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WinterSin's blog

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WinterSin avatar 9:47 PM on 04.17.2011  (server time)
Hi, I'm new (updated)

Hey, My name is Niki, but my alias/nickname is WinterSin (Occasionally spelled "WinterSinn" due to site errors or whatever).Some know me as Winter, some as Skyfire, others as Mother's all random. I have several other names on various sites but we'll stick to WinterSin or Skyfire for simplicity reasons. Due to the mass spamming of people asking more about myself, guess I'll oblige to say.

Alright, so yeah, I'm a girl, and I game. I've been gaming since...I'm going to say around five or six years old. I always looked up to my brother and wanted to be just like him - so one fine day I took the SNES and plugged it into the television, beginning a huge part of my life there. Super Mario World, the first game I played, led into my gaming hobby. For a while I only played platform jumpers, more specifically retro Mario and Sonic, but in recent months I've decided to step up my game and try to play a wider variety of games. I like most games - ranging from the simplistic Kirby games, like Kirby Super Star, to harder, more complex games like Assassin's Creed. (which I still have yet to play)

I also am not a full time gamer - sure I'm a hardcore gamer, but not all the time. I draw, as pointed out by Beyamor, sometimes not things I particularly like, but I draw. Usually Anime, but I also draw fanart, original characters, fursona's, portraits, etc. I'm pretty versitle, but I won't touch automobiles or mechs -- they're wayyyyy too complicated for me. I want to learn to paint 'realistically' on photshop someday. You can find my work over at, as well as a few other places, at I also write sometimes, occasionally sculpt and I do photography, but both are relatively small factors. I still enjoy doing both. Here's a sample of a drawing - I chose this drawing of Bowser because it's video game related and it still remains one of my favorite pieces.

I am a total music junkie. My favorite genre is Metal - my top 6 being (in no order) Skyfire, Tracedawn, Scar Symmetry, Divine Heresy, Hearse, and The Faceless. If you haven't heard them, go, before I dismantle your limbs, burn you alive, rip out your intestines, drip a candle on your raw flesh, and-- I mean, uhh, scold you for not knowing such amazing talent! :D

So maybe a little more about my personality... somewhat depends on the day of the week-- or rather just my mood. 99% of the time, I'm very kind, headstrong, lovable, fun sized headbanger who just loves having a good time with friends and [most] family. The only times you'll get on my bad side is if you give me a good reason to distrust you. If you cross me once, I will warn you - it is extremely difficult to make it back on my good side, and may take possibly even years to replenish a broken bond. Due to my past, I do have some trust issues, but as long as your cool to me, I'll trust you. From face value, I give this - I'll give you enough trust to try to make a bond with you. If you screw up, that trust will be revoked and you may or may not see me again depending on the severity of your offense. Many things keep me from functioning 'normally' when I'm in an upset state, but as I said, it's occasional to see me distraught unless things are really going sideways. I do like meeting new people, so feel free to chat with me. However guys and girls, I'm happily taken in my relationship - so no ideas! ;)

This last one goes for TriplZer0 - my favorite pizza topping is the 'Hawaiian' styled pizza: "Canadian Bacon", Pineapple, sausage, and cheese! It's quite delicious. So is Russian chocolate...and chinese food...and...a lot of food. (in case you can't tell, I like food~ :3)

Anyways, I look forward to posting reviews about games. I'll post reviews for pretty much about any game that exists that I've played, or games that are new and I've tried, etc - so don't expect the same exact things all the time. :)

-Skyfire "WinterSin"

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