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I'm Luke, a 22year old IT technician from Wales, UK. In my spare time i enjoy the odd' Pokemon LARP.

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8:15 AM on 01.06.2009

This is it; I’ve finally had enough of WoW. I quit.

After playing for around 6 months and spending way too much money, I have decided to give WoW the boot. It’s not that I’m tired of MMO’s, I love them. They can provide an immersive experience most games could ever hope for. But I see what other people have been saying now; WoW is one of the most repetitive games ever.

For a time, things were good, perfect even. There were a lot of nice people to quest with and just hang out with, you would look up at the level 70’s and hope one day you too could look that awesome.

But after maxing out the level cap (before WOTLK) things started getting really boring, doing raids constantly and always sitting in the “looking for group” channel got really old, really fast.

But I ploughed on, thinking that this was just a phase and I would soon get passed it and start enjoying the game again.

I was wrong.

After WOTLK was released I managed to get to level 75 without spooning my eyes out in sheer repetitive boredom.

These days, every time I turn on the game, I cringe. I don’t know exactly why, But the thought of playing wow for even 5mins more sends a cold shiver down my spine.

Maybe it’s the constant lack of tank’s and healers, maybe it’s the constant sitting in LFG waiting for more party members to join, maybe its just male blood elves. Either way, I quit. I’m done. I’ve paid for the last 2 months thinking I would play it again soon, which never happened.

So goodbye, old friend. We had fun while it lasted, you showed so much promise, I thought I had found THE mmo for me…

But there’s someone new in my life, someone younger and prettier, I call her Star Wars: The Old Republic…

6:58 AM on 12.05.2008

Just a quick post on an observation a friend of mine made a few days back; Has anyone noticed the complete lack of any PS3 advertising on TV?.. (where I live at least, in Wales, UK)

Granted, I dont watch a hell of alot of T.V. but when I do I see a shit-load of Wii adverts for all of their products.

I even see my fair share of xbox 360 advertisments.

But where are all the PS3 adverts? Did they kinda just decide to pull back on the UK advertising on TV or somthing? I haven't exactley been a close follower of console sales numbers and the like, but I am aware that the PS3 is lacking in sales pretty much golbally?

Even though I'm not a fan of the PS3 (PS2 kicked ass) It just kinda strikes me as strange, the complete lack of advertising for PS3.

Been playing left4Dead pretty damn hardcore lately. I've made up this boss i think would genuinley add alot of new gameplay elements and elements of suspence to L4D, to all who play; read on...

The Daddy/Puppet Master (undecided)

Special Ability:
An infected that can raise any corpse with impaired movement and half HP (tank, witch, normal infected etc.)

The Daddy/Puppet master is not much different to a regular looking infected, although they’re stomach must be very oversized. His stomach is huge in proportion to the rest of his body.

He is very fat for a reason. When killed, the puppet master explodes only to release dozens of infectious “worms” that were lying dormant in his “womb” in his massive oversized stomach.

The worms have little HP, maybe as much as a normal infected or less, But the worms have the unique ability to enter the corpse of ANY dead infected and re-animate them with about half the HP as usual, also the re-animated do not move as usual, they move a lot slower than when they were “alive” almost limping or crawling towards the survivors.

I chose the name “Puppet master” not just because of his ability to revive undead corpses, but also because he could have some of the worms protruding out of his back and shoulders kind of like Puppet Strings. The name “The Daddy” comes from him giving “birth” to these worm-like parasites from his big oversized stomach.

I think this can lead to some really awesome in-game moments. E.g. you’ve just been confronted by the horde and a tank, let’s say the horde also alerted a witch. Now, after you’ve killed all the infected you think your safe only to realize that The Daddy/Puppet Master has just walked around the corner… You need to take him down before he gets close enough to infected corpses so that his worms can bring them back to life.

If you notice and kill him before he is close enough to corpses, you will also have enough time to kill the “worms” before they can reach any corpses.

Let’s say when he’s killed he releases around 15 worms from his gut or “womb”. These worms could enter the corpse of a dead tank and revive him with half hp but he can only limp (maybe just movement speed reduced by 50% or something) and is also not as strong as before, as his body has already been destroyed by the survivors but the parasitic worm is just controlling his corpse like a puppet.

So you’ve killed the witch, tank and the horde, only to notice the daddy/puppet master walking around the corner, you kill him but his worms manage to re-animate the witch, tank and a few of the horde. I think this could work very well and add a new element to boss infected.

Please comment on whether you think this’ll be a good idea or not!

7:47 AM on 11.07.2008

Yes I realize I’m kind of late to the Warcraft party, but they really weren’t joking about WoW. I’m hooked. With just over 21 days played, I got to level 70 about 2 days ago. It's all i do lately.

I feel my social life fading away….

Heed my warning, I fear it may already be to late for me. Be wary of the WoW shaped mmo...

Pray for me, friends. May Blizz have mercy on my soul….

4:28 AM on 11.07.2008

Games. We all play em’, we all spend our hard earned cash on em’ ….but how many of the games that you buy/play do you actually complete?

Personally I’d say I complete about 5-10% of games I play. (much to my own disappointment) The last 2 weeks I’ve picked up Dead Space, Fallout 3 and Spiderman Web of shadows and haven’t completed any of them, I’ve hardly even got Ľ of the way into these games.

Not to mention I still want to complete Fable 2, Gears2 and I wanna get Left4Dead . . . . .

I don’t consider this a waste of money as such, because I guess in my mind I am going to finish them off, but whether I will is another story. The last few games I’ve completed were Halo3, Gears, Bio shock (this is going back last year). I will complete smaller games such as DS titles and XBLA games ( Omega 5 <3 )

This happens a lot with me, for whatever reason I just keep telling myself I’ll play this game or that game soon but I’ll never actually get around to it…Also the last 3 months it doesn’t help at ALL that I’ve started playing WoW and recently dinged 70.

Ultimately, I guess it’s all down to time at the end of the day. I’m 22 and work a full time job, I just wish I had more time to play the games I want to play…

How about you guys? Does anyone here splash out on games only to find you rarely get around to finishing them? And of all the games you play, how regularly would you say you complete games you intend to.

If you find yourself never getting around to finishing the games you want, why do you think that is?

Opinions, give them to me :D

One game I will always remember is a little PC game called “Sanitarium”. Originally released in 1998, The game uses a 3rd person point and click system for exploration.

The game features some of the freakiest levels I've seen in my life. Basically you follow this dude called Max, who one day wakes up in an insane asylum with no recollection of who he is or where he's from. There has just been a riot and all the alarms are sounding and the inmates are running around freely.

Every level is unique and each one has this atmosphere about it that is really freaky....I can't say I've played another game that had the feel Sanitarium has. That's why it holds such a dear place in my heart. This game is a rare gem that everyone should play.

Every level of the 9 total chapters carries a distinct atmosphere that takes place in either the real or imaginary world of Max. The fact you can never really tell what's going on or if what's happening is real, really adds to the psychological horror of the game. The music perfectly compliments each level which only helps in making the game more freaky.

All I can say about the levels is they are awesome...REALLY twisted and macabre. The characters are some of the most twisted you will ever come across...from the deformed monstrous children of “The Innocent Abandoned” to “The Circus of Fools” where the employees of a circus located on a little island are being picked off and devoured one by one by a giant squid. Every level is awesome in this game though, each one is so different.

I cant say enough good things about this game and its design. I CAN say that this is honestly one of the best games I've played in my life. And to be honest it's shocking to me that this game isn't as well known as it should be. If you'd ask me to write a list of 3 games I feel should have sequels, this would be on of them.

If your into horror games (Hell, even if your not) GRAB THIS GAME !!! Actually, if you into GAMES then pick this game up. If you have learned to harness the awesome powers of the internet then acquiring a copy of this game should not be a problem at all.

I hope this has sparked an interest in this game for anyone who hasn't played it, because if you haven't then you missed out, kids.

If you have played it....What did you think of it?? Do you have good memories of playing?