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XYU avatar 3:58 AM on 01.27.2009  (server time)
Halo Warz!!

As Halo Wars prepares to launch, I canít help but start to feel excited about a new Halo game. The Halo franchise has always stuck with me, if I had to choose one game to compete in, I would Choose Halo 2/3ÖI think of Halo as ďmyĒ game. Iíve never been as good at many games as I am good at Halo. (My mom tells me Iím good)

My worst fear for Halo Wars is that it falls flat on its face trying to be and feel like a Halo game. I think Ensemble have a major challenge on their hands in this sense.

My main concerns are;

1) I was a little bit sore for a while over the fact that a company other than Bungee would be dipping their fingers in the goodness of the Halo honey jar. Over time Iíve come to just accept that they want to make money out of an established franchise.
2) Also another of my main concerns are the unitsÖI hope to god they donít Pull a Star Wars prequel trilogy and have units that do not make sense or just donít fit in the Halo universe. Or have units that seem more advance than what was around in the other Halo games.
3) Most importantly to me, is the fact that if it doesnít feel like a Halo game then, in my eyes, Ensemble has effectively wasted 2-3years of development.

I still love the Halo franchise. Although I dont spend as much time playing Halo 3 latley as I would like to. Most of you probably donít feel as closely tied to Halo as Iíve found myself over the last few years, I hope some of you are. Either way, Iím sure you donít want to see the Halo name run into the ground by cash-ins and spin offís. After having an awesome trilogy of games which pretty much innovated the way we find and play games online, and also ranking systems (Thank you, Halo 2)

I guess though even if Halo Wars sucks, us Halo fans can at least push it to the side and pretend it doesnít exist, like a Muslim father disowning his recently deflowered daughter.

At the end of the day I want Halo 4...But not nowÖItís too soon. So in a way Iím very glad that at least Halo games are still coming out. At least ODST is made by Bungee, so I feel I can rest easy knowing that the game is in capable hands, and Iím actually really looking forward to ODST, Itís not Halo 4, but at least itís something that feelís ďofficialĒ until we get Halo 4.

Thoughts. Give them to me.

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