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Woody1988 avatar 11:38 AM on 08.04.2011  (server time)

Nintendo aren't everybodies best friends at the minute. The U.S. not getting The Last Story and Xenoblade, a reason why a huge amount of U.S. Wii users would be willing to dust of their remotes again and the 3DS taking its bloody time to release the huge amounts of insa-buys that we know are being made, but are just not coming soon enough.

Well, i thought that Nintendo would be happy to hear something positive right now.

I'll begin by saying that we know that the Wii is a love it or hate it console, but we do have something to thank them for. That "something" is a little game called Wii Sports.

I know, i know how could something so simple be worthy of a thankyou? Well when the wii first came out, people were very curious to see what this technology was and although not new and revolutionary, it wasn't exactly well known. People saw this and was curious and therefore the big N sold no end of the small little white boxes.

Wii Sports however was just the start. Peoples minds then saw there was more to gaming than swinging a control around. They later discovered a great first person shooter called Halo 3. People put no end of hours of gaming into that game and xbox live subscriptions shot through the roof. After a while people started getting bored, wanting something else and thus came the new big craze that is Call of Duty.

Call of Duty has been pretty much the biggest game series of the past few years and Modern Warfare 3 looks like it will continue the craze.

Nowadays, however, it's not just Call of Duty. People are massively extending their choice of games and now play many things that are completely different. A couple of examples being Batman: Arkham Asylum and Red Dead: Redemption.

Now im not saying Nintendo are entirely responsible for gaming becoming alot more sociable and not being frowned upon as much, but i think it is quite fair to say that they definately played their part, i mean hey, even old people play nintendo these days. We wouldn't be saying that 20 years ago.

The Wii may not be everybodies favourite console, but indeed Nintendo's mission to make gaming appeal to a wider audience has definately been successful. On that note, i say THANKYOU NINTENDO!

What do you think? You agree or do you think i'm talking out of my rear end? Im interested so tell me!!!!!!

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