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12:28 AM on 07.07.2012

Alive but busy

Hello fellow Gamers.

I've had literally nothing BUT a busy schedule and have been out of my mind since school got out. Since I last posted, here's a short synopsis of what I've accomplished (or working on)

- I finished out high school. It's been a stupidly rigorous school year but alas it came to a close. Soon I will go to college but that will not be until spring or next fall.

- I got a job at Target. It's a full time job that will eat 99% of my time and the other 1% is usually invested toward commission work. I want to start building a portfolio for character designs. I'm still trying my best to get money to move in with Regnier, but money's no easy thing.

- I'm beginning to expand my hobbies. I'm going to learn to sew, also I'm learning to make jewelry and I will try my hand at sculpting (not circles and squared, I mean 500$ worth sculptures) I really would like to learn to make pushes and sell them, and later on, cosplay outfits.

- My home situation is not better nor worse, just kind of exists. My dad is still a sick twisted soul, still a jackass among other things. Regardless, he is sick and I acknowledge that, but there is no hope of me helping him. He has brought this entirely on himself and will slowly kill himself.

- Been trying to sell some extra items I have laying around (Trading cards, books, clothes, plushes) and it's also been difficult trying to get those out...I still have most of everything.

And that's really about it. I've gotten these games since last post:

- Kid Icarus: Uprising
- Kirby Return To Dreamland
- Skyrim
- Zelda: Skyward Sword
- Zelda OOT 3DS -beat the classic mode, on master quest now-
- Pokemon Black
- Asura's Wrath
- Tales of Vesparia
- ICO & Shadow of The Colossus Dual Pack
- Mario Party 9
- Pikmin 2
- Colors 3D (3DS App)
- AC: Revelations
- Mass Effect 3
- Mario 3D Land
- Starfox 64 3D

A good deal of them I have not touched or just have not had the time to finish. I get busy easy. Soon I'll make a list of all the titles that I have pending to finish, as well as a que of what I will play and what I have played. Share a bit of my gaming experience. I dunno. Anyways, I just wanted to post and let you know I am alive, still gaming, though just...not as much as I used to.

Let me know if there are any games I *really* need to get/play because I have NOT kept up with the times. I've been locked in a closet with heroine spiders. Lots of em'...kay' maybe not, but still -- titles really worth the bit of cash I /can/ spend, send it my way.

[edit] Also, are there games that are just so bad I should not buy it under any circumstances?

Game on.

PS - This has been me because I've been busy. But not anymore!


12:32 AM on 04.29.2011

Aaamaazing: A Superstar in the Making

We all know when we are younger, it's quite easy to be amused and to fall in love with something. We are still exploring the world, finding ourselves out, and the many things around us. As a child, I was fearful of many things, sometimes the most subtle things, or things next to impossible. I stuck to my favorite games, playing only the platform jumpers, day in and day out. Soon, this feeling of ambition began lurking inside of me - it was boredom, as I was beginning to find out playing the same exact game. Beating it 20 times to uncover an end you already know by heart became less interesting to me, and I wished to feed my hungry ambitions. Not long before, I found a strong fascination with a very familiar and classic title - Paper Mario. It was just about the only non-platformer game I had played in my entire gaming history...however, when I was a kid, I wanted to show my brother I could be just as good of a gamer as I copied his levels. (There, I said my stupid childhood moment, I hope you're all happy lol) I loved this game so much. Not just because it was 'Super Mario' and that it starred my favorite villain of all time, but because it was a RPG. I always wanted to live up to the challenge of being an equal opponent to my brother, to be seen as sisterly amongst the tribe of gamers across the globe. When I finally came to the realization that copying other people's levels didn't qualify me as having 'beat the game', I decided to really live up to the challenge. I finally received the game on christmas day of 2004. The look in my eyes was more than just another excited child, I was absolutely ecstatic about having obtained this. Why? Because it was something new to play with. After we had finished opening our presents, I wanted to play this new game. I quickly walked over to place the new disc from out of the plastic, into the console. I took a few steps right, opened the cabinet, grabbed my memory card and controller, hastefully walking back over to the television, plugging them in, and getting my game on. The G rolls by, the creator's names roll by, soon showing the opening sequence to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. A book encases the screen.

The music caresses my ears, I felt almost like I was in another world. Instantly, I became drawn into the storyline. "Ahem! Today...I'm going to tell you the story of the Thousand Year Door." My eyes and body draw in towards the screen, sitting on the edge of the couch. It continues.

An awfully long time ago...In a strange and far-off land, a big, bustling town thrived. It was a town where all people lived very happy lives. And it was said that the town was very prosperous. But one day... tragedy befell this blessed place. A great cataclysm struck the town and its people. Darkness filled the skies, and the earth roared and shook. It was as if the very world had come to a violent end. And in but a single night...The town sank into the depths of the earth...Many moons rose and set...Stories of the town passed into the pages of fairy tales...And when the town's site no longer held relics of its past...

People gathered at that spot and built a new town. But word soon spread among the people who moved in...That an ancient city lay deep underground...And that a magnificent treasure rested there. Indeed...This is the tale of the fabled treasure of Rogueport. Yes, this is where it begins, in the sea town of Rogueport, the tale of the quest for the legendary treasure...And the Thousand-Year Door... starts here. From the book, the screen dives in the last image, and brings it to life and color. Peach sees a box she likes, and she obtains it. The box shows a magnificent light, and...curtain. As I stare somewhat blankly at the screen, I remember hearing the tune as I watched a curtain cross the screen. Next thing I know, the title appears across my TV.

I eagerly hit the start button, and began my journey. Within minutes I anxiously anticipated this new Mario adventure, as my young mind filled with many questions. Yes, with this game came an excitement I hadn't felt in some time. I remember playing this game for hours, search up and down every castle, plain, mountain, crypt, and so fourth, to find all the items hidden within the game. I took my time just because this game brought me a joy that I last felt picking up my very fist video game. There were some hard parts for me at the time, such as figuring out *SPOILER*'s name, finding out the mysteries on the Train to Polishy Heights, and so on.

There was a lot more to this game as well that drew me in. To an average person, the plot is pretty predictable - however, at that age, I really had no idea what the "Treasure" (Spoiler) really was. There were also side stories, Peach's point of view and Bowser's point of view (Which of course, filled my fangirly-self with joy). Bowser's hadn't much meaning, other than I got to smash things and play as my favorite character, but Peach's story was actually very touching...the story between her and TEC. It took me a while to really understand it, as for you couldn't completely understand it until later in the game, but when that tragic filled moment happened, I couldn't help but shed a tear. (I won't state it; play the game to find it out) Bobbery was another one, his tale had me all worked up. I didn't cry, but I certainly felt remorse, even if the character was fictional...There also were an abundance of new characters, who of course in most ways were like the partners from the original Paper Mario, but I didn't much care. I love Kid Yoshi, and Rawk Hawk was my favorite boss to beat...I defeated him over 20 times, just because it was so much fun!

Beating this game was one of the most satisfying victories to me that I have experienced to date. It was the first non-platform game I had beaten on my own, by myself, understood the story, and gotten 99% of the in-game items, including extras. I still have yet to 100% the game (Between the recipies, badges, tattles and whatnot) but defeating the boss marked a big turnpoint in my gaming history. Between the moving story behind this incredible game, the side stories that were absolutely beautiful, the unique graphics, amazing soundtrack, and ultimate new experience, this game proved to be not only a success to the sequel of a legendary classic, but a game that will forever hold a place in my heart. By completing this game, I was more open and ready to take on more new and tougher challenges - and I did just that.   read

9:47 PM on 04.17.2011

Hi, I'm new (updated)

Hey, My name is Niki, but my alias/nickname is WinterSin (Occasionally spelled "WinterSinn" due to site errors or whatever).Some know me as Winter, some as Skyfire, others as Mother's all random. I have several other names on various sites but we'll stick to WinterSin or Skyfire for simplicity reasons. Due to the mass spamming of people asking more about myself, guess I'll oblige to say.

Alright, so yeah, I'm a girl, and I game. I've been gaming since...I'm going to say around five or six years old. I always looked up to my brother and wanted to be just like him - so one fine day I took the SNES and plugged it into the television, beginning a huge part of my life there. Super Mario World, the first game I played, led into my gaming hobby. For a while I only played platform jumpers, more specifically retro Mario and Sonic, but in recent months I've decided to step up my game and try to play a wider variety of games. I like most games - ranging from the simplistic Kirby games, like Kirby Super Star, to harder, more complex games like Assassin's Creed. (which I still have yet to play)

I also am not a full time gamer - sure I'm a hardcore gamer, but not all the time. I draw, as pointed out by Beyamor, sometimes not things I particularly like, but I draw. Usually Anime, but I also draw fanart, original characters, fursona's, portraits, etc. I'm pretty versitle, but I won't touch automobiles or mechs -- they're wayyyyy too complicated for me. I want to learn to paint 'realistically' on photshop someday. You can find my work over at, as well as a few other places, at I also write sometimes, occasionally sculpt and I do photography, but both are relatively small factors. I still enjoy doing both. Here's a sample of a drawing - I chose this drawing of Bowser because it's video game related and it still remains one of my favorite pieces.

I am a total music junkie. My favorite genre is Metal - my top 6 being (in no order) Skyfire, Tracedawn, Scar Symmetry, Divine Heresy, Hearse, and The Faceless. If you haven't heard them, go, before I dismantle your limbs, burn you alive, rip out your intestines, drip a candle on your raw flesh, and-- I mean, uhh, scold you for not knowing such amazing talent! :D

So maybe a little more about my personality... somewhat depends on the day of the week-- or rather just my mood. 99% of the time, I'm very kind, headstrong, lovable, fun sized headbanger who just loves having a good time with friends and [most] family. The only times you'll get on my bad side is if you give me a good reason to distrust you. If you cross me once, I will warn you - it is extremely difficult to make it back on my good side, and may take possibly even years to replenish a broken bond. Due to my past, I do have some trust issues, but as long as your cool to me, I'll trust you. From face value, I give this - I'll give you enough trust to try to make a bond with you. If you screw up, that trust will be revoked and you may or may not see me again depending on the severity of your offense. Many things keep me from functioning 'normally' when I'm in an upset state, but as I said, it's occasional to see me distraught unless things are really going sideways. I do like meeting new people, so feel free to chat with me. However guys and girls, I'm happily taken in my relationship - so no ideas! ;)

This last one goes for TriplZer0 - my favorite pizza topping is the 'Hawaiian' styled pizza: "Canadian Bacon", Pineapple, sausage, and cheese! It's quite delicious. So is Russian chocolate...and chinese food...and...a lot of food. (in case you can't tell, I like food~ :3)

Anyways, I look forward to posting reviews about games. I'll post reviews for pretty much about any game that exists that I've played, or games that are new and I've tried, etc - so don't expect the same exact things all the time. :)

-Skyfire "WinterSin"


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