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Willden1990 avatar 4:11 PM on 10.06.2013  (server time)
Future of GTA online

The first GTA online experience has been released with GTA 5.  Ever since it has launched there have been problems for gamers.  Most players including myself, have not even been able to get on.  As a gamer, you would expect Rockstar to be more prepared. I am now wondering how long do they expect this to last.  This version of GTA online will probably last until GTA 6 comes out.  Will they continue to keep releasing an updated GTA online with future entries in the franchise?  The other issue would be can players transfer over their data between games or would they have to start as a new character? I would think that if a new character would have to be created each time, it could get annoying.  

   I believe that if the online aspect of GTA works out for Rockstar, we could see it turn into its own separate MMO.  By making a separate experience, it would save the trouble of trying to reinvent online with every numbered entry.   If they do decide to go that route, what would happen to future entries in the franchise?  Would the franchise continue in its current state or would the numbered entries come to an end?  Does having an online experience of GTA fill that need over having a central story and characters?  I am curious to see what people think about this topic. I know Rockstar has several years planned for the franchise so this has to be something they are considering. What do you guys think the future will hold?

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