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Weighted Companion Cube's blog

2:21 PM on 02.12.2008

Destructoid Steam Community?

I got a new Steam ID yesterday (my "old" one was just given to me by a friend) to buy the Orange Box (late, I know; I had to save up mah monies), and I'm wondering how to get an invite to the Dtoid Steam community. I probably won't do FNFs or stuff like that for a while, but I want to be able to just in case.

Plus, Dtoid is the bomb.

Also, I'm quantum_dot.... I need friends'n'shit!   read

10:40 PM on 12.18.2007

DNF Trailer to Debut Tomorrow - Do We Even Care Anymore?

So, apparently this build of DNF is wonderful enough to grace us with a trailer. The only problem is, is DNF's brand of lovely carnage still relevant in this day and age? I have been a DNF fan since the first game--hell, I own the Atomic Edition, and am a huge fan of the careless fun to be had in "Duke it Out in DC," but honestly, with all the "AAA" titles that have come out this year...

BioShock and The Orange Box are part of the newest generation of "cerebral" shooters, with their engaging gameplay and dark humor. That's not to say the games are without flaw, but still, it's more than Duke Nukem, with its strippers and craziness. It was fun a decade ago, but will it survive 3 gens out?

Also: "Thank you for being fans of the game and for your continued patience." What the fuck?!? Talk about your understatement.

Opinions?   read

8:58 PM on 11.15.2007

Real-life Ravenholm.... for frees!

So, I was browsing another gaming blog that's PC-exclusive (Rock, Paper, Shotgun), and I came across a story that intrigued me:

"Seems [one of the readers] held a Ravenholm (spooky HL2 zombie level) theme party this Halloween, and now hes not sure do to with all the gigantic and impressive props he made for it. To whit: a headcrab rocket, a stack of authentic HL2 ammo crates and eight replica buzzsaw blades."

So, yeah. It's basically amazing. All the info is here on the CraigsList listing:   read

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