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Nic Rowen avatar 1:04 PM on 11.29.2013  (server time)
Win XCOM: Enemy Unknown! Donate your body to science

As you might know from the review I wrote last Monday, I am a BIG fan of XCOM: Enemy Within. I thought it was one of the best games I've played this year.

And now I want to spread the alien blasting love.

That's why I'm giving you the chance at a FREE copy of the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam! There's a catch though – you have to be willing to take one for the team.

The Shadow Council needs YOU in the war against the aliens. I want to field an army of Dtoid super-soldiers in my next game of XCOM: Enemy Within. I'll be running on Classic difficulty with Ironman turned on, so the likelihood of catastrophic casualties will be high. I need warm bod- er, I need enthusiastic volunteers to keep our numbers up.

To enter, you need to volunteer for my squad in the comments below! Tell me your preferred XCOM name and nickname (some variation on your Dtoid handle is great, you don't need to reveal your real name to the internet), and your favourite alien, or type of alien, from any game, movie, or book.

That's it! I'll randomly draw one soldier from the comments and announce a winner next Tuesday!

Afterwards, I'll play through the game and let you know how we all did in a future blog post. Will our crack team of Dtoid veterans save the world? Or has a lifetime of videogames left us unprepared for the rigours of combat? Or will I just mis-click and accidentally send a rocket into our own foxhole?

I can't promise if you'll be in the squad, or even have your preferred gender. With every new recruit in the game, I'll roll a random name from the pool of volunteers, so squad selection will be a crapshoot. However, I can all but guarantee that I'll get several of you killed - and probably single out one or two "lucky" volunteers  to have their limbs chopped off and stuff what's left of their torso into a robotic coffin.

The things we do for free videogames.

(As always, please make sure you have, or are willing to make, a Steam account so you can claim the prize if you win. And of course, I don't care if you already own the game, ENTER ANYWAY – you are always free to trade it, gift it, or use it for your own contest!)

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