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Woverine's blog

1:19 PM on 02.28.2011

RIP :(

I had sent this as a tip and also figured it would have already popped up by now but maybe it's not as important as I had thought to everyone (IE non achievement whores) I really have nothing to add to the story he does a pretty good job at summing it up. Now what are we going to do for our forum sigs?!?! RIP.   read

1:06 PM on 10.14.2010

Gran Turismo 5 is the new Duke Nukem Forever...

Yep, looks like it has been delayed... AGAIN! This game is never coming out people! It's all an elaborate hoax. also, forza. "We can confirm that Gran Turismo 5 will not be available this November 2nd, but the ga...   read

12:34 PM on 03.19.2010

Games you would review like Jim Sterling (aka: popular games you hate)

So after all this review controversy (for the record, AC2 and FF13 deserve better scores) and after reading Jim's post about being a reviewer I got to thinking... what games would I be called a troll for if I had to review...   read

2:34 PM on 01.16.2010

Put on your radiation suits boys...

Cus I just got my first nuke in COD (PC) :) I had never really cared about nuke until I actually got enough kills and didn't have it equipped. I used to have UAV, Harrier, and Pave low and was happy with that. But now I ch...   read

2:55 AM on 11.11.2009

Modern Warfare 2's PC Online is awesome!

Good move guys!   read

1:28 AM on 07.16.2009

Prepare to get pissed...C&C 4 requires you to be online 24/7.

hey guys just read this and though it was pretty ridiculous. Apparently in order to play Command and Conquer 4 you have to be connected to the internet at all times.... even for single player. FTA: "As of right now, you need...   read

3:38 AM on 06.16.2009

A challenger appears! (prototype vs infamous)

Just found this on digg. The debate continues! I hate infamous because I don't have a ps3. p.s xbox 360 is getting final fantasy.   read

12:43 AM on 04.28.2009

The Konami Code Makes Magical!

(Stolen from digg) If you enter the konami code on the espn site.. you get lots of pretty little unicorns! AWESOME! It's been fixed now but google cache has it.   read

1:08 AM on 04.19.2009

Referb 360 pro on woot tonight. $140

Hey guys just thought I would let everyone know woot has a referb xbox 360 pro for 139.99 plus 5 bucks shipping. Pretty good deal even for a refurb. It's an HDMI version with a 20 gig hard drive and wireless controller. Get on this people! Xbox is the shiiiit. p.s don't you dare turn this into a comment war about red ring errors.. i will kill you.   read

3:48 PM on 01.27.2009

Well, It's official, xbox wins.

So I never though it would happen... but the other day.... it did So I went over to my friends house the other day because he just got a new ps3 and wanted me to try out LBP so I went over there. Now, before I go on... let...   read

4:01 PM on 01.10.2009

Frogger is stupid.

So I just got a new cell phone the other day and it came with a free demo of Frogger. I had never really gotten into it but I was bored so I started to play it. This game sucks. It makes absolutely no sense you play as a fr...   read

12:23 PM on 11.21.2008

Something that has been bugging me about the mirrors edge ad... couldn't figure out how to embed but I'm sure you have all seen this. Ok right in the beginning.. shes looking at her reflection in the building and then all of a sudden..... a bul...   read

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