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XYU's blog

6:32 AM on 02.06.2009

Linux and gaming – Your Experiences?

I would love to make the full transition from Windows XP to Fedora, the only thing holding me back so far is the fact that I still have a few PC games stopping me from switching to Linux completely. In the past I have had l...   read

9:48 AM on 02.05.2009

Hackers are gay for Halo.

Halo 3 seems to be a magnet to hackers. You always hear about people manipulating the game. It was even a problem in Halo 2, in the form of "Standby-ing" Standby-ing was the act of pressing a “standby” button on your modem...   read

4:28 AM on 02.03.2009

Bale FREAKS OUT on Terminator set - mp3 (NVGR)

Fan of Christian Bale? Check this out. The guy absolutely flips out on the set of Terminator Salvation. I was never the greatest Bale fan although I thought he was amazing in American Psycho..that Welsh-American accent he ...   read

5:16 AM on 02.02.2009

10 things you didn't know about XYU

I'm sure you've all heard the tales and legends of my great victories and accomplishments over the campfire, so here's a few facts you won't find on my Wikipedia entry or my IMDB page: 1 – I smoke way to much weed; So much t...   read

4:00 AM on 02.02.2009

10 Years too late: Pokemon Indigo

When I was 12 or 13 the only thing I gave a shit about was Pokemon, I had to have them all. Back in the late 90’s the majority of kids’ lives were spent watching Pokemon, playing Pokemon and trading Pokemon cards. I was no ...   read

2:41 AM on 01.28.2009

Star Wars goes scary. (NVGR)

There have been many different spin off’s and tie-in’s across all different media when it comes to Star Wars. From books, to comics, to video games, to TV shows and movies. Star Wars is without a doubt one of the most expand...   read

3:58 AM on 01.27.2009

Halo Warz!!

As Halo Wars prepares to launch, I can’t help but start to feel excited about a new Halo game. The Halo franchise has always stuck with me, if I had to choose one game to compete in, I would Choose Halo 2/3…I think of Halo a...   read

5:08 AM on 01.19.2009

MMORPG: Is that all there is?

Recently I left the world of Azeroth, seemingly for good. Part of the reason I choose to leave was I assumed there would be another MMO on-par with WoW in terms of content and overall experience that I could begin to play… ...   read

2:33 AM on 01.16.2009

Warner Bros and Fox settle Watchmen dispute

Given the recent circumstances surrounding the watchmen film, a lot of fans feared that the film they have been waiting so long to see will never reach the light of day. Well Watchmen fans can now rejoice, because accordin...   read

4:04 AM on 01.12.2009

Crayon Physics Deluxe fills my heart with joy

I’d had my eye on Crayon Physics deluxe for a long while. After playing Crayon Physics, I enjoyed the game but it was in no way of “ZOMFG” calibre. Then I got the E-mail from Kloonigames stating “ýCrayon Physics Deluxe is h...   read

5:38 AM on 01.09.2009

Fake? Ghostbusters 3 site sets me up for a fall

Oh how I’ve dreamt of a Ghostbusters 3… I’ll be picking up the new Ghostbusters game for sure. But the movie is what I'm really waiting for. So, First we got word some writers from “The Office” were penning Ghostbusters 3...   read

4:50 AM on 01.08.2009

Fun for free - Cube 2: instaCTF

I don’t know whether the fact I’m advertising a single mode is worth calling this a review, so I won’t. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the game, as I tend to only play instaCTF mode, I’m simply writing this t...   read

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