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WinMo avatar 4:25 AM on 07.04.2013  (server time)
Writing is Hard, a Personal Introduction C-Blog

Introductions are hard, so let's keep this one short. I started this account... over a month ago? Damn. Anyway, the plan was to become a better writer by forcing myself to adhere to a schedule. Then, using the power of the Internet, I would become important or something. I dunno, I didn't make the rules of blogging. So, with this new motivation behind me,  I immediately didn't follow through with my schedule. Haha, whoops!

Placing aside further excuses, I shall post my first C Blog! Not only that, I shall also promise things and stuff! Dangerous territory is being treaded folks, but, pursuant to the rules of blogging, I will flake as needed to maintain my uselessness. Bask in my confidence and subscribe! Someone make sure and tell me if it's possible to subscribe, I'm not sure.

To celebrate the pending release of the latest expansion to everyone's favorite 5th generation Sid Meier's game, a nice New Games Journalism style piece, featuring stories and attitude and pretending to be Tom Francis. Good thing that guy decided to start making games for a living, am I right? I'm not. I love his work. I really need to get money and buy Gunpoint...

A review of the NCAA Football 14 demo, just in time for the game to be released! I should probably start this! Preliminary thoughts: I preordered it cause I went to the same school as the guy on the cover. It could be shit, but who cares woo Denard!

A semi recurring feature consisting of smaller pieces of writing that used to be called The Weekly Daily! Sometimes, you shouldn't spam tiny blogs every day, and that's what this is for. If I manage to stick to that schedule thing, this could become actually recurring.

There you have it. I told you about three things I felt like writing about. Will I stick it out? Don't count on it, not unless that NCAA thing comes out before the 9th. If it does, I might actually pull it off! Yay!

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