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4:11 PM on 10.06.2013

Future of GTA online

The first GTA online experience has been released with GTA 5.  Ever since it has launched there have been problems for gamers.  Most players including myself, have not even been able to get on.  As a gamer, you would expect Rockstar to be more prepared. I am now wondering how long do they expect this to last.  This version of GTA online will probably last until GTA 6 comes out.  Will they continue to keep releasing an updated GTA online with future entries in the franchise?  The other issue would be can players transfer over their data between games or would they have to start as a new character? I would think that if a new character would have to be created each time, it could get annoying.  

   I believe that if the online aspect of GTA works out for Rockstar, we could see it turn into its own separate MMO.  By making a separate experience, it would save the trouble of trying to reinvent online with every numbered entry.   If they do decide to go that route, what would happen to future entries in the franchise?  Would the franchise continue in its current state or would the numbered entries come to an end?  Does having an online experience of GTA fill that need over having a central story and characters?  I am curious to see what people think about this topic. I know Rockstar has several years planned for the franchise so this has to be something they are considering. What do you guys think the future will hold?   read

6:51 PM on 06.30.2013


So after getting all the coverage on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, I have decided that I am not going to be an early adopter.  I bought the Xbox 360 a couple weeks or a month after it came out. I wish I had waited because soon after I bought it, the red ring of death story appeared. Of course not only did I get the red ring, but I got it multiple times within the first couple years. I sent the system to Microsoft to be fixed at least 3 times and I bought an entire new system from Gametop. Although all of these fixes were under warranty, it was still annoying having to send the system back and forth.  This was before I had my Playstation 3 which I received a couple years later.  I have the original version of the 360 that has the external hard drive and it does not have wifi built in.  When the new consoles come out, they are going to be at their highest price point. That is why I am waiting to see what bundle packages will be offered.  I am currently planning on just getting the Playstation 4 console.  I am hoping that there might be a bundle where you can get the system, a game, and a subscription for Playstation Plus.  I am currently planning on just getting the Playstation 4 console.  I want to try to wait a few months to make sure there are no issues with the system and that problems will have been addressed by then.  Another reason I would be waiting is to make sure that there are enough games to play when I buy the system. There are cool games like Infamous coming out for it, but they won’t be available on launch day.  So I am trying to learn from my mistakes in the past and wait.  This is going to be hard for me because I am usually an early adopter for technology.  I look forward though to that feeling I get when purchasing a new console because it feels very refreshing and makes me excited about games again.   read

7:55 PM on 02.09.2013

Can Portal Be Made Into a Movie? AKA The Relationship Of Games and Film

So last week it was announced at D.I.C.E that J.J. Abrams was going to make movies based on the Portal and Half-Life franchises. After viewing this past episode of the Dtoid show ( , it made me think of two questions; Can it be done? and Should it be done?

After watching this last episode of Dtoid I kind of agree with both Max and Tara. I agree with Tara that portal is based on how the game is played. The relationship in the games between Chell, Wheatley, and GLaDOS works well because of how the experience of the game is created. Now I have seen the short fan film that was made and that worked pretty well. To carry that experience into a full length feature film though seems to not make sense to me.

Max brought up a good point to this idea. He suggested that they should make one about Cave Johnson. After thinking about it this could be a really good idea. When playing through Portal 2 in the background you would get the back story through what Cave Johnson had recorded. Exploring the history of aperture science would work in a film because its more about the people than the technology. The portals themselves would not be seen in the film that often maybe not even until the end of the film. Having this film could introduce the general audience into wanting to play the Portal games to experience the rest of the story.

One film like this would be a good idea, but that's it. It is like using one form of the media to support the other. There should not be any other feature films that try to cover what takes place in the Portal games. Even if the film needs to be released as a smaller feature that is fine. There is that chance that if successful Hollywood would want to ruin the reputation of the games by making more films that repeat the story of the games. As a fan of the games I would appreciate something like this coming out as a live action film just for a different kind of experience.

If they ever decided to make a film based on the games themselves then they should make it a small released CG type. This seems to be a new trend recently with the Resident Evil series and Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker for example. Now I have only seen one of the Resident Evil CG movies, but I did enjoy it. If the other films are of a good quality then maybe more of these types should be made instead of trying to make every game into a live action feature film. A Portal film of this type should follow its predecessors by enhancing the story instead of adapting the already existing story.

So I believe that a Portal film can be made just not the type that tries to be a videogame movie. It could be a great dramatic film that focuses more on the characters than the technology. If anyone could make this work I think using J.J. Abrams is a good idea. His past films have focused on characters in a world with superior technology and its what he does best. I also believe that a Portal movie should be made to add to the story that is Portal.

Now having said that not every videogame should be made into a movie. Just the one that are capable of having a decent story outside of the videogame form of media. Some could say most games have that, but we should be careful in the future to try and not make a film or book out of every popular franchise.   read

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