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Lol remember me? Probably not. Haven't been on this site in about two years.

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8:58 PM on 04.01.2010

And it was pretty good. My biggest regret, however, was not having a decent camera to take pictures with, so now all I have is the few that people got of me that I know about.

Regardless, it was still an awesome trip, and I won't be forgetting it (or the people I met) anytime soon.

I stayed with megastryke, who's pretty much a baller. The hotel we stayed at had SLIPPERS! WTF?! I couldn't have asked for a better roommate, aside from the avatar rape...

We pretty much hung out at the Pizzeria Uno on Bolyston every night (block away from the Hynes, LOL I'M NOT 21, and pretty good CHOWDA), and the staff there was pretty damn good. Keeping track of ~35 people's order, and not minding that we pretty much took up the whole place was pretty awesome.

I chose this image instead of the other one that I've seen because Kauza's fat head was blocking mine <3

As for the con itself, I had a pretty unbiased opinion because it was my first time going to anything of the sort. It was a euphoric rush of everything I love and hate about gaming culture at once, and I'm not sure if I loved it or hated it (hint: LOVE).

I mostly only played the indie games on the show floor, because I didn't really feel like waiting in a line for something that I was sure I wouldn't like ( Red Dead Redemption, Dante's Inferno, etc. etc...). Game of the show for me was probably Limbo though. The dark aesthetic combined with the eerie ambient sounds, the realization (or premonition, I guess) that you're playing AS A CHILD in this dark world was just so weird to me. Definitely keep an eye out for that.

But enough about games, this is supposed to be about the community.

I didn't realize I hadn't introduced myself to Analoge until Sunday night. at which point we had an Ekans moment. It was magical.

Volkarin, you still haven't called me like you said you would. I told you I want ALL of the drunken phone calls.

Powerglove, thanks for being such a baller with all of the planning and stuff and Zerotolo for showing me and megastryke around Thursday. I never would've known where Newbury Comics was to get my sister a birthday present if we hadn't done that.

Glad I finally got to meet you Walkyourpath. I'm not sure when our paths will cross again, but hopefully it will be soon, and it will be awesome. What's the deal with GDC Austin, do they still doing that? I might try to go if I can.

Hamza, thanks for not banning me for kicking you on the way back to our respective hotels on Sunday night. My world would've shattered, kind of. But seriously, for all the shit people give you, I respect everything you do and can't wait to hang out again.

If DanlHaas' cblog was any indication of how awesome this community is, I don't think I could top that story. Well played sir. Hope I get to know you better soon.

ScottyG is more comfortable than I thought he would be. And a nice guy to boot.

Cataract, grats on your epic defeat of Justin Wong. I don't know how I can comprehend being in the same room as you after that.

Zen: Great show at the Jamspace, really glad I finally got to hear the rest of (most of the rest of? I'm sure you have more that you didn't play ontsage) your stuff, and can't wait for that album to come out. Sucks you didn't get to play Limbo with headphones though :(

I think I sat down next to Topher more than almost anyone else throughout the trip without actually talking to him. I'd like to rectify that in the future.

A few of the other people I remember seeing, but didn't get the chance to talk to enough: Dyganth, Bloodylip (I'm retarded, you know why), Chewie, Kauza, Tino, Nikmonroe, Necros, Funktastic, Samit, JTIcefire, Senisan82, Bunnyrabbit2 and his housemate (Ben was his name, I think? I'm an asshole for not remembering it) and many, many more, I'm sure.

There are a lot of people I met last weekend who's name I can't recall, or I just flat-out didn't talk to enough that I wish I could have talked to more. It was really chaotic trying to do everything I wanted to (I didn't get to play ANY tabletop games, and I missed the group photo :(), talk to as many people as I could, as well as do the media stuff for NG (Which I wrote a post about my experience as media here ).

I'm glad I had as good of a time as I did, because the flights I had got delayed BOTH ways (on the way back I had a 6 hour delay in Atlanta...). Thank goodness for the book I was reading (Arcade Maina! the Turbo-Charged World of Japan's Game Centers) and pokemon. Hopefully, if I have the spare cash when September rolls around I'll be able to make it out to PAX Prime, and other events soon. Until then, though, most of my contact info is in my sidebar, so let's play some games!

I can't properly describe how I feel right now. On one hand, I'm nervous about meeting a ton of people whom I've only known by a silly forum avatar that may or may not describe their personality properly and/or a screen name that I may or may not be able to spell/pronounce. On the other, I'm excited to meet some new people, and go to an event that's as prolific as PAX (even though it's not PAX proper, I can still dream, dammit!)

I've been busy with school (and grinding heroics on WoW, lulz), so I haven't really had much time to write over here lately. I still lurk in IRC occasionally though, and whenever something is linked on twitter in my dtoid column/list I make sure to check it out. So no, I haven't died. Just been less active than my usual inactivity.

See you in Boston, people :)

12:51 AM on 08.25.2009

Because I close out all of my shit to watch Spirited Away, and this happens. Seriously though, everyone I've met/spoken with through this great website is awesome, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I guess I'll also mention here that I won't be making it to PAX due to financial reasons, but I'm going to try my hardest to get down to Infinite Bits in October. See you all there (hopefully! >.<)

11:32 AM on 03.03.2009

So I slept through my alarm this morning. I Suck, my alarm clock sucks, I'm kind of angry. But looking on the bright side, when I did wake up I remembered that I had an awesome dream...

So El fuerte was in it. I Don't remember if I was playing as him or just watching from the sidelines, but he was taking down Colossi from Shadow of the Colossus. IT WAS AWESOME. There was music from SotC and everything. I'm pretty sure he took down 4 or 5 before I woke up and looked at the clock going FUUUUUUUUU-

So I think my dream has foretold the next Capcom vs. game: Capcom vs. Team Ico.

[If you make a better image than this one you win the first copy of Capcom vs Team Ico.]

Has anyone else ever had any awesome dreams like this? I need to know, because this one can't be the only awesome one.

Ars Technica posted an article (yesterday afternoon at the time of writing) reporting that Sony was handing over their logs of data from Everquest 2, which ammounts to over 60 Terabytes. This data includes social interactions, game data, account info, and a demographic research of subscribers. I'm pretty sure that rivals facebook's extensive data logs, and hopefully it will be used for good, and not just trying to milk more money out of customers.

So, what do they plan to use this data for? Well, the Ars Technica article goes into detail with some of the aspects of what some of the researchers plan to do with it (A sociological review, a computer scientist that's done a bunch of research on data mining, and demographic/geographical studies). My guess is that they'll hopefully publish a report stating their findings, and that other developers will use the data to make their MMOs more appealing to a wider audience, or just find more ways to milk their customers even more. Who knows though, maybe they'll actually get some developers to think twice about making a boss that takes 18 hours to kill.

What do the people of the Cblogs think? Will Sony's passing on of this outrageous amount of data help the advancement of MMOs in terms of design (lol), or will it just make them more of a cash cow than they already are?

Today was a relatively chill day for me, woke up around noon (hooray for not having classes or a job!), made some french toast, and started working on some math assignments. When I completed those, I hopped over to google reader to see if anything new and interesting had happened, and boy, was I in for a surprise!

First up, Dystopia 1.2 came out today! On Steamworks! YAY!

For the uninitiated, Dystopia is a Cyberpunk themed mod for half-life 2. It's class based, with the classes being Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each has a different selection of weapons, ranging from rail guns to laser beams. The maps are all objective based, for example, getting into a facility to launch a missile, with several objectives to complete before hand. The main draw of Dystopia (for me) is the cyberspace aspect. You can "Jack in" to cyberspace at several points throughout the map, making for some epic PEWPEWPEW in odd geometric spaces, and Hacking by pressing buttons.

Also, Katanas.

While I'm still on my love for Half-Life 2 mods (err, former Half-Life 2 mods in this case...) let's talk about a little som' som' called Natural Selection 2:

I've been following this for a while now, and they've gotten some awesome investors it seems, as they've been pumping out screens and videos similar to this one for a long time. If you've never played the Original Natural Selection, and have Half-Life (the original, not HLSource or anything like that), you need to play this game. The learning curve is ridiculously high, but it's one of the best mash-ups of FPS/RTS available.

I also noticed that The Behemoth posted another one of those spiffy speed videos of the one and only Dan Paladin making the Frost King. I didn't know that all the drawings that the painter boss made were by Tom, that's a pretty damn cool little easter egg.

Over on Warren Ellis' Blog, he linked Destructoid for Eliza's post about the recent EVE controversy/take over. I get that it's a small world feeling when one of your favorite comic authors links the gaming news site/community that you're a part of, and I can't help but make a little mess in my pants when I think about that :)

ANYWAY, hope you enjoyed this horribly structured, impromptu post. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to IRC to hopefully get into some mischief, and if that fails, playing Xenogears.
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