silent Hill!   read

1:22 PM on 02.19.2010

[PS2] Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride English Translation

Game: Dragon Quest V
System: Playstation 2
Publisher: Square Enix
Released: 2004

Translation: English
Released: 2010
Credited: DQ Translations and DQ5r

March 25th, 2004: Dragon Quest V was re-released for the Playstation 2 after being remade. Normally for the SNES, Dragon Quest V would step into a new artform form with it's PS2 re-release.

Many different changes had taken place from it's SNES version to PS2 Version. The SNES version was only able to hold up to 40 monsters that the character could use in their party. Yet, due to the PS2 release, all of that had been released. In addition to new monsters to the party, the graphics were updated due to the processing power of PS2.

*Disclaimer: Piracy is illegal. A Link is given to be able to import the game.*

Japanese Source [To Buy the Game]

English Translation Sources
-   read

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