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V.I.P.E.R.S (another game idea)

This time, it's an XBLA title idea. It stands for Violent Interpersonal Psychologically Experimental Rehabilitation Simulation. Here's the plot. A psychologist has to deal with several prisoners, each with a specific mental ...


Look at what I found at K-Mart!

Yes, it's a DVD! But not just any DVD; it's a Wii information DVD! For free! I took one, and I'm gonna tell what's on it. Here's the base menu. "What is Wii?" is a solid explanation of the console, its' games, feature...


I have an idea for a video game.

It's a 3-D adventure game called "Wonderful". It takes place in NYC in the 50's. You play as a detective named Lester. He wakes up one day, and goes to work as normal. However, no one in the office knows him or even recogniz...


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