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Wodashin avatar 3:54 PM on 11.28.2011  (server time)
Tales from Skyrim: A Step Ahead

Now, as a disclaimer, this story centers around the final mission of the Dark Brotherhood questline. I will be as vague as possible, but I really recommend you play through the questline. So, with that out of the way, this story is going to be short. I can't believe this happened, and it's truly just insane.

So, for your final mission for the Dark Brotherhood, you are sent to murder a person of interest who is surrounded by heavy security, in the middle of the sea. My character, being the Assassin type he is, is fit for the job. So, I take my steed and ride off to [CENSORED], make my way to the coast on foot, and swim out to the boat. I find the anchor and pull myself on board. Simple Enough.

Once aboard, the security is tight. I stick to the shadows, and use my x30 damage from daggers to my make quick work of all the enemies I come across. Dragging their bodies into the shadows for kicks. Killing people mid-conversation, with the stereotypical, "MUST'VE BEEN THE WIND!" reaction from the guards. Smooth sailing.

Multiple guards later, I make my way outside of my quarry's chambers. He shall embrace The Void soon enough... So, I enter the room, hoping for a memorable kill. As per usual, I speak to the victim before they die. In this case, it's a forced conversation anyways. But, wait... Something's off...

"I see you've come. I've been expecti-"


That was the sound of two bandits, murdering my prey. In front of me. Somehow, two bandits made it onto the ship, infiltrated really, and made it to the quarters of this person before I did. And they murdered them in front of me. Somehow. Somehow these morons made it here.

Next, there was screaming. Blood. The clang of weaponry. Not my weaponry mind you, it was the bandits again. They were killing each other... For no reason. I don't have Illusion magic! What's going on! I'm supposing it was some sort of suicide pact. Something. I really need to rationalize what happened.

And so, my name goes on into the annals of Tamriel's history, the man who was able to kill [CENSORED]. Though the distinction truly belongs to these nameless, homicidal, suicidal bandits who were, somehow, a step ahead of me.

Tl;Dr: Bethesda, why u put random events in my important quests?

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