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Now that that's out of the way, Greetings! My name is Dan.

I (like you) enjoy video games, so hey, we already have something in common... I think we're bonding. Seriously though, gaming is my passion. I've played for a long as I can remember and plan on playing until I die or get a sex life, whichever comes first.

That was a joke.

I play all sorts of genre's, from your generic fps's to spending WHAY too long on mmo's. I'll kick your ass at Fifa. I don't care if you think your console is better than what ever it is you couldn't afford as well and I won't listen to any of your opinions if you're going to insist on typing like an uneducated keyboard warrior.

I'm going to give writing about video games a shot. Its something I've always considered doing but always quickly forgot about and gone back to doing something that requires less brain power.

I don't know if I'm any good and I don't much care, but we'll see how long this lasts lol.

My twitter is @DanCoys, I mostly chat random stuff about games or rant about Spurs.

2:19 PM on 03.07.2012

Lil' FFXI reference in the title there, if you got it then I love you! <3

*clears throat*

I had an interesting discussion with my friend the other evening. We were talking about Mass Effect 3 and I was telling him about how I will end up just putting on my headphones and losing myself in it until its entirely completed, with the exception of KFC and liquid consumption, obviously.

Now this is were I became confused, my friend (lets call him Jeqff) told me that he was unable to become 100% immersed in a game and that no matter what, he was always aware of his surroundings, like a truck outside or idk... something in his room, and all other significantly less important things than playing games. >.>


Why!? I honestly thought before that conversation that everyone was able to just lose themselves in a good video game for a decent amount of time. Sure it has to be gripping in some way, and I wasn't claiming I get immersed in every game I play, but a good RPG... yeah most of the time it happens.

But no, Jeqff cannot. He started asking me things like "So you're telling me you're not aware you're pressing the left trigger to aim and then the right trigger to shoot?"... Well of course if I took the time to stop and admire the miraculous work my opposable thumbs do then yes, I'd notice I'm pressing buttons, but it certainly isn't at the forefront of my mind when I'm attempting to shoot a Batarian right between its 4 eyes.

Anyways, we kept chatting bullshit like we happen to do at 4am until I realized something; thats why he can't play MMO's!

If you know me you'll know I love MMO's. With the risk of sounding terribly sad.. there's something about being in an entirely new world and having the freedom to explore it whilst finding out about its stories, meeting new people and learning its lore along the way. Its magical. I get lost in them, I meet new friends and have a blast, friends that I usually keep playing with long after I've left that mmo behind. All my other friends on the other hand (This includes you Mr. Jeqff) simply like the "idea" of an MMO, the concept appeals to them but then that interest quickly fades. Poor guys.

I was telling Jeqff that when I play an mmo or an rpg and I see an amazing view or a vast open tundra, I will stop and admire that view. I'm sure a lot of you do this, but I don't ever think "this game is beautiful" or "Blizzard sure have done an amazing job here", I think... Wow. this WORLD is beautiful. I'll always remember my first Griffin flight in World of Warcraft, it was stunning. That world felt living and breathing and I was there, I wasn't thinking about what keys I was hitting or why that firetruck just went by outside, I probably never even heard the firetruck in the first place.

He agreed that it was very possible that was the reason he couldn't get into MMO's, because he saw them for what they essentially are, video games, and as much as he tried he couldn't look past that.

I don't know, maybe I'm just a sucker for fantasy, but I'd sure rather be able to get immersed in game worlds than not. I'm in the UK so ME3 isn't released here until Friday, but I know I'll have every single thing done in that game by Sunday evening, just like I did Mass Effect 2. Once I pick it up, I can't put it down!

Then I'll be sad that that I finished it too quick and will have to wait years before another one D:

That conversation just had me wondering how many other people were like Jeqff though, but if you are, I feel for you! SLASHPAT.

This was my first blog and it went from Immersion to my love for mmo's, but who cares, DEAL WITH IT! :O

I'm going to eat some Hula hoops.