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6:30 PM on 12.22.2008

Hey, I know I've been gone for months now, but can someone unban me from the vent server?

My pc doesn't suck as bad anymore and i kinda want to play tf2 with you guiz.

So please unban me and tell charlie not to be a dick and ban me again.   read

12:03 PM on 06.07.2008

The start of the affair: Time Splitters 2

Ah the Gamecube. A purple little box with a handle so you could easily carry it around. I had some fun times with my little friend. Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, SSBM, Super Mario Sunshine, but there was one game that made me love First Person Shooters for the rest of time, Time Splitters 2.

I would spend countless hours playing the multi-player mode by myself with the hardest bots on the opposite team, and the most retarded ones(note: Nameless Ted) on my team. I had so much fun running up and down levels playing Capture the Bag for hours on end. I couldn't get enough of it. For an FPS on the Gamecube, the rewards were phenomenal! All of the challenges and characters to unlock kept me going for months on end! The insane difficulty of the single player on hard mode made me want to throw my controller in rage, but I still played them, over, and over, and over.

Speaking of the single player, how about the writing, huh? Fucking outstanding! The only game that has funnier writing, and you all will agree, is Portal. But god, I would laugh and laugh at the cut scenes in between the missions, and then I'd be pumped to kick some major ass afterwards.

An old game which I wish I could still play today, but sadly, I can not. My Gamecube's lid has been glued shut(thanks to how much of a cunt my sister is), and my game was sold many days ago. But I still think about TS2, I still remember the great times I had playing through it over and over and over again. If you can find yourself a copy of it in a bargain bin, pick it up. You can probably find the PS2 version, so grab a copy for about 5 or 6 bucks. You'll enjoy it, I guarantee it.

Note* photo courtesy of   read

10:39 PM on 12.15.2007

How to be a useful spy in TF2!

Yeah, I know. I get really lucky at points in the video, and the double punch glitch only works on the 360, but you'll all get the gist of this.   read

3:44 AM on 11.25.2007

Oh really?


10:03 PM on 11.18.2007

AWWW DUDE(Added: Unban me from the vent, k thx)


10:48 PM on 11.11.2007


Feh, SEMENtics   read

6:37 PM on 10.10.2007

What the FUCK! Why is EBGames such total shit?

Hooray, October 10, the day of orange box.

Im so glad i bought it twice, once for the pc, and for the 360. See, the problom with my 360 version is that i have no clue when the hell im gonna get it. Ebgames SPECIFICALLY said that they would start overnighting orange box on the 9th to people who pre-ordered.

This is what their website says for my recent orders now.

Why EB, WHY.   read

1:56 AM on 09.27.2007

"Believe" this bullshit, AKA, Microsofts Genius PR Scheme that has nothing to do with Halo 3.


Believe that, near completion of the game, you battle Two, to Three hundred brutes, with 50 to 100 marines behind you.

Believe that, instead of another cliff hanger "We'll just let you figure it out" ending, you'll actually know what happens, whether the Chief dies or not.

Believe that, a game, which I have literally spent the last year masturbating over, will be the utmost perfect game of all time.

This is what I thought that Bungie and Microsoft meant when they played these Believe adds. When they showed the Diorama, when they let stores like 7-11 give out pre-orders.

No, of course not. I can not believe that playing the game on easy(just to get back into the swing of things, I haven't played Halo since the beta, so I was very rusty) will be completed in less then 8 hours.

I Killed everything in sight.

It took me 6 hours.

Bungie, this problem was addressed for halo 2. We believed that you wouldn't make the game as short as possible. We believed that you would make the single player campaign worth the money. Sure, multiplayer is great, but a deep, rich single player is more important then how many hours i log into live.   read

1:50 AM on 09.27.2007

ITCB: WmV finally buys a Nintendo DS, then sells it to buy Halo's.

Microsoft owns my ass.

Also Ron Workman.   read

10:54 PM on 09.19.2007

ITCB: WmV finally buys a Nintendo DS

Kill self, Y/N/DIF   read

11:30 AM on 08.03.2007

Gmod 10 Update realeased. I came.

You can view my shitty rushed video right here.

Though the finger poser isn't the best part of the new update, it is the one part that made me squeal in pleasure. Here is a full list of changes to gmod 10.

[i][Add] Finger Poser
[Add] Trails Tool
[Add] Lightbulb Tool
[Add] Camera Tracking. Press USE when looking at an object with the camera.
[Add] Camera Roll. Move the mouse sideways while holding RMB to roll.
[Add] Convar: physgun_rotation_sensitivity (default 0.1)
[Add] lua_redownload - Forces a Lua reconnect for all clients.
[Add] Lua will now condump on critical error
[Add] Tools list now collapsable
[Add] tool_* console commands to activate tools
[Add] PostProcess overlay now shows thumbnails
[Add] 'Sun Size' option to sunbeams
[Add] Notification when kicked due to different scripts
[Add] Lamps can now be toggled on and off
[Add] More materials

[Change] Double pressing reload with the physgun now unfreezes all props
[Change] Single pressing reload with the physgun now unfreezes the prop you're looking at and all entities constrained to it
[Change] Prevented addons from adding [tags] to the game description
[Change] Increased elastic constraint limits
[Change] Forced mouse filtering on (for rotating, camera zooming)
[Change] gamemode_reload, swep_reload and sent_reload no longer need sv_cheats 1 for server admins
[Change] r_DrawDetailProps is no longer a cheat
[Change] Divided options tab into categories

[Fixed] Weapons having no lag compensation
[Fixed] Crash when making wheels with 0 torque then changing their torque
[Fixed] Crash with incorrectly defined context menu comboboxes
[Fixed] Particles sometimes not moving
[Fixed] Possible Freezing due to NaN numbers from Lua
[Fixed] Particle distance alpha not fading properly
[Fixed] lua_run_cl needing quotes
[Fixed] Crash with npc_sniper
[Fixed] Timing errors when making timers in predicted clientside functions
[Fixed] SWEPS misbehaving with pings > 100
[Fixed] Prevented crashing when too many Lua Effects
[Fixed] Prevented crashing when too many Lua Particle Emitters
[Fixed] Trying to show empty tooltips
[Fixed] Jagged camera movement when zoomed all the way in
[Fixed] Ragdoll spazzing when recording demos
[Fixed] Invalid paths getting added to the searchpaths
[Fixed] Rare crash when being kicked from Script Enforce'd servers
[Fixed] Misc VPhysics crashes
[Fixed] Cameras not getting cleaned up
[Fixed] Crash starting d1_town_03 in multiplayer
[Fixed] Crash starting d1_canals_01a in multiplayer
[Fixed] Search path orders getting messed up, resulting in slow load times/missing sounds/switched textures
[Fixed] Menus sometimes not closing when closing the spawnmenu/context menu
[Fixed] Lua File cache sometimes reloading unchanged files

[Lua] Infinite Loop protection
[Lua] ENTITY:SkinCount() (returns int)
[Lua] Added util.PointContents( int )
[Lua] Added GAMEMODE:SetupPlayerVisibility( player )
[Lua] Added AddOriginToPVS( vector )
[Lua] Added Error( text )
[Lua] Fixed pod returning false to IsVehicle()
[Lua] Added LerpAngle( float, angle, angle )
[Lua] Added LerpVector( float, vec, vec )
[Lua] Added PANEL:PaintManual()
[Lua] Added PANEL:SetPaintedManually( bool )
[Lua] Added PANEL:RequestFocus()
[Lua] No longer need to call ParticleEmitter:Finish()
[Lua] Added SWEP:DrawWorldModel()
[Lua] Added ParticleEmitter:SetNearClip( float, float )
[Lua] Added ParticleEmitter:SetParticleCullRadius( float )
[Lua] Added Player:DropNamedWeapon( string )
[Lua] Added Player:DropWeapon( Weapon )
[Lua] Added SWEP:Equip( owner )
[Lua] Added SWEP:OnDrop()
[Lua] Added render.StartMaterialOverride( material )
[Lua] Added Player:GetRagdollEntity()
[Lua] Added Player:RemoveAllAmmo()
[Lua] Added Player:SetAmmo( ammoid, count )
[Lua] Added Player:TraceHullAttack( vecStart, vecEnd, vecMin, vecMax, damage, damagetype, forcescale ) - returns hurt entity
[Lua] Added Player:SetUnDuckSpeed( time )
[Lua] Added Player:SetDuckSpeed( time )
[Lua] Added Player:SetRunSpeed( speed )
[Lua] Added Player:SetWalkSpeed( speed )
[Lua] Added Player:SetCrouchedWalkSpeed( multiplier )
[Lua] FireBullets table now accepts a 'HullSize' int key (if over 0 defines the hull size of the bullet)
[Lua] Added GAMEMODE:GetCrouchTime( Player, bDuckJump, Ducking )
[Lua] Player:TakeDamage moved to Entity:TakeDamage
[Lua] Updated Lua to 5.1.2
[Lua] Added GAMEMODE:CanPlayerEnterVehicle( player, vehicle, role )
[Lua] Added GAMEMODE:PlayerEnteredVehicle( player, vehicle, role )
[Lua] Added global GAMEMODE_NAME
[Lua] Particle:SetLifeTime() now accepts negative values for delayed spawning
[Lua] Added >>, <<, |, & operators
[Lua] Added CSoundPatch:SetSoundLevel( level )
[Lua] Added DynamicLight( _int_ ) returns a dynamiclight object.
[Lua] Added Player:SetDSP( effectid, bQuickreset )
[Lua] Added GAMEMODE:OnDamagedByExplosion( ply, dmginfo )
[Lua] Fixed tracer effects getting a bad startpos
[Lua] GAMEMODE:EntityTakeDamage is now called for players too
[Lua] Added Panel:GetCaretPos()
[Lua] Added Panel:SetCaretPos( int )
[Lua] Added Entity:Visible( ent ) ( returns true if entity can see ent )
[Lua] Added Entity:VisibleVec( vec ) ( returns true if entity can see vec )
[Lua] Added NPC:SetHullType( hulltype )
[Lua] Added NPC:SetHullType()
[Lua] Added NPC:SetHullSizeNormal()
[Lua] Added NPC:CapabilitiesClear()
[Lua] Added NPC:CapabilitiesAdd( int )
[Lua] Added NPC:CapabilitiesRemove( int )
[Lua] Added NPC:CapabilitiesGet()
[Lua] Added NPC:TaskComplete()
[Lua] Added NPC:TaskFail( string )
[Lua] Added NPC:RemoveMemory()
[Lua] Added NPC:ClearSchedule()
[Lua] Added NPC:IsCurrentSchedule( Schedule ) (returns bool)
[Lua] Added PrecacheScene( string )
[Lua] Added NPC:UpdateEnemyMemory( entity, pos )
[Lua] Added NPC:SetExpression( string )
[Lua] Added NPC:ClearExpression()
[Lua] Added NPC:GetExpression() (returns string)
[Lua] Added GetTaskID( string ) (returns int or nil)
[Lua] Added NPC:UpdateEnemyMemory( entity, pos )
[Lua] Added NPC:SetExpression( string )
[Lua] Added NPC:ClearExpression()
[Lua] Added NPC:GetExpression() (returns string)
[Lua] Added NPC:StartEngineTask( id, data )
[Lua] Added NPC:RunEngineTask( id, data )
[Lua] Added NPC:GetNPCState()
[Lua] Added NPC:SetNPCState( state )
[Lua] Added NPC:MaintainActivity()
[Lua] Added Entity:SequenceDuration()
[Lua] Added NPC:ConditionName( int )
[Lua] Added NPC:ClearCondition( int )
[Lua] Added NPC:HasCondition( int )
[Lua] Added NPC:SetCondition( int )
[Lua] Added NPC:Classify()
[Lua] Added NPC:NavSetGoalTarget( ent, vec )
[Lua] Added NPC:NavSetRandomGoal( fMinDist, vecDir )
[Lua] Added NPC:NavSetGoal( vec )
[Lua] Added NPC:NavSetWanderGoal( fMinDist, fMaxDist )
[Lua] Added NPC:GetMovementActivity()
[Lua] Added NPC:SetMovementActivity( ACT_RUN etc )
[Lua] Added NPC:GetMovementSequence()
[Lua] Added NPC:SetMovementSequence( int )
[Lua] Added NPC:GetArrivalActivity()
[Lua] Added NPC:SetArrivalActivity( ACT_RUN etc )
[Lua] Added NPC:GetArrivalSequence()
[Lua] Added NPC:SetArrivalSequence( int )
[Lua] Added NPC:SetArrivalDirection( vec )
[Lua] Added NPC:SetArrivalDistance( flt )
[Lua] Added NPC:SetArrivalSpeed( flt )
[Lua] Added NPC:GetPathDistanceToGoal()
[Lua] Added NPC:GetPathTimeToGoal()
[Lua] Added NPC:ClearGoal()
[Lua] Added NPC:StopMoving()
[Lua] Added NPC:SetMaxRouteRebuildTime( fl )
[Lua] Added NPC:Give( weaponname )
[Lua] Added Entity:SetRenderAngles( ang ) (clientside)
[Lua] Added Entity:GetRenderAngles( ang ) (clientside)
[Lua] Added Entity:SetRenderOrigin( vec ) (clientside)
[Lua] Added Entity:GetRenderOrigin( vec ) (clientside)
[Lua] Added SuppressHostEvents( player )
[Lua] Added UnPredictedCurTime()
[Lua] Added IsFirstTimePredicted()
[Lua] Entity:SetParent( ent, attachmentid )
[Lua] Added Panel:SetContentAlignment( int )
[Lua] Added table.SortByMember( Table, MemberName, bAsc )
[Lua] Added GAMEMODE:AdjustMouseSensitivity()
[Lua] Added SWEP:AdjustMouseSensitivity()
[Lua] Added SWEP:NPCShoot_Primary( ShootPos, ShootDir )
[Lua] Added SWEP:NPCShoot_Secondary( ShootPos, ShootDir )
[Lua] Added SWEP:GetCapabilities()
[Lua] Fixed crash when giving surface.GetTextSize a NULL string
[Lua] Added GAMEMODE:SpawnMenuEnabled()
[Lua] GAMEMODE:GravGunPunt now gets called when punting held objects
[Lua] Added util.SpriteTrail( Entity, iAttachmentID, Color, bAdditive, fStartWidth, fEndWidth, fLifetime, fTextureRes, strTexture )
[Lua] Added scripted AI base
[Lua] Added OrderVectors( v1, v2 ) (makes min/max vectors)
[Lua] Fixed crash when using ents.FindInBox() with invalid box
[Lua] Added PANEL:SetTextInset( int, int )
[Lua] Added PANEL:SetPaintBorderEnabled( b )
[Lua] Added PANEL:SetPaintBackgroundEnabled( b )
[Lua] Added PANEL:CursorPos()
[Lua] Added healthleft, healthtaken to GM:PlayerHurt
[Lua] Fixed attacker being NULL in GM:PlayerHurt
[Lua] Fixed GM:ScalePlayerDamage not being called
[Lua] Added DamageInfo:IsDamageType( int )
[Lua] Added PANEL:MoveToFront()
[Lua] Added PANEL:IsMultiline()
[Lua] Added PANEL:DrawTextEntryText( col, col, col )
[Lua] Added PANEL:FocusNext()
[Lua] Added PANEL:FocusPrevious()
[Lua] Added PANEL:SetFocusTopLevel( bool )
[Lua] Added PANEL:SetTabPosition( int )
[Lua] Added GAMEMODE:PreDrawSkybox() (return true to not draw default skybox)
[Lua] Added GAMEMODE:PostDrawSkybox()
[Lua] Added Entity:DispatchTraceAttack( dmginfo, startpos, endpos )
[Lua] Added Panel:SetTooltip( text )
[Lua] Added CreateMaterial( name, shader, params )[/i]

For the entire post, go to


10:41 PM on 08.02.2007

Psp Lite leaked feature.

The new psp lite will not only be able to play normal psp games on your tv, but now you will finally be able to play super Nintendo games on your TV. Super Nintendo Games. I can finally play some of the best games ever made on my television.

Via Sony   read

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