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7:39 PM on 11.16.2009  

War in Games: A Response to Outrage Over Virtual Violence

The argument for Modern Warfare 2 turning children into terrorists is ridiculous. I don\'t really care about what the guy on the right had to say, it was the dude in the middle that just supt out sensationalist nonsense. Video games are not real, just like movies and TV are not real. If parts of this game leave a bad taste in your mouth, that could be because more and more war related games are trying to make war seem bad. MGS4 did a good job of making war feel like a bad thing, the game itself was fun, but war in that game was built to feel ugly.

I think games are going to continue putting people in situations that make them uncomfortable. Portraying war as a patriotic slaughter of no consequence other than glory would be wrong in a game that claimed to be an simulation of war. Modern Warfare 2 does a good job in making a fun game, as well as a compelling story that shows more than one face of war. A game that does not show war as ugly and terrible is doing far more harm to youth than one that shows what war is and how much pain is caused by its terrible violence.

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