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Wobachuki's blog

10:08 AM on 03.05.2008

PP Watch party

Yeah, I know the title sounds like something that would be posted under the casual encounters section of Craig's list involving somebody aptly named Notapriest53 buuuut it made me giggle. With episode 16 comming up I was won...   read

9:31 AM on 03.05.2008

Bioshock 2 + Ben Mauro = <3

Thanks to Lowkey's blog pointing out this kickass art I was able to do a bit of digging to try and find the artist responsible for those amazing images. If you're like me and when you see something this slick you feel the u...   read

8:36 AM on 03.03.2008

I-Ninja says a barrel roll?

Well, having passed on picking up Persona 3 when it dropped I've been half-heartedly trying to locate a copy around the OKC area shops. This search has proved to be more futile than Princess Peach getting a restraining order ...   read

10:17 AM on 02.21.2008

Presidential Candidates and Gaming

This is slightly old news, but I think it's important to keep tabs on where these front runners stand in regards to regulating new media, specifically our precious vidjaamez. Common Sense Media had invited some of the more n...   read

8:22 AM on 01.08.2008

I blame Jesus.

::Rant disclaimer:: After being reminded of Shawn Woolley via the story this morning I decided to try and dig up a bit of truth behind him and his struggle. I won't get into the details of Shawn and his mother working toget...   read

3:38 PM on 11.28.2007

What games will my son play?

Eh, I couldn't think of a decent title so that'll do. Being an avid gamer that's recently become a father has made me think back to my first video game experiences. Some of my best memories, gaming or otherwise, are of me a...   read

2:40 PM on 11.27.2007

PC vrs 360 vrs PS3 vrs Wii Mini Rant

This is really late to the game but seeing some of the comments in the ever expanding velocitymicro contest post made me realize there are people out there still holding fast to the one platform/brand they deem as superior. ...   read

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