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Winged Kirby's blog

7:40 PM on 03.15.2012

How I spent my gaming time this week

Well its been a while since I posted a blog(1.5 YEARS!!), but Mr.Dixon's little blog has inspired me to start up again whenever I have time to post. In the time I was gone I got a PC together and started the glory of PC gamin...   read

11:37 PM on 12.16.2010

Looking back at Kirby :Episode 1 Enter Dreamland

Kirby is as most of you people in the Destructoid community is my favorite game and Because of that I have decided to tell the story of me and Kirby starting from the begging. Along the way I will be giving insight on some of...   read

5:59 AM on 09.10.2010

ShortBlog:I CAN TYPE

Well after 2 weeks of using on screen keyboard after my computer took a dump on my old one I AM FULLY BACK. Now while I was gone I realized that the spammers have done some crafty tactics such as actually making a blog post ...   read

11:30 AM on 08.09.2010

The room of Winged Kraby

Well as many of you may know I have never shown you people a glimpse of my personal life besides my fingers and a report I did. Well that Changes with this blog Note before you continue the following pictures may be too sh...   read

8:52 AM on 08.06.2010

Why Monster Rancher ds is blatantly better than Pokemon

1. Monster Rancher DS has DS in it which automatically make it better than pokemon due to the developers actually caring about the system the game is on. 2. Monster Rancher DS has better Graphics than Pokemon on the DS b...   read

10:52 AM on 08.02.2010

Teh Bias: DS>PSP

Many of you people know that I have Nintendo ds as I usually talk about all of the awesome games that I am playing on it. But not many people know that I also own a PSP 3000 from 2009.Many people at school continue to ask m...   read

8:17 AM on 07.28.2010

Shortblog:Adoption edition

Why Should my avatar be adopted for PAX you may ask? Well mostly because I am Winged Kraby and I have never been to a PAX before and would really like to be inside the post PAX picture blogs Now If you need any reason to r...   read

3:55 PM on 07.16.2010

Shortblog:I changed my name edition

Well I went and done it now To better match my avatar I have changed my name. What does this mean for you the reader? Well it means that whenever Winged Kraby posts a comment it is chrissmith9c I am not going to switch back...   read

11:06 PM on 06.25.2010

The birthday of chrissmith9c

June 26th My birthday Which just so happens to be today (on the east cost at least). So as many cbloggers on their birthday do I will make mines uniqe by telling my story of destructoid from when I first singed up to where I ...   read

12:27 AM on 06.22.2010

iPod touch review

iPod touch 8 GB 2nd gen/3rd gen model Apple Price: 199 usd (depends on the model) Overview The Ipod touch is apple latest in media player’s ment to fit in the palm of your hand by apple. Not only does it allow you to liste...   read

8:39 PM on 05.17.2010

Review:Mario hoops 3 on 3

Review of Mario hoops 3 on 3 Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Nintendo Rating: E Genre: Action/sports Well I am going to cover this review on 3 main things • Game play • Playabili...   read

5:49 AM on 04.28.2010

Anthony Burch you will be missed

Also glad your leaving for something worthwhile your time with destructoid has been pretty good and without your rev rants i don't think i would have ever singed up. I also wish you good luck with your new life with Ashley /end sad/happy blog   read

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