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Thanks, I ended up winning a copy. I can't find the c-blog with it, so your thanks if found here. <3

So, after giving me countless hours of really bad static whenever the wire moved, they finally died. SOMEONE REFER ME TO A GOOD HEADSET.

or send one, whichever is easier.

4:10 PM on 03.15.2008


So it seems the CPL is shutting down. I know this makes at least two of you sad. One of those two being me...

My sexy rig includes
Asus A8N-SLi Premium
AMD FX-55 (2.6, oc'd 2.9)
2gb pc5300 ddr2 ram (oc'd for an extra 20mhz!)
xfx 8600gts xxx edition (the only real decent thing in here)
x-fi platinum sound card
bfg physx card
coolermaster real power pro 650w psu.
random hard drive
random dvd reader.
Samsung Syncmaster 206bw
Razer Tarantula keyboard
Razer Copperhead (First Edition ^^)

resized teh pics<3

And now pics of this beauty...
The complete package!

More focus on the hardware!

The money shot!

The filthy food that still gets put next to it!