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My name's Nic, here are some facts -

I'm growing older all the time. It's getting to the point where it's embarrassing.

I think Dark Souls is a work of art that belongs in a museum. The Royal Ontario Museum disagrees, but I think I'm starting to wear them down.

When I was in grade 5 I went to school as Robin for Halloween. The costume was basically a pair of green lady tights and a tunic that had to be Velcroed at the crotch like a baby's onesie. My self esteem never fully recovered.

I believe Alan Wake was criminally under-appreciated. It's unclear if this notion stems from a legitimate love of the game, or my loyalty to any piece of media that is going to include tracks from Nick Cave, Poe, and Depeche Mode.

Some of my stuff has been front-paged. I'm super proud!

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A few months ago, I held a game giveaway to celebrate my favourite holiday, Halloween.

Now I'm throwing one to celebrate a holiday I have a considerably more complicated relationship with – Valentine's Day.

Valentine's is kind of a shit isn't it? For one, it's an ooey gooey feelgood holiday stuck squarely in the middle of the most dismal and depressing month in the calendar. I don't what February is like for anyone else, but if you live in Ontario Canada, February is the messy hangover of Christmas and New Years. All the awesome lights and displays are gone all the parties are over, but it's still wicked cold. The ice is thick, and all the snow has turned from picturesque white and fluffy stuff to brown mushy shit compacted into the gutters and curbs. It sucks.

Valentine's is also one of the most exclusionary events of the year. Not in a relationship right now? Well, look forward to a month's worth of commercials and products reminding you how lonely and pathetic you are! I'm very fortunate to say I'll be spending this year with my wonderful girlfriend, but I haven't always been so lucky. I've spent plenty of previous Valentine's Days sitting alone, listening to the Afghan Whigs, or Depeche Mode, or some other ridiculously self-serious band, cradling a bottle of cheap gin and wondering where it all went wrong.

But you know what always soothed my soul? Videogames.

This year, instead of griping about all my perceived issues with Valentine's Day and wallowing in my Holden Caulfield level of generalized angst over how "phoney" it is, I want to focus on the positive. This is a season to celebrate love after all. So why don't I share what I love with you?

I love indie games, and I love Destructoid, and I think it's about time those two crazy kids got together.

So here's the deal – I'm giving away a pack of some of my favourite indie games on Steam to one lucky winner, but to enter the draw, I want something in return. I want you to tell me about a game you really LOVE in the comments below. Is there a game you just can't quit? A childhood side-scrolling sweetheart? Have you had a torrid love/hate affair with a fighting game? Or are you like me, and just happily married to Dark Souls?

Tell me a game you LOVE, and I'll put your name in the hat. You have until midnight on Valentines to enter and I'll announce the winner next Monday!

The games up for grabs -

Rogue Legacy -

I absolutely adore Rogue Legacy. Of all the brutal roguelikes I've played in the past few years, Rogue Legacy has by far the best sense of humour about it. Over the course of making it to New Game++ and uncovering every item, I learned to fall in love with the Rogue family, quirks and all.

Papers, Please

It's a grim world in Papers, Please. Oppressive, grey, and grinding. The perfect fit for February. But remember, no matter how bad the daily grind on the border gets, you're doing it for your family. That's real love comrade.


They say in space, nobody can hear you scream. But can they hear you love? (I know, I'm stretching to make FTL fit the theme. Check back next year when I can use Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime instead.)


Bastion plays it smooth at first, but by the end of the game, it will be tugging at your heartstrings. I get chills thinking about that last sequence and the music that plays – do it for love kid.

Risk of Rain

Sometimes love isn't about relationships, or even people. Sometimes love is about getting the perfect item drop and finally having a chance at beating this impossible as hell game.

Gone Home

A love story in every sense. Gone Home will take you on a journey that explores the bonding love of family, the fiery passion of youth, and a deep affection for a bygone era. Definitely the right kind of game for the season.

All of these games will go to one lucky winner! As always, please don't worry if you already have some of these or feel like you might not play some of them. If you win, you are free to trade em, gift em, or raffle them away in your own contest as you please!

Happy Valentine's Dtoid!
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