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Whitney Chavis's blog

2:09 PM on 12.20.2011

Deadly Premonition Cover Redesign Contest!

Okay contest time folks! We all know the US game cover is pretty ridiculous...well I want you guys to give it a redesign! The best cover redesign will win a set of my Deadly Premonition trading cards.

All entries will be judged in the following categories:

1) Concept (10 points)
2) Originality (10 points)
3) Creativity (10 points)
4) Execution (10 points)
5) Overall impact (10 points)

Total of 50 points possible

The cover with the highest overall score will be declared the winner!

The contest is open until January 9th 11:59pm (PST) and is open to everyone. Send all entries to [email protected]!

Good luck!   read

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