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2:36 PM on 11.08.2012

Halo 4 review, spoiler or two

So, I bought Halo 4. And I am seriously not impressed.

First off, Iím 3 or 4 missions into the campaign. And there is a huge plot twist. And rather than blow my mind, it has annoyed the ever loving hell out of me. Itís not particularly gripping, and to me, almost robs the entire experience of the past halo games. To find out that Master Chief has been planned to exist by some other worldly or what have you, who has charted humanities path to lead exactly to that moment where he is standing, just simply does not appeal to me.

In fact, for some reason, it reminds me of Assassinís creed 2, where you find out the gods are aliens and plot this shit. I enjoy Lasky, simply because I have a little emotional attachment to him, because the live action marketing was well done, with the forward unto dawn videos. This is how far I am in the campaign, and Iím seriously unimpressed with it, and the trend in all big block busting games to have these conspiracy theories and intricate webs of plot twists. Itís getting old, to me at least. But I seem to be the only person who thinks so.

Moving on from that, Iíve found some terminals, rather than the last games where you get some little sound clip where you find out what happens to forerunners, I have to stop playing the game, and go to Halo Waypoint and watch a video. I have to break immersion in the game, the mindset I am in, to go watch a video.

To play online, I have to install disc twoís content, or download a 1.91 gigabyte brick of shit. Why isnít this on the disc? Why is there a map pack out for 20 FUCKING dollars thats only 108 kilobytes. That is on my goddamn disc, and youíre making me pay another 20 dollars to use it, because I didnít pre-order this game.

Personally, the game gets probably a 4 out of 10, for an honest review. The gameplay is better, the guns sound meaner when they fire, and the being the Chief again is great, but the Campaign doesnít do anything for me, and the on disc dlc and lack on multiplayer being usable right out the gate is infuriating. ODST and Reach were better games, and Iím done buying games and being forced to jump through hoops by game devs and publishers who think the video game luxury can be treated like a necessity.

Granted this is all just my opinion, things I've noticed, not fact. But, I felt compelled to write it.   read

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