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I'm Luke, a 22year old IT technician from Wales, UK. In my spare time i enjoy the odd' Pokemon LARP.

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I would love to make the full transition from Windows XP to Fedora, the only thing holding me back so far is the fact that I still have a few PC games stopping me from switching to Linux completely.

In the past I have had little to no luck with Games in Linux, I managed to get Day Of Defeat running under Wine on my old machine, but the frame rate was too low to actually enjoy the game. I've heard reports of WoW running quite nicely under Wine but haven't tried it myself. I'd expect your system specifications will have a lot to do with how well Windows games would run under a Windows emulation layer.

Most console emulators you will need have already been ported to Linux, which is great. So, not all gaming is lost when Linux is installed. There's also quite a big selection of native Linux games available for download.

I even have the Xbox 360 wired controller running under Linux too.

But I'm talking about the games that are mostly windows only, the big hitters.

I've just had no luck in the past running Windows games in Linux. I have seen videos and stuff of games running seamlessly in Linux, but found myself having little to no luck..

I would love to hear other members experiences using Linux and running games. Have you had any luck? Did you use Wine or the paid alternatives crossover Linux or Cedega? Do you use Linux now as your main operating system and play widows games?

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