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WinMo avatar 5:54 AM on 07.10.2013  (server time)
First Impressions of NCAA 14: Whee!

After promising a NCAA 14 demo review far too late to make sense doing, I decided to do a fully fledged review. After getting the game on launch day, I decided that I was having way too much fun to bash out a review. Instead, I wrote some stream of consciousness stuff about the game, and it turned into a review, kinda. Yay!

Holy poop, that physics engine. It took them the entirety of the current generation to do it, but they finally made video game football feel real. No more superman interceptions, no more getting stuck on your lineman and falling over like an idiot, just pure, hyperbole inducing joy. Then, of course, I got cocky and lost a game, and now I hate everything about it forever.

Ultimate Team is generally a fun mode, especially since they made contracts more forgiving a few years back, and so far I'm happy with NUT. There seems to be a lack of content so far, but I've never owned one of these games at launch before so I don't know what's "normal". I do know that EA doesn't shy away from loading other versions Ultimate Team with frequent updates (all to get that sweet, sweet IAP money), so I'm not concerned.

Dynasty updates look great, everyone says they are great, so they're probably great. I'll play around with this more after the community does what EA is legally unable to do and releases named rosters. The Nike Training Camp (Sponsored by Nike) is a valuable tool for learning the new controls, and is also the greatest source of my frustration. Getting gold is a pain in the ass. I'm sorry my linemen didn't block that time, game, and I only got 5 yards. No, I don't need to be reminded to sprint, thanks, I've got it handled. My only real, non skill related complaint there is the prizes for gold. I don't need 5 QBs Nike. That doesn't even make sense.

Overall, I'd say this is the best football game in years based on engine alone. This is great news for people who like their football players to be millionaires, cause Madden 25 gets the same beauty of a engine to go along with a tweaked CCM. I really don't want to buy another football game this year, but owner's mode, and this engine? You're trying to break me EA. I see it, and I don't like it.

Wow, that was longer than I thought. Somehow, sitting down to write stream of conscious thoughts about a game is way easier than trying to fill out a mental outline of a review. Good job, me! Way to fall ass backwards into success!

And now, to address something mildly upsetting: Dtoid's NCAA 14 review. A 6 point bloody fucking 5? After dumb ol' phoned in NCAA 13 got a 5.5? Dynasty mode gets RPG elements and a streamlined, less fiddly recruiting mode, and it gets a single paragraph? A paragraph that misses the point of dynasty mode so badly that it is dismissed in the following paragraph? I dunno what I expected, but after seeing the score, playing the game, and coming back to read the review, I don't get it.

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