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Winged Kirby avatar 11:37 PM on 12.16.2010  (server time)
Looking back at Kirby :Episode 1 Enter Dreamland

Kirby is as most of you people in the Destructoid community is my favorite game and Because of that I have decided to tell the story of me and Kirby starting from the begging. Along the way I will be giving insight on some of the things that make the sires so great for me.

Episode one: Kirbyís dream land

Ah Kirbyís dream lands a old Game boy title which is also my first venture into the series. With it being
the first Kirby game made and one that I played it seems like a great way to start the series.

The game its self was centered around a suck up and swallow your enemy style of gameplay. Yep thatís
right there was a time back when Kirby could not get cool power ups by eating enemies! You sucked-em
up and then spit them out at other baddies and objects. Now some may think that this kind of gameplay
would tire out, but it lasted me for a year after getting it. One of the many reasons for this was the music
which was a orgasm for my ears. While I played the music would just seem to fit the theme and what I
was doing perfectly. I could also play through many times to just try to hear the next layer of bits and

The next great thing about the game was the fact that there was just about no story in it at all to get in the way of the gameplay. This meant that you went from fighting giant trees in a forest to storming a mid-evil castle like a bad-ass. And while what your about to read may seem like a bad thing but to me was one of the better thing about the game was how short it was. With its length I could beat it before bed time each day like reading a book.

Done in 2 hours or less....

Just because it was short did not mean it didnít have any replay in it. The levels all had different paths for you to take some harder than others, and to this day I still know I havenít beat the game to its fullest yet. The thing you would fight in the game are somewhat limited in variety however but some enemy types such as the spiked metal balls and waddle dees made it challenging, you could also kill birds in it. Tell me another current gen game that allows you to do that!

All these things and more which would take too long to list makes this one of my favorites from the series.[i]

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