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Welshedderz's blog

7:10 PM on 06.06.2013


It's that time of the year again folks. where the fanboys come out, gear up with their keyboards and spellcheckers, and we all laugh at the ensuing chaos that is E3. But somethng else also happens at this magical time of ye...   read

7:57 PM on 01.23.2013

Something Something DOTA 2 GIVE AWAY YA SCRUBS

So two weeks ago I decided I needed DOTA . Not want, but NEED. I proceeded to show my need by following a complete stranger into a van after being promised candy, even though I asked if he had DOTA 2. The next two days are ...   read

8:12 PM on 12.30.2012

Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #ENDOFTHEYEAR EDITION

So it's been a while since I've done one of these but it seems my stupidity has only grown since the last time I did this. Which can only be a good thing (or bad, depending on your point of view), since I have all these built...   read

10:18 AM on 12.28.2012

Hi, I'm Thomas. And I have a large penis. . .

1. Thomas 408 up, 94 down The best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Many people fall in love with him on a daily bases, not many can resist his charm and humor. Someone who has a great personality. Not to mention he is an abs...   read

12:35 AM on 03.15.2012

Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #18 The Fuq All To Do with ME3 Edition

Hey you. YEAH YOU. YOU WITH THE COPY OF MASS EFFECT 3. The entitled f**ker who's demanding a different ending to Mass Effect 3. You're 3.5 BILLION YEARS of evolution... FUCKING ACT LIKE IT YOU POMPOUS TIT WART. Also I don't h...   read

10:26 PM on 02.28.2012

Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #17 Scared Graffiti Dew Edition

Hey what is up and welcome to another crappy ass tasting blog where nothing gets accomplished, procrastination levels get over 9000 and you all want to kill me that little bit more painfully. Also I give advice on improving y...   read

9:40 PM on 02.14.2012

Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #16 Greasy Notch Edition

F**K YOU AND YOUR GIRLFRIENDS/BOYFRIENDS/PROTOPLASMIC BEINGS. Can you tell I didn't get a Valentines card today? Because I totally DIDN'T GET A VALENTINES CARD TODAY! When the only thing you have to look forward to is Paula D...   read

11:35 PM on 01.31.2012

Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #15 The Resistance Be Tripping Edition

What is up my Nigerian princes and welcome to another brain meltingly bad blog done by yours truly. Another fun fortnight has passed and many pairs of under have been changed. Because, quite frankly, I get shit done. Sexy blo...   read

8:45 PM on 01.17.2012

Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #14 Paula Deen's Twisted Souls Edition

Well hello there my dear fellows and welcome to another blog in which I act out my fantasy's with barbed wire, blow torches and Paula Deen's refrigerator. Another eventful fortnight has passed and I have yet to sleep so let u...   read

11:43 PM on 01.03.2012

Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #13 The ROID RAGE Edition

So heeey... Been a while. 3 weeks? really?! sorry about that but I'm Muslim and had all these backed up holidays and I had to use them. Any who... Well I picked a hell of a time to disappear with everything that happened...   read

7:35 PM on 12.13.2011

Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #12 The Hot Cupcake Action Edition

Hello my dystopian Necrophiliacs and welcome to that time of week where I basically vent my anger and rage at kitties and sickeningly cute pictures of the world. No guess that the VGAs have a part in this weeks blog so feel ...   read

7:42 PM on 12.06.2011

Rubbish News (with Crappy Pictures) #11 Pepper Spray You're Mum Edition

Hello and welcome to this weeks poorly written blog for news from the past 2 weeks. Yes, last week I had a very bad case of the "Kill all the nuns and hide the body's". Or as you call them, Mondays. No worry's, I managed to g...   read

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