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8:00 PM on 12.25.2007

I'm adding people.
Gamertag is "wheeliedude"



11:00 Eastern, 10:00 Pacific.

From the folks that brought you Snakes on a Train and the DaVinci Treasure...


We shall be watching

Get to Ventrilo for some fun!

This time, it's an XBLA title idea.
It stands for Violent Interpersonal Psychologically Experimental Rehabilitation Simulation.

Here's the plot. A psychologist has to deal with several prisoners, each with a specific mental condition. Instead of doing group therapy, like anyone else would, he decides to do something...different.

He drugs them, and hooks their brain stems up to a VR machine. There, they must DESTROY each others problems. With VIOLENCE.

That's the plot for the multi-player. In the single-player, you play as a single prisoner, trying to free everyone from the machine, battling exaggerated manifestations of each of their problems.

It would play like a mix between a 3-D Bomberman and Contra. The more you are hutt/killed, the more mentally stable you become, and vice versa. It would work like a fighting game meter system. The mission is to be the most "helpful", to say the least. Just kill everything that isn't you.

There would be Achievements like "Miracle Worker", "Mentally Unstable", and etc.

I haven't really thought about the graphics or art style yet, though. Maybe public-service-announcement-style music (remixed stock music?)

(In summary, it's violent group therapy.)

Trauma Center is getting pretty realistic.