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XYU's blog

3:58 AM on 01.27.2009

Halo Warz!!

As Halo Wars prepares to launch, I cant help but start to feel excited about a new Halo game. The Halo franchise has always stuck with me, if I had to choose one game to compete in, I would Choose Halo 2/3I think of Halo a...   read

5:08 AM on 01.19.2009

MMORPG: Is that all there is?

Recently I left the world of Azeroth, seemingly for good. Part of the reason I choose to leave was I assumed there would be another MMO on-par with WoW in terms of content and overall experience that I could begin to play ...   read

2:33 AM on 01.16.2009

Warner Bros and Fox settle Watchmen dispute

Given the recent circumstances surrounding the watchmen film, a lot of fans feared that the film they have been waiting so long to see will never reach the light of day. Well Watchmen fans can now rejoice, because accordin...   read

4:04 AM on 01.12.2009

Crayon Physics Deluxe fills my heart with joy

Id had my eye on Crayon Physics deluxe for a long while. After playing Crayon Physics, I enjoyed the game but it was in no way of ZOMFG calibre. Then I got the E-mail from Kloonigames stating Crayon Physics Deluxe is h...   read

5:38 AM on 01.09.2009

Fake? Ghostbusters 3 site sets me up for a fall

Oh how Ive dreamt of a Ghostbusters 3 Ill be picking up the new Ghostbusters game for sure. But the movie is what I'm really waiting for. So, First we got word some writers from The Office were penning Ghostbusters 3...   read

4:50 AM on 01.08.2009

Fun for free - Cube 2: instaCTF

I dont know whether the fact Im advertising a single mode is worth calling this a review, so I wont. Im not going to go into a lot of detail about the game, as I tend to only play instaCTF mode, Im simply writing this t...   read

8:15 AM on 01.06.2009

Goodbye Azeroth...

This is it; Ive finally had enough of WoW. I quit. After playing for around 6 months and spending way too much money, I have decided to give WoW the boot. Its not that Im tired of MMOs, I love them. They can provide a...   read

6:58 AM on 12.05.2008

Where is the PS3 advertising?

Just a quick post on an observation a friend of mine made a few days back; Has anyone noticed the complete lack of any PS3 advertising on TV?.. (where I live at least, in Wales, UK) Granted, I dont watch a hell of alot of T....   read

9:38 AM on 12.04.2008

I heart L4D - My Imaginary Boss

Been playing left4Dead pretty damn hardcore lately. I've made up this boss i think would genuinley add alot of new gameplay elements and elements of suspence to L4D, to all who play; read on... Name: The Daddy/Puppet Maste...   read

7:47 AM on 11.07.2008

WoW, they weren't joking.

Yes I realize Im kind of late to the Warcraft party, but they really werent joking about WoW. Im hooked. With just over 21 days played, I got to level 70 about 2 days ago. It's all i do lately. I feel my social life fading away. Heed my warning, I fear it may already be to late for me. Be wary of the WoW shaped mmo... Pray for me, friends. May Blizz have mercy on my soul.   read

4:28 AM on 11.07.2008

I never finish anythi

Games. We all play em, we all spend our hard earned cash on em .but how many of the games that you buy/play do you actually complete? Personally Id say I complete about 5-10% of games I play. (much to my own disappointm...   read

4:44 AM on 05.21.2008

The Games Before Time: Sanitarium

One game I will always remember is a little PC game called “Sanitarium”. Originally released in 1998, The game uses a 3rd person point and click system for exploration. The game features some of the freakiest levels I'...   read

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