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Wexx avatar 10:23 PM on 02.06.2009  (server time)
I heard you like news, about games?

Today was a relatively chill day for me, woke up around noon (hooray for not having classes or a job!), made some french toast, and started working on some math assignments. When I completed those, I hopped over to google reader to see if anything new and interesting had happened, and boy, was I in for a surprise!

First up, Dystopia 1.2 came out today! On Steamworks! YAY!

For the uninitiated, Dystopia is a Cyberpunk themed mod for half-life 2. It's class based, with the classes being Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each has a different selection of weapons, ranging from rail guns to laser beams. The maps are all objective based, for example, getting into a facility to launch a missile, with several objectives to complete before hand. The main draw of Dystopia (for me) is the cyberspace aspect. You can "Jack in" to cyberspace at several points throughout the map, making for some epic PEWPEWPEW in odd geometric spaces, and Hacking by pressing buttons.

Also, Katanas.

While I'm still on my love for Half-Life 2 mods (err, former Half-Life 2 mods in this case...) let's talk about a little som' som' called Natural Selection 2:

I've been following this for a while now, and they've gotten some awesome investors it seems, as they've been pumping out screens and videos similar to this one for a long time. If you've never played the Original Natural Selection, and have Half-Life (the original, not HLSource or anything like that), you need to play this game. The learning curve is ridiculously high, but it's one of the best mash-ups of FPS/RTS available.

I also noticed that The Behemoth posted another one of those spiffy speed videos of the one and only Dan Paladin making the Frost King. I didn't know that all the drawings that the painter boss made were by Tom, that's a pretty damn cool little easter egg.

Over on Warren Ellis' Blog, he linked Destructoid for Eliza's post about the recent EVE controversy/take over. I get that it's a small world feeling when one of your favorite comic authors links the gaming news site/community that you're a part of, and I can't help but make a little mess in my pants when I think about that :)

ANYWAY, hope you enjoyed this horribly structured, impromptu post. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to IRC to hopefully get into some mischief, and if that fails, playing Xenogears.

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