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XYU's blog

8:15 AM on 01.06.2009

Goodbye Azeroth...

This is it; Iíve finally had enough of WoW. I quit. After playing for around 6 months and spending way too much money, I have decided to give WoW the boot. Itís not that Iím tired of MMOís, I love them. They can provide a...   read

6:58 AM on 12.05.2008

Where is the PS3 advertising?

Just a quick post on an observation a friend of mine made a few days back; Has anyone noticed the complete lack of any PS3 advertising on TV?.. (where I live at least, in Wales, UK) Granted, I dont watch a hell of alot of T....   read

9:38 AM on 12.04.2008

I heart L4D - My Imaginary Boss

Been playing left4Dead pretty damn hardcore lately. I've made up this boss i think would genuinley add alot of new gameplay elements and elements of suspence to L4D, to all who play; read on... Name: The Daddy/Puppet Maste...   read

7:47 AM on 11.07.2008

WoW, they weren't joking.

Yes I realize Iím kind of late to the Warcraft party, but they really werenít joking about WoW. Iím hooked. With just over 21 days played, I got to level 70 about 2 days ago. It's all i do lately. I feel my social life fading awayÖ. Heed my warning, I fear it may already be to late for me. Be wary of the WoW shaped mmo... Pray for me, friends. May Blizz have mercy on my soulÖ.   read

4:28 AM on 11.07.2008

I never finish anythi

Games. We all play emí, we all spend our hard earned cash on emí Ö.but how many of the games that you buy/play do you actually complete? Personally Iíd say I complete about 5-10% of games I play. (much to my own disappointm...   read

4:44 AM on 05.21.2008

The Games Before Time: Sanitarium

One game I will always remember is a little PC game called ‚ÄúSanitarium‚ÄĚ. Originally released in 1998, The game uses a 3rd person point and click system for exploration. The game features some of the freakiest levels I'...   read

4:15 AM on 05.16.2008

Potential fun slayer : Online Ranking

10 years ago, the thought of a ranking system or a level based experience system in a FPS - let alone online play, was mind-blowing. Today its all to common to see level based ranking systems in games (ala Halo, CoD etc etc...   read

1:33 PM on 05.13.2008

Why I've given up on Wii

It honestly makes me sad to say, but I feel I have officially given up on Wii. But I am no where near giving up on the DS or Nintendo, not by far. I've always loved Nintendo, even though I never actually owned a NES or a ...   read

9:31 AM on 05.12.2008

5 reasons why I miss Halo 2

Yes. i play Halo alot. Without trying to stir things up, these are my reasons that most times i play Halo 3 it just makes me miss its predecessor like that one girlfriend who was totally slutty and would do anything in the s...   read

6:33 AM on 05.12.2008


Shit. I've wanted to blog now for months but couldn't find the right layout, colour (*british) scheme, let alone actually thinking up content to post. But then i realized... NOBODY IS ACTUALLY GOING TO READ THIS AND NOBO...   read

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