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Winston Salem north Carolina

If you are Reading this, Good Job and also you are now branded as a stalker.

I enjoy many a fine game, stratagy,RPG or even a shooter!
Things I play video games on

some virtual console games

Currently playing
Monster Hunter (PSP ones)
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Dota 2

Proud gamer since 2000
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Well its been a while since I posted a blog(1.5 YEARS!!), but Mr.Dixon's little blog has inspired me to start up again whenever I have time to post. In the time I was gone I got a PC together and started the glory of PC gaming. I also fixed my PSP screen and have played a ton on that.

I decided that I would just start back with what games I have been playing recently. Hope you all enjoy.


Dota 2

Well what can I say, this game is amazing. So much variety in heroes, items, and all kinds of stuff. With the game still in beta I have somehow accumulated more time in it than I have played TF2. Shits Addicting.

Dota 2 is a game about teamwork, and when I mean teamwork I mean alot of it. If 1 member of your team does not want to listen and gets his/her self killed it can ruin your teams chances of winning. On the other hand if you and your team are getting your asses kicked with no win in sight a little team work can turn the game around big time.

The community of the game is a little hit and miss. If you are a new player there are some people who will try to help you out with the game as long as you actually tell them you are new. There are also the kind of people that will call good game after a person on the opposite team gets 2 kills, then go to all chat and blame their teammates even after they have done nothing to help the team themselves. For these people valve has added in a report system and will tell you upon starting Dota 2 if the person you reported has been banned.Because of this, it is best that you play with friends instead of public matchmaking. Knowing your teammates will help a lot during hero selection.

For a game with a high skill barrier if you take the time to learn you can play the game reasonably well. When I started I was the guy on the team that had 15 deaths and 0 kills but now I play games like this.

For refrence I am the Lich named Kirby

All in all for a game still in beta, Dota 2 is shaping up to be great.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Starting this game I did not know what to expect. I never played the original ďDeus ExĒ and my only experience with a shooter rpg was Fallout New Vegas.

Within the first mission I was blown away with how open the game allows you to play. There are so many ways to get around and kill enemies, or outright not kill em at all. Picture this; a guy is about 15 feet away from you with a gun that might instagib you. There is a ladder on the wall to the left you can climb and get around and kill him with ease, but on the ground there is also a box you can throw to grab his attention to a certain spot and walk past, and lastly in your hand there is a flashbang that you can throw over cover to stun him and then shoot the explosive barrels to finish him off.

I am personally playing as a stealth killing machine and its awesome for all parts minus the boss fights that were developed by an outside team. This games boss fights are the one thing that keeps me from wanting to finish a story mission.

All in all, Deus Ex is well worth your time if you are in the mood for a fun game.


The image above shows all things good in the game solely with the chat



Defcon being a RTS is surprisingly easy to get into which got me hooked. Games donít really last forever and the game has a awesome layer of risk reward with the placing of silos, ships and making alliances with fellow players.

Every Friday/Saturday the good people down in Steamtoid play the game as a tradition in the spirit of friends and good old fashioned nuking.

Besides PC gaming I still play a lot on my handhelds.


Monster Hunter series

This game. THIS GAME. Imagine living in a world of badass where you kill stuff only to craft the leftovers into awesome armor and weapons to kill more powerful stuff. Rinse, repeat and you have Monster Hunter.

Its more of a action game than RPG, but there are a ton of stats involved with resistances and power boosts. The game is also if you are not used to it, kinda hard to get into. I mean in Freedom Unite (which was the first game I played,) the third quest had you go collect these monster tongue things that were easy to get. But out of nowhere a motherfucking Tigrex comes out and wrecks everything. At this point in the game unless you have fought one before and can dodge every single hit, this thing will one shot you. The only thing you can do is run. Later in game you have a quest with the one goal of killing the Tigrex. The fight will still be hard but now you actually stand a chance.

Moments like that are why I like Monster Hunter.

I have also been playing Rhythm Heaven Fever on the Wii but I think that it deserves a blog to itself one of these days.
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Kirby is as most of you people in the Destructoid community is my favorite game and Because of that I have decided to tell the story of me and Kirby starting from the begging. Along the way I will be giving insight on some of the things that make the sires so great for me.

Episode one: Kirbyís dream land

Ah Kirbyís dream lands a old Game boy title which is also my first venture into the series. With it being
the first Kirby game made and one that I played it seems like a great way to start the series.

The game its self was centered around a suck up and swallow your enemy style of gameplay. Yep thatís
right there was a time back when Kirby could not get cool power ups by eating enemies! You sucked-em
up and then spit them out at other baddies and objects. Now some may think that this kind of gameplay
would tire out, but it lasted me for a year after getting it. One of the many reasons for this was the music
which was a orgasm for my ears. While I played the music would just seem to fit the theme and what I
was doing perfectly. I could also play through many times to just try to hear the next layer of bits and

The next great thing about the game was the fact that there was just about no story in it at all to get in the way of the gameplay. This meant that you went from fighting giant trees in a forest to storming a mid-evil castle like a bad-ass. And while what your about to read may seem like a bad thing but to me was one of the better thing about the game was how short it was. With its length I could beat it before bed time each day like reading a book.

Done in 2 hours or less....

Just because it was short did not mean it didnít have any replay in it. The levels all had different paths for you to take some harder than others, and to this day I still know I havenít beat the game to its fullest yet. The thing you would fight in the game are somewhat limited in variety however but some enemy types such as the spiked metal balls and waddle dees made it challenging, you could also kill birds in it. Tell me another current gen game that allows you to do that!

All these things and more which would take too long to list makes this one of my favorites from the series.[i]
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Winged Kirby
5:59 AM on 09.10.2010

Well after 2 weeks of using on screen keyboard after my computer took a dump on my old one I AM FULLY BACK.

Now while I was gone I realized that the spammers have done some crafty tactics such as actually making a blog post or telling us about some ultra fun new game. This was all while the resident owner of the ban hammer was at PAX relaxing his arm after a week of banning.

I also began thinking of a concept for a destructoid themed rpg.
It would have certain members of the community and Jim Sterling as the main characters with everyone else as summons. It would put us set in a fictional land called destructoid which after the spammer and trolling have become rampant is run down.

Now in battles you could summon your avatar to attack in persona style ways and in an open world fallout 3 like only without the bugs.

So yeah someone get on that.

I am currently working on an experiment that sees weather after playing a certain genre of games your reaction time will quicken or decrease. ITS awesome

And on that note have a nice day and here is a cat in a hat


Well as many of you may know I have never shown you people a glimpse of my personal life besides my fingers and a report I did.
Well that Changes with this blog

Note before you continue the following pictures may be too shocking for the average Dtoider to see

Viewer desecration is advised.

What you see Here is my Wii and Top played ds games.
I am currently playing Pokemon Soul Silver online and Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the wii during the week.

These are my portable consoles that I have sans my PSP being at my dads house
I have 4 DS's the silver one is mine, the black one is my lil bros, and we have another silver one but thats my other little brothers, also pictured is my iPod and Graphing calculator used for Homebrew in class after I am done with work.

My little brothers bunk bed nothing much else

This is my collection of Various toy cars such as Hot wheels ,match box and more

These are my favorites being from left to right.

74 Dodge Charger,Batmobile, Corvette Grand Sport,Acura NSX

My Kirby Clipboard made in Wood Shop
No you cant have it

Some bongos cause teh CULTURAL

My old Air hogs Reflex now my little brother's . One day after him owning it the thing died.

My leaning book shelf that broke after a temper tantrum from my little little brother.
Mostly filled with sports books and books from my moms college year.

Now I know that you people may be getting bored right now but heres is the good part


This baby right here is my Sega Genesis complete with the power brick.
I also have a Sega master System but that is in storage right now.
All I need now is a Dreamcast and my sega shrine will be complete for a while.

My sonic games.
The only one I need now is Sonic and Knuckles for it to be done.

All the other Genesis games I own
The blank one is out run which is my favorite out of all of them

And for nostalgia a Floppy disk holder given to me by my Grandmother due to her knowing I like retro stuff.

And to end it on a good note these are my two video game plush related items that I sleep with.
I plan to buy a Kirby plush when I go to New york at the end of the month

To all those that made it to the end
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1. Monster Rancher DS has DS in it which automatically make it better than pokemon due to the developers actually caring about the system the game is on.

2. Monster Rancher DS has better Graphics than Pokemon on the DS because it is in 3d. When compared to Monster Rancher DS, Pokemon is better called Shitiemon.

3. Monster Rancher DS is more realistic than pokemon because in Monster Rancher you actually have to feed and take care of your monster or it will die. While in pokemon it just ďfaintsĒ.

4. Monster Rancher DS has seasons and months in it making it better because I can see the Snow and Trees change color in the game. While in Pokemon youíre stuck in an indeterminable time of year and the season is not known.

5. Pokemon copies Monster Rancher DS. Remember when I said that Pokemon did not have seasons? Well in Pokemon Black and White there will be seasons showing how they ripped of Monster Rancher

6. The monsters are more Badass in Monster Rancher DS. Oh stuck with your Wimpychu and crapule Well Monster Rancher Has Flaming wolfs and Giant Dragons that you can use as your Monster. Just look at the picture above

7. Lastly is the Fact that in Pokemon when you breed you get just a pokemon that was the same as the mother or father if using Ditto. While over in Monster Rancher If you Breed 2 Monster you get a cool different looking Monster with parts from the Parents AWESOME.

And thatís why Monster Rancher DS is better than pokemon and if you think otherwise then BIAS
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Winged Kirby
10:52 AM on 08.02.2010

Many of you people know that I have Nintendo ds as I usually talk about all of the awesome games that I am playing on it. But not many people know that I also own a PSP 3000 from 2009.Many people at school continue to ask me why I never play the darn thing well if you are reading this you will get your answer.

I am not the one to say that the PSP does not have any worth while games on it but I am saying that the games on the ds are better due to the amount of good stuff on it such as New Super Mario Bros. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. While with my PSP the only gameís that I really liked on it was Daxter and, Rockband Unplugged. Now before you get up in arms about my opinions I would like to say that some games just donít work well on the PSP due to loading times which is the reason why I like portable consoles to begin with, You just canít just get your PSP and play a quick game while waiting during a commercial or while in a line. Unless you like that sort of thing. Some of the games on the PSP are also just not made for a hand held to me on account of the kind of games they are such as Grand Theft auto Liberty city and Vice city Stories, While OK are to me just not the type of Grand theft auto experience I would like in my hand. While I love Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Due to the just plain fun and arcade like fell of it.

Something I really think that Sony messed up with the PSP is the controls. Not that the ds controls are godly but when compared to the PSPís d-pad and analog ďnubĒ They are far better the psp canít do FPS that good due to not having a second analog stick While the ds does it just fine with the d-pad and touch screen combo, why Sony did not put the analog stick on the other side is beyond me as it would solve a lot of peoples problems.
The buttons on the PSP just felt too glossy and noisy while playing. Also as I said before the analog nub is pretty hard to control to me when compared to the touch screen on the ds and its quiet buttons.

The DS is something that if someone has never played video games can understand in less than a few minutes like how the wii is to home consoles. While with the PSP you have all of these buttons and things you can screw up in a matter of minutes Also if you drop a PSP its usually done for (Like my screen is) while if you drop a DS it does not even stutter. Also with the psp you have to keep your saves on a memory stick that while is good for some is wrong to me because I like to be able to continue where I left off on any system without having to remove the memory stick and stick it somewhere else. Also with the memory stick if you lose it you just lost all 40 hours you had in Final Fantasy 2.

And thatís my BIAS with the Sony PSP

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